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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed Smackdown, or was it on? I can't find results anywhere! Besides, how can I know, I don't get UPN!!! I am always stuck seeing Thunder. It's not that bad though. This way I don't get burnt out on the WWF. Oh well, on to the PDC


-Well, yesterday my mailbox filled with reports about the Rock breaking his arm. Many told me that it was for real since it was on I went there, and sure enough it was official. My question is, if the Rock broke it on Raw, which was taped Sunday, then why did it take him so long to get it checked out? Hmmm...could it be a work? I certainly hope not, and if it is a work, it's a real sick one. Anyways, what will the WWF do about the high profiled match that the Rock has against Triple H at Over the Edge? A broken arm will put the Rock on the shelf for at least 2 months, which isn't good. Although the finish at RAW was good, maybe throwing the Rock and Stone Cold off the side of the stage wasn't a good idea. What if Stone Cold got hurt too? Oh man, would that hurt.-Rumors are though, that the WWF are looking into signing Smackdown with another company other than UPN. Who knows, they just might remain with UPN, but the WWF seems to be a bit disturbed with UPN not being on in certain areas, not to mention that baseball games were pushing their show around, and the WWF hates it when sporting events push it around. I'd love to see the WWF on FOX, then they would really attack WCW. Remember, the owner of FOX can't stand Ted Turner. It would be a match made in heaven.-Well, I heard somewhere that Terry Funk MIGHT return to the WWF. That would be nice, as I think he can still go for his age. Who the hell else takes bumps like he does for his age? I loved it when he was in the WWF as Chainsaw Charlie. I thought it would be a terrible gimmick, but when he tagged up with Cactus Jack, I was loving it! I remember the match that he and Cactus had with the New Age Outlaws at Wrestlemania, in the dumpster match. Who could forget the horrible bumps he took in Mick Foley's, as Mick Foley, only match.


-Well, I caught the final 25 minutes of Thunder. I was surprised to see the Texas Hangmen back, and they fought Benoit and Malenko. I remember the Hangmen from way back in the days of World Class. I also remember their short, and very brief WCW stint, you know the kind of stints that WCW did when they kept bringing in new tag teams when they first started Nitro. Anyways, I hope the Hangmen stick around, because the duo is a very competitive tag team. Of course, they will never become Tag Champs since you can't be a serious tag team in WCW. The very end of Thunder replayed the DDP-Flair match, or at least most of it, and they also had tons of promos to promote Slamboree.-Not only will WCW miss this week, they are most likely going to miss next week as well. Damn, that hurts, especially when it's NBA playoff games pushing you around. Nitro, as well as the WCW might never recover from this. They need the Nitro after the Pay Per View badly, but they can't get it because of TNT's exclusive contract with the NBA about having to show every NBA playoff game possible. Of course, the NBA games will get about as good as ratings as Nitro got last week. Oh well, at least this isn't a DOG SHOW that pre-empts it! -Well, it appears that Konnan and Nash have smoothed things over, and they, once again, have become friends. Oh Joy, that's great for Konnan, now he can finally start winning matches, and he'll be getting pushed also now. Hmm, I guess that's what you get for becoming part of Nash's WCW Cliq again. So are Nash and Konnan going to help each other out in the ring though? If you saw any part of the painful Nitro Monday, you saw Nash help out Konnan after the lame NWO black and white was attacking Konnan. Let me think, didn't Nash attack Konnan, kicking him out of the Wolfpac?

@That's it for today's Phat Daily Column. Tune in tomorrow, I think I'm going to have my Slamboree predictions. I think at least. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode!

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