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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column - Bret Hart Book Review
Submitted by Mr. Tito on 5-08-00 @ 08:54 EST

Thanks to rapt00r for the banner!

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Nothing like a wonderful WCW Pay Per View to spice things up, right? For most federations(namely the WWF), the night after the Pay Per View Monday Night Show usually has spiked ratings. I can recall Spring Stampede doing absolutely nothing for WCW last time around, and that's not healthy for a federation. It's Monday Night preview day, along with the fact that I have the Phat Book Review alive and kicking today with Bret Hart's new book!! On to the PDC.

But first, a couple of signs to get out of the way first.....

Thanks to Brian S. for this sign, Tito 3:16, at Friday Night's ECW on TNN show.

Also, thanks to RichinKC for sending this one in:

Rich took this snapshot at Slamboree last night of this very grateful fan. I don't know if it made it on television or not, but thanks to the fan holding the sign up!


-There will be NO Rock tonight at WWF RAW, as he is starting to film the Mummy 2. So what do you do without the Rock's star power? Hey, I'd make some calls to Texas if I were the WWF. Two of the biggest WWF superstars live there, and they are Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Talk about your ratings draws!!! Use either one of them, and the WWF will do more than make up for the Rock's no show tonight.

-You will probably see more of a Radicals split, as I can imagine Chris Benoit getting into the thick of things now that he's not the Intercontinental Champ. I really hope this is the feud that helps Perry Saturn get more over in the WWF, that way a lot of the criticism towards him can end.

-You can probably bet that the British Bulldog will lose that Hardcore Title back to Crash Holly, as you can predict that the COOKIE SHEET FROM HELL will have something to do with it. That seems like the weapon of choice for the WWF, and a funny one at that.

-WWF just started another webpage, and that's Yes, you guessed it, a Degeneration X webpage. I want to know what took them so long to make this webpage? If they had it back when it was really hot, they would have racked up on the hits. But now, after they've established themselves as heel wrestlers, but actually hated this time, the WWF releases the DX site. What's even more of a shame is the fact that there isn't much on one of the two originators of DX: Chyna and HBK.


-Well, Vince Russo is smarter than I thought. He had Chris Candido win! I was planning to really bash him, and HARD, if he would have a no-draw wrestler like the Artist win back the Cruiserweight title. Now Russo, do your bidding and make Candido a star. He has the ability to back it up, along with a well known Valet who used to be Sunny........

Let me get off the subject for a second and lash out a little bit about Tammy Sytch. It seems the focus of other writers to comment on Tammy Sytch's weight lately. That's all I hear about her return, and it's pretty ridiculous. Shut up. She's been through hell for the past 2 or 3 years, so lay off her. Maybe the ones making those comments need to check themselves out in the mirror sometime. Nuff said.

-God, Ralphus was the mystery partner for Norman Smiley. I wonder if Ralphus lost the ego he gained when he was Chris Jericho's head of security back in the day.

-WCW didn't drop the ball on the 3 cage match, which lost a lot of heat thanks in part to David Arquette. Jeff Jarrett is your new champ, and it will take some time to build him up after losing the title the first time. I still, however, see him as the WWF Intercontinental champion, and NOT the WCW World Champion. Oh wait, the WWF IC title is much stronger than the WCW World!

-I went 6-3 in my predictions this time around, which makes me on fire with my predictions. I've been getting nailed on my Pay Per View predictions lately, so it's nice to get a hot streak.

No Nitro preview up yet, so I'll spare my comments for tomorrow's PDC.

Mr. Tito's Phat Book Review

A few fans suggested Bret Hart's biography to me since it was short, and I also decided to get it because I could just get it at the local bookstore instead of ordering online. This biography came out just a few months ago. Coming into this book, I already knew a lot about Bret Hart, which could hurt this review. Nah, on to the Book Review!

Bret Hart: The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be

First off, let me comment on the Authors, who are Bret Hart and Perry Lefko. They weren't very fun to read. At times, I felt like I was reading a school text book because there was no emotion or wit on the life and times of Bret Hart. Of course, they only have about 120 pages to work with here, BUT, that's really about 40 pages since it's more of a picture scrapbook than anything. Still, they could have added a little more life to this book.

The book starts with Bret's early a few sentences, and then with his early wrestling career, in a few sentences....and then for his long 14 year career with the WWF. First off, the WWF didn't let him use very much of his Bret Hart pictures to help tell the story. When he was describing the WWF, there were pictures of Bret wrestling DDP or Sting, and that's strange. It's also funny to see how he talks about his short run in WCW more than he does his 14 year run in the WWF.

His WWF career took all of one chapter, or should I say 5 pages of reading. His WCW career was long and descriptive, especially the matches between himself and Chris Benoit. He doesn't go into much detail about the screwjob at Survivor Series 97(don't know what I'm talking about, rent Wrestling with Shadows please), and that was bothersome. He only really touched on Owen in his message to him from his column done last year, but it has to be very hard for him to write on Owen.

I wish that Bret would have taken the time to make a Novel out of this one, because with 20 years of wrestling and another 20 years of life, he could have wrote a novel much longer than Mick's. Instead, we get this short edition of his life with hardly any personal experiences, loaded with Bret Hart WCW pictures. I think this book would be a much better read for younger wrestling fans, but if you are expecting some great read like DDP's book or Mick's book, pass this one up!

Last Word: As mentioned above, this book is probably geared towards younger fans...or at least I hope so. I flew through this book, and I'm somewhat of a slow reader too. I guess it's easy to read, but it's only around 40 pages of actual reading. If you are a hardcore Bret Hart fan, this is probably recommended because of all of the Bret Hart pictures included. If you are someone who has loved the recent novel biographies and if you are a regular wrestling fan, pass this one up. I'll give it a


Tito Recommends: DDP's Positively Page and Mick Foley's Have a Nice Day

@That's all for edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with the dreaded MONDAY NIGHT IMPRESSIONS, along with other goodies, therefore, just chill till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading.

Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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