Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll do a FULL recap of Sunday Night Heat, for I'm the Heat recapper for this week. I haven't done results in ages, so this should be fun.

I actually miss doing the ECW is TNN results. Besides watching Justin Credible as the most pathetic World Champ for ECW, the show was so fun to recap. Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, Tajiri, and many more superstars were beginning to peak before the TNN deal and the company went under. Ah well.

On to the PDC!

We start off the show by showing the many fans lined up to watch Sunday Night Heat at WWF NY. Stephanie and Triple H are shown coming out a limo, since they are the special guest hosts. Yes, the show needs ratings. The Mtv Heat promo is show. lordsofpain.net

Michael Cole and Tazz are chillin' on stage, as they hype today's guest hosts. Triple H and Stephanie make their way out to the stage, which oddly looks like the one on the ABC show Politically Incorrect. The crowd is going apeshit for both Stephanie and Triple H, by the way. Triple H makes sure to gain heel heat by spitting water on the crowd. Tazz gets mad at Cole for not welcoming the Game and his wife to Heat, and Triple H honors Tazz and yells at Cole. The crowd is quite hot today, as the screaming makes it hard to hear anything that Cole, Tazz, Triple H, or Stephanie are saying.

A promo of the Test-Stephanie wedding scene, where Triple H revealed himself as the real husband from RAW at the end of 1999. It goes to the Armageddon 1999 match between Vince and Triple H, where Stephanie turned on her father to completely join Triple H. LoP RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question for Stephanie from Michael Cole: Did you ever love Test? Stephanie said the love for Test was only an attraction, but her real love is for Triple H. Triple H makes sure to rip on Test, saying she now has a real man. Cole says we'll see more about the McMahon-Helmsley era, which saves us the price of a future rental or purchase of a possible video released by WWF Videos. LoP RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Back. Heat is brought to you by Best Buy, Snickers Crunchers, and WWFauction.com. lop Tazz wants everyone to see how the McMahon-Helmsley era started. They show the scene where Stephanie and Triple H book matches, which oddly enough, was still when DX was together. They show Triple H and Stephanie taunting Jim Ross, and then the time Triple H beat Big Show for the World Title. Next, Mankind called them on in the segment. Tazz asks Triple H and Stephanie about how it felt to have that much power. Stephanie said she can't describe it, and Cole suggested they were abusing power. Triple H threatens Cole to fire or kick his ass, and says that's not an abuse of power.

Cole then talks about how Triple H ended Mick Foley's career. They show the angle where the whole WWF threatened to walk out if Mick Foley wasn't reinstated. They show the No Way Out 2000 Hell in the Cell match between Triple H and Mick Foley. Tazz asks Triple H if that was his crowning achievement in his career, and Triple H is proud of it because he not only kicked his ass, but he ended his career, especially with his brutal past of tough matches. Cole said Foley would come back to haunt Triple H. Triple H is mad, and Stephanie admits he got under their skin, but she reminds us that she and Vince fired Mick Foley as commissioner. Cole said the Triple H-Stephanie marriage has had problems, and we'll see it later! LoP

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We're back... Tazz talks about Mick Foley as commissioner, and we go to a segment. We see the RAW where Shawn Michaels (!!) appointing Mick as commissioner, and we see some segments of Mick's good run as commissioner, including the incredible promo he cut on Triple H backstage. That's one of the best Foley promos ever. Tazz asks how they feel about what Mick Foley did as commissioner. Triple H said it was a joke, and Stephanie reminds us that she and her daddy fired Mick Foley. Cole fuels the fire by saying the marriage had problems, and we see some television segments, like the Trish Stratus and Triple H stuff, and the Kurt Angle and Stephanie stuff too. LoP

Triple H and Stephanie yell at Cole for the segment. Cole asks Stephanie if there was anything really going on between Triple H and Stephanie? She mentions the "69" positioning with Trish, which shows you that Mtv won't edit anything. Stephanie doesn't believe anything happened with Trish and Triple H. Cole asks Triple H if he was mad about Angle and Stephanie. Triple H suggests that Stephanie was just testing the market, and she eventually came back to the best, and implied something bad about Angle's manhood. Cole reminds her about the time Stephanie disappeared, and when it was rumored she hung out at Angle's hotel room. LoPMore on this era later...

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WWF Boot of the Week: They show the attack on Kane's arm from RAW. LoP

Cole mentions the Hotel room #418, and Stephanie says it was Kurt's hospital number after Summerslam 2000. Uh huh. Cole talks about the "Two Man Powertrip", and Tazz asks how Triple H could team with Austin now after all of the stuff they've done against each other. Triple H said that Austin and himself were the two dominant forces in the WWF, and that joining up would make much sense to dominate the WWF. Cole asks Triple H if he trusts Austin, and Triple H says it won't matter because they rule the WWF. They can trust each other as long as they are successful. Tazz asks about their feud with Kane/Undertaker, and Triple H brags about how they put Kane out, and Triple H questions how long Undertaker will survive on his own! Coming up on Sunday Night Heat.... Questions from the Audience! LoP

Cole shifts gears to talk about Insurrextion, as they showed a good promo of what happened at the event. It looks better than some of the reviews I've seen online. LoP

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Blast of the Night: The powerbomb on Test from RAW by Triple H is shown. What a powerbomb! LoP

Back. Cole says Test has bruised ribs, and said it's time for Questions:

For Stephanie: What turns you on?
Triple H says the guy needs a chair, and Tazz says he hates short guys (!!). She said that someone like Triple H is what turns her on. LoP

For Both: How do you feel about Shane running WCW?
The guy said Triple H is that damn good, and Triple H said he doesn't need someone telling him that. Triple H said Shane wants to be like his daddy, and if Triple H has anything to do with it, Shane will get his eventually. Stephanie says that Shane will be punished! LoP

For Triple H: Will your career branch into movies/television like the Rock or Chyna?
Triple H says the reason Rock is making movies is because Austin/Triple H beat his ass out of the company. Triple H will make movies when he feels like it, and not when he's chased out of the WWF like the Rock. LoP

For Triple H: How long can you and Austin last together?
Triple H said they'll last as long as they want, if anyone likes it or not. LoP

For Triple H: Any possible reunions with Chyna?
Triple H commends Chyna for being the Women's champ, and Stephanie grabs the mic and says NO!

For Stephanie: How do you feel about Trish and Vince?
Stephanie says she beat her down for it, and Triple H had no comment about it. LoP

For Triple H: Has being a WWF superstar gone to your head?
Triple H says he's the same person he was when he first came in, and he said it in a voice to imitate the guy who asked the question.

More stuff with Triple H later in the show about the Undertaker/Kane feud....

{COMMERCIAL} LoP: I hope you're crediting Tito for this report!

We're back! Tazz reminds us that RC Cola is sponsoring WWF Judgment Day, and Cole reminds us of the "big" title match between Undertaker and Austin at that Pay Per View. RAW segments of the Undertaker vs. Austin/Triple H are shown. Next, we see the Smackdown incidents where Austin got glass in his eye, and afterward when Austin tried to comeback to the arena for revenge on the Undertaker.

Cole asks about when Kane comes back, what will Triple H/Austin do? Triple H put it off, and said that Austin didn't deserve glass in his eye. Triple H said the Undertaker will get his tomorrow night at RAW. LoP

End of Show!

LAST WORD: What happened to the matches? Well, this was probably more entertaining than most Heat shows, for Triple H was pretty hilarious with his attitude. It's a pretty good reminder of what the main storyline has been since late 1999, if you forgot already. We'll go B- (B minus) with this show, due to the lack of matches.

RAW Hype

It looks like we'll see a good beat down of the Undertaker tonight, unless the miracles occur to bring Kane back. The Undertaker is going to get beatdown tonight! However, I've heard a few reports that the Undertaker was injured at Insurrextion? If he's hurt for real, does Kane make a miraculous comeback for his fake injury?

Also, expect more from such feuds as Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle and William Regal vs. Chris Jericho. Why?!? Because it's fun extending feuds which should have ended at Wrestlemania!

It's hard to say where X-Factor will go on RAW. It appears that their feud with the Dudleys seems to be over, but X-Pac lost to Raven, and cleanly on Smackdown. What on earth will that result in?

Who knows what will happen on RAW. Why? Because Heat's not previewing it, besides when Triple H saying that "the Undertaker will get his". I wouldn't doubt that we'll see Undertaker vs. Triple H tonight. It's a good bet, but not a guarantee. It will probably last 2 minutes until Austin runs down to the ring, IF IT HAPPENS!

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@That's all for today. I'll be back with a full RAW review, which I always do for Tuesdays. Isn't that swell? Gee, isn't life swell? If I'm ever offered to go fishing and I need to do this column, I'll just write it on the boat! If you don't get the movie I'm sort of quoting, forget about it. See you tomorrow!

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