Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Phat Daily Column. Yes I'm a bit late today, but hey, sleep is sometimes good to get. Last night, I watched ALL of Thunder. I do have lots of thoughts from that along with other rants for today's column. Without any further hesitation, on to the Phat Daily Column.

Queen Latifah Show

Just when I woke up this morning, I turned on the television and on my UPN, there was the Queen Latifah show discussing Backyard Wrestling. So I allowed myself to watch a good chunk of it. Basically, it was a show to really bash some of the Backyard Wrestlers. Hell, they even had Bret Hart and wrestling trainer Larry Sharpe(sp?) to tell these kids that what they were doing was bad. Bret and Larry were saying how these kids, you know, can't do proper moves like the professionals. My question is: Do they have to?

As I was watching it, I was just shaking my head at those who didn't understand the concept of Backyard Wrestling. It's not really about doing a proper wrestling hold they way you learn it in training camps. It's just about having fun. People say it's dangerous, but I feel the same way as Mick Foley who said "it's no dangerous than tackle football". It's not like they don't predetermine who wins or who loses for their matches. They organize it, and even prepare for the moves in the match. They are just having fun, and there is a lot of worse things they could be doing with their lives. I appreciate Backyard Wrestling, and that's why I opened the Backyard BBQ, to promote having fun. I wish I could have been on that show because I would have spoke my mind. Nuff said.


-Last night was a rather strange Thunder. First off, you had a big brawl out in the Parking lot with the Millionaires Club attacking Bischoff, Russo, and just a few other New Blood wrestlers. So Russo gets all pissed off, and he charges the ring saying that it's "New York Rules night", which means "There are NO rules!" I found that rather funny, and that showed in the matches. They would have to count for themselves to get the win, which made me laugh at how slow they were counting. Hell, the matches themselves had TONS of interference in them, and they were very short for each one. Millionaires club was destroying the New Blood, so they set up a Battle Royal for a future title match at Great American Bash....

-I must say, that Battle Royal was awesome!!! A good 25 minutes of solid war, and just about all of WCW was out there in that very ring. It was chaotic, it was fun, and most importantly, it lasted a long time. Forget Arquette, cause he couldn't have been in there with a good 30 wrestlers or so. That ring was so packed with wrestlers that if you went for a right hook, you would have hit 5 other wrestlers on your way to an opponent. Hell, even Bret Hart and the Macho Man got involved!! This was a pretty physical night of Thunder, and probably the best one so far this year. Of course, they had to do it with a battle royal which can only be used every so often. This was WAY better than Nitro.

-I saw the production errors that were reported earlier in Thunder. In Kanyon's match versus Jeff Jarrett, DDP came down, and it was edited for some reason. You only caught part of the Diamond Cutter, and only part of Kanyon's pin. Hmm. Also, the pin from Kidman on Hogan wasn't shown. This wasn't a production error, but it had me in tears laughing. During the Wall/Luger match, Luger had the Wall in the torture rack when Bischoff hit Luger in the abs. It was a tables match, as where Luger would drop the Wall would have been a table. Well, he only caught part of the table and it barely broke.

-Oh no, from Boyd's report earlier, it states that Beautiful Bobby Eaton has been released from WCW. Oh man, that's sad. The man who was a part of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, the Midnight Express. The man who gave it his all everynight no matter who he jobbed to. The man who has enjoyed working for WCW all of these years has been cut. That's a damn shame since he was there for all of those years but never achieved big success.

-The Macho Man showed up last night for Thunder, which was ONLY a one time deal. Well, he's obviously a free agent, but yet he's still leaning towards WCW. I wouldn't doubt that the WWF would pick him up in no time just because of his name. Plus, that man can still go at his age, unlike many others. I'm hoping that Macho and WCW can come to some kind of agreement, that way he could have another chance at beating Hogan for the first time ever. :)


-There isn't much I can say today about the WWF without revealing anything that happens at Smackdown. There is some interesting happenings at Smackdown and he's a NON spoiler preview. Again, it will be in bars if you don't want to see the matches. I'm just that nice.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Essa Rios and Lita vs. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna
Hardcore Holly vs. Kurt Angle
Rikishi vs. Edge/Christian
T&A vs. the Hardy Boyz
Bull Buchanan vs. the Big Show
Dean Malenko vs. Crash Holly
"Special" Main Event

That's the matches for this week, so enjoy..........

-It's official. Tazz has a torn bicep which may or may not need surgery. Depending on how bad Tazz tore it, he'll be out at least 3 months. If he has surgery, it would take longer. This is a shame because I'm sure Tazz was just about to break out of those hardcore matches and on to bigger and better things. Damn shame.

-One thing that cracks me up about Kurt Angle is the fact that the WWF is now going after NCAA wrestlers. Kurt Angle is soo good in the ring that they feel they can go out and find another Angle by signing the top amateur wrestlers in the World. That's crazy, and interesting because many, like myself, didn't think that Angle would be so successful in the WWF.

@That's all I have to say for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some Smackdown thoughts along with other rants upon the wrestling world. So until then, just chill..till the next episode!

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