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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Submitted by Mr. Tito on 5-05-00 @ 10:22 EST

Thanks to Jonathan Penalber for the banner. My apologies for yesterday's banner if it caused anyone trouble loading.

Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. My gosh, I'm in a great mood on this wonderful Friday. You'll know why in just a moment. But anyway, Smackdown went down last night, and of course, I'll evaluate it as usual. All this and more in this monumental Phat Daily Column. My oh my what a wonderful day. Plenty of sushine, heading my way...

First off, here's a quote from Diamond Dallas Page's Union of Diamond Cutters column:

"We got a really hot review of Positively Page from the one and only Mr. Tito
of With his permission, we have a copy of it on the along with others. Thanks, Tito."

WOW!!!! I was shocked when about 5 people immediately told me to check it out. Thank you very much DDP for even mentioning my name in your message, as it was an honor to read your book.

Secondly, thanks to whoever held up this sign at Thunder:

I forgot to mention this yesterday, as I usually forget things since I do this column right after I wake up in the morning. For some reason, WCW showed two close-ups of this very sign. That intrigued me. Hmm, oh well. Thanks again to whoever held up the sign. This is #18 for those of you counting at home.


-Thunder only did a 2.3 this week, and that's terrible considering their ratings have been stronger in th previous weeks. Point being that their ratings stunt on last week's Thunder has been a COMPLETE FAILURE. Thunder this week, however, was a good show. Especially that Battle Royal for the title shot at Great American bash. I'm agreeing with a lot of readers on this one though, because WCW should have used this one for Nitro. More wrestling fans are watching Monday Night, and the second a channel flipper sees a 30 plus man Battle Royal, they will stay and watch it! Now if they do it on Nitro next week or weeks after that, then it's repetition.

-Good old Lenny Lane has given his 90 day notice to WCW so that he can "persue" other options. It's hard to really determine if we've seen the best of Lenny since he's always stuck in terrible gimmicks. Forget about those lame attempts as a tag team with Lodi. It's hard to say if the WWF would pick up Lenny, but then again, they could give him a good gimmick to work with, and thus the next Chris Jericho!

-A few readers have informed me that WCW Saturday Night has turned into a highlight show. That is rather sad because WCW now doesn't have a show to showcase some of their younger talent. Now it will be just a stupid highlight show which should only be saved for Saturday or Sunday mornings, which I'm also hearing that it's on that route anyway. Still, to shut down a place for your younger talent to thrive...that's literally sad. Lords only knows that they need some younger talent since the days of some certain wrestlers are about numbered. Thank Russo for this idea.


First off, props to Dustin E. for the Smackdown reports each week. He's does a perfect job recapping those results. While I'm at it, props to Chris Parr for the Thunder reports as well.

-Oh boy, we have a NEW Intercontinental Champion! Here is a guy who was ALMOST World Champ, and now IC champion. Of course, I'm not dissing this since winning a title off the pound for pound best wrestler in the world, Chris Benoit, is a big deal. It's hard to say if this feud will continue on to Judgement day, or the next RAW/Smackdown. If not, then whoever isn't the IC champion could go after the World title sometime. Not a bad trade off at all.

-Some readers told me that the Rock will soon be making his first trip to filming the "Mummy 2". They have also put some good ideas in my head about how to NOT lose ratings in his absence. I think it could be summed up in 3 letters: HBK. I think that's the main reason the WWF is bringing him back later this month. Works for me. I'm sure the WWF will bring in Stone Cold for a little bit too, so WCW won't have any ways to take advantage of the WWF-less Rock.

-One thing in the WWF that I'm really getting sick of are the special matches between Triple H and the Rock, or the McMahons and the Rock. Good God, they think to make things fresh, they will tag up somebody special with the Rock to fight against DX or whatever, just like they did last night. Of course, they found a way to have Big Show enter in the mix, siding with the Rock, against the McMahon family and DX. I guess that ends the depushing of Big Show who was in the World Title match at Wrestlemania if you have forgot.

@That's all I have to say today. I'll be back tomorrow to evaluate ECW on TNN, which is surprisingly, one of my favorite columns to do everyweek. Anyway, just chill till the next episode!

Phat Farm: OH MY GOD!! New "Dead Bodies Everywhere" Is Out, and It's SCREAMING for you to CLICK HERE and READ IT!!!!!!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

Mr. Tito 2000 Exclusive to

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