Welcome to the Friday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the events of Smackdown and the season finale of Tough Enough 2. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Our first match of the night was Billy and Chuck versus Rico and Rikishi. Man, way to kill the crowd early, and not only that, hurt the television ratings to begin with as well. NOBODY wants to see any of the 4 involved with this match. NOBODY! After a horrible match, guess what? Rico and Rikishi are STILL champions. Oh man, jack this one off for the Pay Per View.

Must be nice to win the first Tough Enough, eh Maven? It's all worth it when you're able to kiss the likes of Torrie Wilson, and on camera of all places; for the whole world to see.

Next match was Christian vs. Maven. Not bad. Christian carried Maven the best that he could, and Maven didn't do too bad himself in the ring. The never ending jealousy of Tajiri made Maven truly lose the match. Of course, losing a hottie like Torrie would drive anyone crazy. I guess Tajiri will now fight outside of the Cruiserweight division? Well, Maven is probably light enough for the division, but I doubt the WWE is pushing him as a smaller wrestler, despite the fact that he is.

Vince McMahon was on the phone, and he said that the RAW appearance of Chris Benoit was perfectly legal, given that Benoit is inactive right now. Then, Dawn Marie, dressed up as a paralegal, came walking in with papers for Vince to sign. It's more than that, as use his pen to put his signature on her, if you know what I mean. Chris Jericho would interrupt the segment, yell at why he's wrestling midcarders after wrestling Triple H at a Pay Per View. Gee, I wonder why he's wrestling midcarders? Could it be that a very jealous Triple H is banging the company's daughter? My guess is that Dawn's papers were to sign over Chris Benoit to the RAW roster. Let's hope so.

Faarooq vs. Chris Jericho was next. The match was made decent by the extra effort made by Jericho to carry Faarooq, just like he did last week for Mark Henry. Once again, the hard workers in the WWE must face the older, lazier, or just horrible wrestlers. Why those 3 categories keep getting television time is out of my knowledge. Jericho sort of won cleanly, as he took advantage of that darned exposed top turnbuckle.

Weird segment between D'Von and Lance Storm.

Hulk Hogan would use his repetitive 1980 interview skills, only to have good old Vince McMahon interrupt. Hogan wants Vince McMahon in the ring, as if anyone wants that by now, and then Kurt Angle, Vince's #2 draftpick, attacks Hogan. Man, I'm planning on getting tickets to see King of the Ring in Columbus, OH, too. A personal goal as a wrestling fan is to see Hulk Hogan live, some way or somehow. Seeing him in a watch about match, as Angle will carry his ass to something decent, will be good. I just don't know about another match announced tonight...

Randy Orton vs. the Undertaker was next. I see everyone around the net is jumping to the conclusion that the Undertaker just made this young man a WWE superstar by giving him plenty of offensive opportunities. Are you guys on crack or what?!? In the end, the Undertaker won cleanly, as a HEEL, so his little offense allowed by Orton won't mean anything in the long run. Until the Undertaker starts putting over talent cleanly, then you can say how generous the Undertaker is to this business. However, he has the Undisputed Title and he's still pushed to the top of the card despite being old and very slow in the ring right now. Triple H would attack, giving us the unfortunate match up of Undertaker vs. Triple H at King of the Ring. Wasn't this match scrapped as the Backlash headliner? It just goes to show you how damn stupid the WWE and Vince McMahon are right now. They have NO idea how to pump life into the ratings or houseshows, nor do they know what sells Pay Per Views anymore.

Next, we get a tag match between Tajiri/Chavo versus Kidman/Hurricane, the 4 cornerstones of the division, if you'll call them that. Good tag bout, as all 4 can go. They should have started the show off with this instead of the HORRIBLE World Tag Title match. Better yet, these guys should fight over the Tag Titles instead of who was fighting for the titles last night. Geesh, the WWE is so pathetic in looking at who is good talent and who just flat-out sucks. Maven probably would have interfered, but SHIT, he broke his leg in his match with Christian.

Test vs. Triple H was next. Not that great. Triple H is a shell of what he once was as the "Game" before his quadricep injury, period. He has yet to have good matches on a regular basis, or have any blowaway Pay Per View matches like he did before his injury. I mean look, he carried Undertaker to a very watchable match at Wrestlemania 17. He'll have to do that again at King of the Ring 2002, only now, he's slower and has too much bulk on him to do anything good anymore. Test won, but it took everyone and their mother to help make that happen. Yeah, the Undertaker and Triple H are sure elevating that talent tonight. Uh huh.

Edge vs. Kurt Angle in the cage was a spectacular main event! The WWE is 2 for 2 in delivering Main Events this week. Too bad the surrounding material is still weak, for the most part. Just brutal stuff in the cage, as these are the two performers you SHOULD push, not Undertaker, Hogan, or even the slower Triple H right now. Angle, once again, put over Edge cleanly. None of the main eventers would have done the same for Edge. That's why Kurt Angle is the best damn WWE wrestler right now, and it's just sickening to see the Undertaker being the man who travels to both shows. Angle escaped without getting his whig ripped off. HAHAHAHA!

LAST WORD: This show sucked balls other than the Main Event. Why the WWE keeps putting on bad material to lead up to a hot-shotting Main Event to "save the day" as far as ratings are concerned, I don't know. I'll give this one a


(B minus) because I liked the Main Event that much. Otherwise, this is a show ranging in the lower C or D range. So much talent on Smackdown, yet the wrong ones keep getting pushed. It's the story of the WWE.


We see the final day. I really enjoyed the final evaluations, as producer Kevin Dunn came in to oversee everything. The fact that the Tough Enough contestants had to fight a trainer was tough, but to cut a promo on them as well was quite interesting. Both women looked strong in the ring. Kenny may have had a good match with Chavo, but that's Chavo. Chavo Guerrero Jr. is well known for making his opponents look good. All poor Jake did was sell for Hardcore Holly. I found it funny that Holly had to eat all of that crap the night before.

The interview process was probably what decided everything. Linda came across as a hungry person, as did Jackie, although Jackie dogged Linda a little bit. Jake screwed himself by saying he's a slow learner, and Kenny seemed cocky in his interview. With Kenny, I'm assuming he was shot dead in the water for his many incidents of partying, despite being one of the best in ring performers this time around.

With the promos, I thought Linda did excellent in cutting one on Ivory. Everyone else appeared to be nervous once their competitor came into the room. Al Snow was quite vicious when he yelled at Jackie during her promo. Damn, it was kind of scary. Snow was even dirty in the ring, too.

I really liked the idea of giving the finalists JAKKS dolls of themselves. If you remember, everyone went in and had pictures taken of themselves by Jakks Pacific. As it turns out, the finalists were the only ones to win their figures. In the end, Al Snow acted as if he was surprised at how well everyone turned out, despite probably being closer friends with the first Tough Enough crew.

And the winner is... First, Linda was announced as the winner. She's really stepped it up lately, and is starting to "get" the other side of professional wrestling, that has nothing to do with being an athlete. This upset Jackie, thinking the WWE would pick one woman, one man. However, the next name that was announced was Jackie, which was a surprise to myself, but I can see why the decision was made. Kenny needs to grow up a little, and Jake needs to learn quicker. Congrats to both ladies.

LAST WORD: Looks like the WWE just stockpiled on some talent for their Women's division, despite it only having one match per week and only one title being defended. Still, I'd say Linda and Jackie were more reasonable choices than Jake and Kenny. By the way, Chris Harvard (and Darryl, actually) were both at the Tough Enough 2 ceremonies. Chris cut a promo that he should have won the first Tough Enough, but was given a WWE developmental contract anyway. Ok... Chris Harvard is letting his hair grow out, which looks horrible at this point.

As for my overall thoughts? I thought the show really sucked at first, but it became better as the weeks went by, leading to the Season Finale. None of the wrestlers really got along with each other as they did in the first Tough Enough, but hey, it's competition. I'm curious to see if the WWE will give Kenny or Jake a developmental contract or not.

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