Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Today, I will discuss the wonderful Monday Night and weekend ratings, which have lots of topics of interest to talk about. Also today, the awaited Phat Book Review of Diamond Dallas Page's biography, Positively Page, will also be included in this column. All of this and MORE in today's wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.6
Second Hour: 2.3
Composite: 2.45


First Hour: 6.6
Second Hour: 8.1
Composite: 7.35


RAW: 6.6 Tito's Prediction: 6.3
Nitro: 2.3 Tito's Prediction: 2.2

Heat vs. Nitro

HEAT: 2.6
Nitro: 2.45, although the unopposed hour did a 2.6

Lower End Shows

WCW Saturday Night: 1.3
WWF Livewire: 1.5
WWF Superstars: 1.8
ECW on TNN: 0.9

Ok, I guess the whole Arquette thing isn't paying off after is, now is it? I'm, to this day, still saying that it was a mistake, and these low ratings are proof of what I was preaching for the past few days about Arquette becoming WCW champion. WCW should look at their current situation and notice that they aren't doing anything for the long run. They are attempting to do everything in their power for shock value instead of eventually competing down the road. Bischoff's final days, Russo's first run, and Kevin Sullivan's era have dug WCW into a deep hole that should take time to get out of. Russo and Bischoff are failing to recognize that, and the ratings are showing. WWF on the other hand is on fire! Just the thought of Stone Cold appearing on any program will spike their ratings for a while now. When he returns to wrestling, the WWF will be that much powerful. Oh yeah, did you know that HBK and the Undertaker are both returning soon as well? My gosh!

It's also sad to see the WWF's 3rd ranked show, Heat, have a bad rating and be as good as Nitro's rating was. Now that's evidence that things really need to be looked at in WCW. Nuff said on that topic.

On the lower end front, WCW Saturday Night produced lower numbers this week, maybe stemming from the Arquette flaw. But this is the WCW's 3rd ranked show, and despite the lower numbers on the other shows, a 1.3 is the lowest it usually gets. However, ECW can't stay within that range when they get past the 1.0 mark. They have been stuck at the rating which they have started at for 3 or 4 weeks straight, and this is coming after the red-hot WWF has been helping to promote them. I still don't get that. Things need to be looked at there as well. Again this week, both Livewire and Superstars pulled in good ratings even at 10 am spots on Saturday and Sunday mornings. WWF has to be proud of that.


-I've seen lots of remarks towards Stone Cold lately which aren't too my liking. Everyone says hes a "fatass" or that he's soooo out of shape. Yes, but when you can't do nothing at home but rest, you would gain weight too. He's just now starting to work out in the gym, and he has 3 whole months before he can wrestle. He'll chop any unnecessary fat off in no time. Besides, Stone Cold has always been in decent shape, but not great shape. Like I'm saying, you try to get surgery to where you can't do anything and we'll see how heavy you get.

-Some reports are suggesting that Tazz has torn a bicep the other night on RAW. Ouch. That can't be good for Tazz, especially when his career is SLOWLY being built up like it is. That's a damn shame too, as it will put him on the shelf for a good 3 months. Hopefully, he can come back like a ball of fire if he IS hurt.

-Well, it seems that Triple H's injury was a work. Hmm, that's strange..all of that hassle for a cage match pitting Rock vs. Shane McMahon? Well, I'd bash the hell out of it for that reason, but I can't deny a match that gets a 9.1 and is the second most highest rated match of all time. Can't deny that!


-Apparently, Booker T was injured by a powerbomb done by Mike Awesome last week on Thunder. I really hope that doesn't create bad vibes for Mike Awesome, who is becoming a focal point in WCW lately. A lot of people dispute his potential in WCW, and I'm praising it. I wasn't flipping very much at all during his match with Hogan, and I've enjoyed him in the ring everytime. WCW got a great wrestler no matter how much they paid for him.

-The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, is returning to WCW to host Turner South's WCW Classics. My gosh, I really wish I could get that channel(Damn AT&T cable), but then again, too many Turner channels isn't a good thing. I'm wondering if the "son of a plummer" will also wrestle for ECW part time when he does this deal with WCW. He hasn't been THAT BAD at ECW, especially considering he's very old right now and been in the business for years. I just wish he would return to commentating WCW shows, because for some reason, I enjoyed listening to him. "OHHH, IT's THE MOTHERSHIP" or "SOMEBODY's GOING TO THE PAY WINDOW". I really miss those, and I'm not joking there.

Mr. Tito's PHAT Book Review

After a long week of trying to find time to read with school going on, I have finally finished the second wrestling biography that I've read. Hell, I would stay up from 11 till 3 am reading this on school nights, and be tired as hell the next day in class. However, the nature of this book made it all worth it. The book I'm talking about is Positively Page, which is the biography of Diamond Dallas Page. Coming into this book, I've always felt that Page was a great wrestler considering I used to watch him on ESPN as a manager in the late 80s. Also, from reading Mick Foley's book, he had some interesting tales about DDP which I thought could be better explained in DDP's book, therefore, I wanted this one to be the next to review. Here is my review:

Positively Page

First off, let me comment on the Authors of this very book. There are two main ones for this book, and they are of course DDP and Larry "Smokey" Genta, who was a friend DDP met in the bar business. Those two, combined, made the book a great read. It seemed like DDP was talking to me when I read his lines, and that Smokey was narrating the whole story during the parts he wrote. Also throughout the book, there are great contributions from DDP's friends, family, or other people DDP has been involved with throughout his career. All of this meshed really well, and it flowed good. Very easy to read.

Now the story starts from the beginning of the Falkingburg family. It goes from DDP's grandparents, to his parents, to his life from start to finish. Throughout the book, I kept admiring on how tough it was for Page at the beginning of his life. His high school years were very entertaining to read, especially how he became a decent basketball player by working hard.

It then shifts into his Bar career, where he worked hard to get any Nightclub "over" in a city. His bouts in Ft. Myers to establish the Nightclub audiences were a trip to read. He did a lot of amazing things back then, and I was impressed with each accomplishment he made in the Bar business.

After a few years at dominating the Nightclub scene, he ended up in wrestling as a "tall" manager. It discussed his days in AWA, which I remember seeing. He was fun to watch back then, but it's too bad that the AWA couldn't hold up to make his exposure on ESPN better. His climb to WCW was neat to read about, as he was mainly used as a "4th string announcer" in those days. After being a manager/announcer for a while, he then decided to become a wrestler. Oh my, the respect gained for what he went through at this point really went up for me.

Page busted his ass to get to the point that he is at today, and it came with ridicule from the other wrestlers or critics on the way up. No matter how bad it was, he kept positive and kept working towards the top of the ladder. Just that part alone gives me a lot of respect for DDP, and I take back anything I criticized about him in my Phat Daily Columns. I was only seeing one side of the story and not through the man himself.

The thing that really shocked me was how he helped many wrestlers that you see on the tube today. That was shocking to read about how he helped certain wrestlers get to WCW. Hell, he even helped out a bigtime entertainer in music during his days working the Bar scene. That was simply amazing how he would go out of his way and help others.

One thing I really enjoyed in this book was the truth of everything. He pulled no punches and told everything in his life. He went through a good 40 years in just 442 pages, and it was all well documented. To tell you the truth, when I started reading when I found free time, I couldn't put the book down. I'd sometimes think I would only read for 2 hours, but end up reading for 4! When books do that to you, then you know it's a great book.

Last Word: GOOD GAWD, I loved this book! I enjoyed every page that I read in this book, and afterwards, I wanted to read more about him!! DDP has went through a very tough life, and I admire him for the way he handled it. This book gets an easy


in my Book Review Gradebook, as I recommend it to not only all wrestling fans, but to anyone. This book shows nothing but pure class, and it's close to the best book I've ever read. The other best book being Mick Foley's Have a Nice day, and it's a toss up between the two.

Special thanks to DDP, Smokey, and especially RichinKC. Go to DDPbang.com to purchase this great book!

@Well brothers, that's all I have for you today. I'll be back tomorrow with maybe some Thunder thoughts, as it will be on 8:05 pm tomorrow night, as it won't conflict with Oz this week. So just chill till the next episode!!!

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