Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. There is no such thing as a day off! Anyways, rumors are circulating everywhere that the Rock's broken arm is a work! Well, I'm not going to elaborate on this, so therefore, I am going to wait til he appears on TV to judge whether it's a work or not. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Reports are that none other than the Franchise, Shane Douglas is negotiating with the WWF at the moment. Hmm, I remember the last time Shane Douglas was in the WWF, when he was Dean Douglas. I remember I used to laugh at how dumb he was when he made his stupid grades on his chalk boards backstage. Anyways, if the WWF gets him, keep him as the Franchise, and let him loose, because he can really draw heat with his interviews. I just hope he doesn't get stuck with a lame gimmick or a stupid angle IF he decides to go to the WWF. (Scherer)-Hmm, like I stated yesterday about FOX being a good idea for the WWF, reports began to surface about FOX being kind of interested in the WWF as well. If the WWF latches on to a prime time network, oh my, that will be huge. Imagine if someone like ABC or NBC got the WWF show...ratings through the roof! But I thought about something on the way home from something. If the WWF latches on with a big network, not UPN, what will happen to Raw and Heat? If Smackdown is a 2 hour show, that's 5 hours of top notch wrestling a week, and that means total burn out of WWF. Even if it's 4 hours, that's still a total burn out, but not as bad as what WCW goes through with 7 hours of wrestling a week. But if the WWF gets Smackdown on a top notch channel, besides UPN, what will happen to RAW? If they are on the huge channel, they will work to make that show great, thus maybe watering down RAW? Hmmm...-Well, once again Mankind's knees are really bothering him again. The WWF wants him to take some time off to get surgery on his banged up knees after Over the Edge, but it appears that Mick Foley wants to try to stick around because he wants to really get his supergroup, UPYOURS, to get over with the crowd. It seems that Mankind has formed some kind of friendship with Paul Wight, and he wants to stick it out and get UPYOURS over, thus getting Paul Wight over as well. I say, get surgery Mick! The past few weeks, I've noticed that you are a tad slower, and you have a limp to your run or walk. I enjoy very much to see you wrestle, but come on, get the surgery so you don't have to have you knees replaced when you are older.


-Since I've been very harsh to WCW this week, I'm going to give you my Slamboree predictions, and nothing but them. I'll try to contain myself of cutdowns too. Here's my predictions:=Stevie Ray vs. Konnan. This is simple. Konnan is obviously out of the WCW doghouse, so his new push will start here. Winner: Konnan=Bam Bam Bigelo vs. Brian Knobbs in a "Hardcore" match. Too obvious. Bam Bam Knobbs is going to show Brian Knobbs that he's no where close to hardcore. These two need Hak to make the match interesting. Winner: Bam Bam=Malenko/Benoit vs. Raven/Saturn vs. Misterio/Kidman. I say the Horsemen will win it. I would put my money on Raven and Saturn, but Saturn is really hurting these days. Why? In case Saturn needs to take a long time off, so he won't be able to defend the titles...unless the rumored tag team combonations will change...adding Kanyon to the fold. Hmmm...Winners: Benoit and Malenko...hmm..maybe, a hell, I'll go with the Vanilla Midgets.=Booker T vs. Rick Steiner. I've got a great feeling that Rick Steiner will win this one. I don't know, just a feeling, and why else would a face wrestler that hasn't wrestled in the television division suddenly get a Pay Per View TV shot. Winner: Rick Steiner=Gorgeous George vs. Charles Robinson. Think about it. WCW needs Macho wrestling, so Robinson has no chance in hell of winning. Winner: Gorgeous, I really wish she'd change her name, George=Scott Steiner vs. Buff. Since Steiner needs some time off for injuries, I think Buff will win the title. If it's true about their real life heat, this match should be intense. Winner. Buff=Piper vs. Flair for control of WCW. Flair...all the way, as he is due to give Piper a loss, because Piper absolutely loses to nobody in WCW!! Argh! Flair better win for all I care. Winner: Ric Flair=Sting vs. Goldberg. Having Sting win would be the best thing for the company, as Goldberg needs to show invulnerbility, and Sting is the only wrestler that gets ratings. Push Sting WCW! Winner: I'm sitting on the fence for this prediction.=DDP vs. Nash. This one is obvious too. Nash will win, since he is head booker, plus DDP as champ doesn't help the ratings much even though his match with Sting did good in the ratings. Nash will become 2 time, 2 time, 2 time WCW World Heavyweight champ. Sorry DDP, I had to say that. Winner: Nash

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