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Enough of the shilling. On to the PDC!

Hey, I have an early Shout already: Since Triple H wasn't on RAW, who will be claimed as having pull backstage for the booking of this show?

The show starts off with the great Mick Foley coming out, since the WWF needs higher ratings for the first Quarter hour. I know you marks are just screaming for the return of HBK, but it won't happen. Settle for Mick Foley. Vince McMahon and company would later run down, and threaten Mick with the returning Rikishi. The McMahons decided to be a dick to the man who ONCE MADE A DIFFERENCE, and Rikishi decided to fight back. Mick Foley would later convince Rikishi to get his old music back, and dance again. It would piss off Vince enough to give Rikishi a title shot as proper punishment. Great segment to change Rikishi back into a face!! It's about damn time.

Bradshaw vs. Kurt Angle..... Bradshaw looks to be testing the singles waters tonight, as it's coming soon! Angle sort of manhandled him, until the evil Chris Benoit taunted him all the way from WWF NY. It distracted Angle enough to take a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, and run away from the ring staggered. Angle would later steal a car and then try to travel to WWF NY to apprehend Benoit. Benoit would be sneaky and come to the arena, and taunt Angle some more. Benoit showed some attitude that the Sports Entertainment junkies love, but Benoit will have to keep working at it.

The 2nd match of the night was a 6 man match between Edge/Christian/Rhyno versus Hardy Boyz/Eddie Guerrero. When Eddie talked to the Hardys about them trusting him, he didn't quite reveal why he helped them in the first place. I guess it looks like Eddie Guerrero may grow a fetish for Lita, like he did for Chyna. We'll get to those two ladies later.... Eddie made the save for Lita, but lost the match in the process. I don't really see how marketable Eddie will be as a babyface, but we'll see. Of course, he oddly avoids injury when he's a face, whereas he suffers lots of injuries as a heel, so I guess it's reasonable.

Next, we get a 4 way dance between Jerry Lynn, Crash (Holly), TAKA, and Grandmaster Sex-ay, which was ok I guess. The WWF needs to build up Jerry Lynn instead of just having him cheat in every match. They should have done a better introduction than attempting to shock WWF fans with a title win at Backlash/Heat. I guess we'll just see how Tajiri will do possibly against Jerry Lynn. By the way, Tajiri wrestled a dark match last night, to where he lost to Funaki.

Well, it looks like the Insurrextion injury for the Undertaker was legit, for he did a silly interview tonight. The Taker almost went down Mick Foley lane by almost losing his ear.

Excellent television Cage Match from William Regal and Chris Jericho, with a thrilling ending! Regal got the cage door slammed on his face on the way out of the door by Jericho, who was hanging on the outside. It's almost as good as the Steiners vs. Money Inc. match, where one of Money Inc. was stuck on one of the Steiner brother's shoulders, while the Steiners got the win. Wasn't that at the Summerslam Spectacular or something like that? I may be wrong. Anyway, great match from the two, as I wonder if there will be a round 4 between the two wrestlers.

Oh lord, the potential of a HUGE face vs. heel match just keeps getting ruined for the Women's division, thanks to the corny "spanking". I'm going to agree with another columnist out there (I forget which one said this, sorry) on that Chyna is probably fighting a heel turn all the way, which is probably why this spanking angle has been added instead. I guess a good wrestling storyline is being replaced with some lesbian action? I don't really see how this match will serve on the basis of spanking, since about 60% of wrestling fans hate Chyna with a passion, with the next 40% questionable.

You know what made me sick tonight? Jim Ross just pushed the hell out of Prince Albert, saying that he's steadily improving by the week and so forth. What?!?!?! How on God's green Earth has he improved? He still wrestles, acts, and looks as the same guy as he came in. I guess since Ross gets paid 6 digits a year, he can say anything. Anyway, the Dudley Boys finally beat X-Factor, with Raven oddly leaving. I don't know where these groups or wrestlers will go next, but since we're pushing X-Factor to the moon, we could expect another X-Factor vs. Dudleys at Judgment Day, to which X-Factor will probably win.

The main event was Steve Austin vs. Rikishi, which was decent as a match. The outside stuff or happenings afterward made it better to watch, like the attack on Mick Foley by Austin and the stink-face on Stephanie by Rikishi. It began an interesting storyline that could occur with Austin/Foley, and it pushed Rikishi back as a a full time face again. Works for me.

LAST WORD: Not a bad RAW, but certainly not a great one, either. The Cage match is the only match that was solid for this show, with the others lacking in time. The face turn for Rikishi was pretty good, and the possible injection of Foley back into the storylines should be nice for the WWF right now. One thing the WWF should think about and that's their current main eventers. I'm not saying on who should get pushed up top or not, but the Undertaker is out with an injury now. That's a guy you're relying on to headline Judgment Day, and any other injuries could happen at any moment. Anyway, we'll give this show a


for a lack of better wrestling, good storylines around the show especially with the Rikishi turn, and the solid cage match in this show. Let's see what happens on Smackdown...

Judgment Day?

From tonight's show, it's getting hard to say if the WWF will do William Regal vs. Chris Jericho at Judgment Day, especially with Regal working through injuries right now. The RAW match may have been the blow off, but I don't know. Anyway, here is what I see so far:

-Chyna vs. Lita
-Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
-Chris Jericho vs. William Regal (??)
-Dudley Boyz vs. X-Factor
-Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Guerrero
-Triple H vs. Kane
-Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker

Now I know I'm not a booker here, but the WWF would do good on the Angle vs. Benoit by making it a Ladder Match with the Olympic medals. It would add that extra spark at the PPV like their last two matches didn't provide. I believe the WWF is setting up a swerve on Eddie Guerrero, thus setting up the Eddie vs. Matt Hardy match at Judgment Day. I guess we'll just see what goes on.

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