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Monday Night Impressions

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column proudly presents the Monday Night Graders of the world!!! The Daily One Mr. Tito, the Professor Frank McHone, the Monday Night Impressions!!!

Raw is War

-Alright, the show starts off with the new Corperate Ministry coming out. Shane announces that Stone Cold will fight the Undertaker at Over the Edge, they talk trash, as usual, but then the Union of Shamrock, Mick Foley, Test, and Paul Wight. Finally, some wrestlers realize that they need u-n-i-t-y to take on a supergroup. Joy, they used their heads and brought 2X4s. Not bad, but did you notice how HHH and Undertaker jumped out of the ring. Chickens...-Oh man, the Billy Gunn vs. X-Pac match was a good one. High energy, and a clean win. Well, a low blow, but refs usually allow that nowadays. So the New Age Outlaws come to an end. That's sad. The end of a legacy. Kane helped X-Pac once again, and my dream is coming closer and closer of Kane officially becoming a DX member! Joy!-Now the second Corporate Ministry interview was good. They really got me pumped with all of the matches he announced. -The Mean Street Posse vs. The Stooges impressed me. It was hilarious to see Brisco and Patterson beat them down. I was really impressed about how the crowd popped for them. Wow.-Oh my God, Test won a match!! Hmm...Corporate member hits a Ministry member to cause the loss. I wonder if that will cause controversy, already!-Shane vs. Vince was a great one. It was very entertaining to watch. Boy, family really means nothing between those two. -Now, realization kicked in as the Acolytes beat Mankind. The Acolytes are freakin' tough, and if Mankind beat those two beasts, I would have been pissed.-Triple H vs. Shamrock was very predictable with Chyna a ref. What that told me, is that Triple H isn't ready for the Main Event status, as Shamrock had him beat many times and Triple H was cheating his nuts off.-Big Show vs. Undertaker was a decent match-up, but it's too bad that Undertaker had to cheat in the match. The old Undertaker would have beat Paul Wight without cheating. This shows where Undertaker's career is going. As for the baseball shot, you just wait until some kid hits another kid with a bat, and see why the WWF gets blamed for it.-Now usually I bitch about segments like this, you know the ones without wrestling, but this one was too good. I'm talking about the proposed match between Debra and Sable...that didn't happen. Debra had to fight her Stuntdouble! It was very nice to see Debra quickly foreit, but Nicole Bass was ready to bitchslap her around though. Then Jeff Jarrett and kills Bass. I loved it! Then, Val Venis saves Nicole Bass, and takes Debra away. That sets up a great feud between Val and Jarrett. Very nice.-Now the final match between the Rock and Stone Cold wasn't really a match, but it was a helluva brawl. This brawl put Stone Cold and Undertaker's feud and Triple H and the Rock's feud over more. ====$Well, this was a very good Raw, and for once, I wasn't bored with the Ministry. Can you believe it? I guess the Corporate Ministry was a good idea. I enjoyed Mr. Ass's heel turn, and I loved the Bass-Venis-Jarrett-Debra segment. All the matches were well fought this week, and Raw put on a tough show, especially for being a taped show. This week's Raw recieves a PHAT


for this weeks show. If you don't agree, read the reasons again.Professor Frank McHone says: The Corporate Ministry still pisses me off as bad as the regular Ministry did. Debra in her undies, what a lovely sight. Unlike the WCW, the WWF's main men i.e. The Rock and Stone Cold aren't afraid to get pummeled and take huge bumps. I like that. Take note Hogan. I really enjoy Vince McMahon he is a great actor. The Union looks like a new Corporation to me. Shamrock has become a huge face overnight. The WWF continues to build their storylines which is very good. The WWF is just so much more entertaining right now than WCW. WCW is getting more edgy like the WWF now, so you tell me who is desperate for ratings. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. This Raw gets an A-.


-First Hour Stuff: Ricky Rachman sucks. Now, I've decided. The first hour is for the Armstrongs. They should have never beat Raven last week. Cat vs. Buff was interesting. Good to see Buff wrestling, I hope he beats Steiner at Slamboree. Also, was that Scott Hall driving the looney bus? The hair looked like it to me. (Keep in Mind that I do not include the first hour in the Grades)-Hmm, another Flair interview to start Nitro. It accomplished nothing really, except for Sting and Goldberg having a fight that the security just had to break up.-Bigelo vs. Hak...was that supposed to be a hardcore match?? That was garbage, and with no real ending too. Hardcore my ass. Brian Knobbs sucks.-Konnan vs. Horace was total crap. The worst match of the night. The fact that the NWO ran it, made it even worse. Hmmm...I wonder if Nash and Konnan are getting along now. -Flair having problems with his son, so recent to the the McMahon family problems. Either way, David Flair better hit that WCW Powerplant. -Well, I remember seeing the Booker T and Hennig match on Thunder. Hey it ended the same way, joy!-Now the DDP vs. Flair match was the best match of the night, but it wasn't that great. I've seen better, and I don't like how Macho keeps helping DDP out. That's dumb.====$Oh man, was this a horrible edition of Nitro! The worst I've seen in a while. This edition of Nitro recieves a Tito grade of a


for it's lackluster show this week. My reasons for this are stated above. Not a good show at all, and no Sting match either. The only other good thing about Nitro was seeing Gorgeous George's loose puppies. Ahhh... Also, is it me, or is that Nurse a good copy of WWF's big, muscular women?Professor Frank McHone says: Well, you got a glimpse of what it is like to wrestle in Charlotte tonight. The fans are really intelligent, and know good wrestling. Sting got booed, Goldberg was cheered then booed, and Flair was cheered no matter what he did. He is the biggest draw in the South still. I love the Cat. He is a true heel. The hardcore match was good. I actually enjoy watching Rey and Kidman tag together. They are exciting. The only problem is that the Armstrongs win two matches in a year and get a shot? Overall I thought Nitro was very boring and dragged a lot. I noticed that the G-rating stuff is starting to go by the wayside also. I am sick of Surge, and the loony tunes. This Nitro gets a B-. It was a very long three hours.


-Well, Torrie Wilson is still in WCW. My bad, I said she wasn't with WCW. If you saw her, she was with David Flair tonight, but her who does she work for now. I haven't seent the unified Wolfpac in sometime, so what direction is David Flair in now? Confusing! She needs to be a valet for somebody cool, not just the Nature Boy's worthless son.-Well, Billy Gunn is finally a heel, and wrestling singles as well. I expect him to win the Intercontinental belt very quickly, and he will hold it for a while. Good luck to you Mr. Ass. As for the rest of DX, well they could just regroup and have Kane, X-Pac, Road Dogg and a wrestler to be named later. I don't know if Shawn Michaels will ever come back to help out with DX, and I'm not sure if they Hardy Boyz are ever going to be "DX pledges". -Well, McMahon was said to be pissed at Entertainment Weekly for having Goldberg on their cover instead of a WWF wrestler. He was mad since he claims that Entertainment weekly should have a WWF wrestler there since the WWF is on top of WCW in the ratings. Hmmm, I guess the success is going to your head Vince, and remember what happened when success went to your head last time, a federation that many didn't care for called WCW came up and took the top spot for a year or so. Check Yo'self Vince.-Well, last night it was revealed that Shane was behind the whole Undertaker scheme. That makes a few predictions true. So what will be the future for the Corporate Ministry. I expect a World title in their stable soon, that way they can get some credibility. I think Undertaker has a chance vs. Stone Cold at Over the Edge, since he has done the job two times in a row. -The rumors concerning the WWF backstage are that the top two faces(now!), The Rock and Stone Cold don't get along too well. I guess Stone Cold doesn't like it when someone else is getting his cheers. Stone Cold better get used to it, because I don't think the Rock will turn heel again. I personally like the Rock's attitude when he's a heel, but I don't like how he wrestles, because he has to cheat to win. I expect the WWF to build the Rock up, giving him more credibility.

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