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Mr. Tito (May 06, 1999)
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Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Wow, Phat Chat was great last night. Chill-N was the guest, and he enlightened us about his career at Top-rope as well as his opinions about wrestling. Other great guests that stopped by were Captain Kirk, Matt Monroe, Professor Frank McHone, James Phire, and Christopher Michaels. Then, in the after hours of Phat Chat, the legendary Bradford Riley, who Matt Monroe brought in, showed up. Interesting stuff. Anyways, on to the 39th consecutive PDC


-Well, word is that the NBA playoffs are about to start, and that Monday Night there is probably a playoff doubleheader. Ouch! That means that Nitro is going to be pre-empted...and right after a Pay Per View. Oh my, that's really going to hurt, especially after a huge defeat in the ratings by the WWF. WCW is really going to get the shaft now, and they need the Nitro after the Pay Per View to start new angles. OR, maybe this could be for the a fresh start for WCW. A week off would be good, but when they come back from their week off, they have to really put on a show to gain ground again. But what if the NBA finals happens to them the Monday after that...oh my.

-Well, Saturn's back is still bothering him after taking some time off by not wrestling house shows, and low grade television events. They should give him a few months off to recover from his injuries, because he really needs it, unlike so many other WCW wrestlers who take months upon months off for no reason at all, oh wait, they are leaving to "clear up personal problems". I guess they need to get a better tan. Saturn takes hard bumps and does high risk moves that allows him to get hurt easily. He's been getting banged up lately, and he deserves time off.

-Wow, Dave Scherer gave word that Chastity is getting exposed about her porn career on TV Guide online. That's not good for WCW, as they are a bit uneasy anyways about Chastity's porn career. Looks like the star of "Live Bait" could be on the curb real soon, and that would hurt because she is kinda over with Hak, and as Raven's sister. Too bad WCW is really concerned about their pre-school image, but that's their goal to become a complete opposite of the WWF, and not using porno stars like they do(Godfather's Hos). But why can't WCW just ignore the past, just like they do with many wrestlers who used to feud, but now are friends..hmm.


-Well, more garbage with Stone Cold and the Rock, as they can't stand teaming with each other. It's mainly due to the fact that they like to know who's cheering for them, but when the crowd is going nuts, they don't know who they are cheering for. Plus, they are tagging up a lot at house shows, and after their long and very dragged out Wreslemania, they are quite frankly sick of each other. It will be interesting to see when the Rock ever wins the World title as a face. I wonder how Stone Cold will react.

-Well, the WWF is proud of Mr. Ass's early heel heat, as they think he can become an elite singles wrestler. Now I'm sure you have heard everyone and their mother report about the WWF wanting more singles wrestlers to become main event status. Hmm..but I don't think Billy Gunn is main event material. He's great Intercontinental material, but not World Title material. But who knows, maybe a few years from now doing the Phat Daily Column, I'll talk about how great Mr. Ass was.

-There is little concern now in the WWF about a third title belt, besides the Hardcore. Many wrestlers felt that the WWF did them injustice by losing the European strap, because now most of the undercard wrestlers have to become "hardcore" to go after the WWF's current third title, the Hardcore Championship. I say make up a cool brand new belt, besides using the term "Television Title". Also, it seems like the Intercontinental title is dwindling, as wrestlers who have never been thought as IC material are winning it.

@Well, that's it for today! I'll be back with yet another edition of the most electrifying Daily Column in sports entertainment today! HA! Thanks to Captain Kirk for that phrase. Anyways, until next time, just chill..till the next episode.

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