Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, tonight, as always is a Monday Night. What will happen this week? We will just have to see tonight. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Argh! I keep hearing everyday that the whole Jericho contract thing is just a work. If it was a work, then why on earth is he not always on Nitro. I know right now he's resting an ankle injury, but besides that. Before his injury, he wasn't on television as much, and he lost more matches than he usually did. Jericho's contract, and I'll say it again, ends in July. Right now he's negotiating with WCW mainly about re-signing him for a cool 1 million a year. He has a lawyer that occasionally talks to the WWF. It seems evident that he'll end up staying in WCW, but the fact that WWF has always made wrestlers into stars is another thing he must consider, and he is at the moment.-What will happen on Nitro tonight? Flair is back!! What will he do when he comes back? And will the WCW belt trade hands more than once again?!? WCW must utilize matches with Sting, because when he wrestles, fans watch. If you have kept up on the 15 minute intervals, you will see that every Sting match since he's come back has almost beat Raw during that interval. WCW needs to realize that Sting is still their top man. Many of you readers call me a "Sting Mark", and I just shake my head. The only reason I respect him is because he wrestles his ass off for every match, and he's always exciting to watch. Another reason is that he's stayed in WCW for so long, and he never jumped ship when wrestlers like Lugar, Flair, Arn Anderson, and many others. Besides, he's one of the only wrestlers that is getting up there in age, and it's not showing. That I respect.


-Sable is reported to have her new issue of Playboy to be out in the September issue. You know what that means...someone, who is a suscriber, will get the issue early, scan pics, put them on the internet, and have Playboy searching frantically to find every site that has those pictures. Anyways, I would like to see a video come out. That would be real nice. But realize this..Sable isn't the favorite lady in wrestling these days. Just think of how many Playboys would sell if Tammy Sytch was in one. Oh my! If you saw polls like Captain Kirk's poll, you will see that Sable, although many fans would love a night with her, isn't the favorite in the business anymore. I somehow see Gorgeous George(Please change your name) becoming the next big thing in wrestling. She's young, and man does she get the crowd's attention.-As for Raw..what's going to happen here? The Corporate Ministry will be in full throttle tonight. Expect more confrontations between Vince and Shane, and expect more hintings of a Vince-Stone Cold alliance. They probably will drag it out more, and tonight it will continue. I'm sure you will see more to the New Age Outlaw saga, as well as other interesting angles like the Val Venis and Nicole Bass angle. Can you imagine having a big bitch like her wanting to shag you rotten? Oh my!

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-Well, I was very happy with the turn out last week, but this week I begin to have guests. This week's guest is the Co-Webmaster of Top-Rope.com, Chill-N! He will be there to answer questions from me, and you can also ask him questions as well! If you want to join Phat Chat, all you have to do it join it by mIRC and use server irc.webchatting.com and go to channel #phatchat, or you can go to the Java chat by going to http://talk.to/mrtito. Phat Chat happens every Wednesday Night at 7:30 Eastern. I hope to see you there!

@Well that's all on this very slow news day. Thanks for reading, and until next time, which is the great Monday Night Impressions, just chill, till the next episode!

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