Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. No Monday Night ratings today, as they will be released later today. I'm really curious to see how Goldberg's return affected Nitro's second hour. I'm also wondering how Kid Rock helped the ratings as well. You know we'll find out later today, and the effects could be huge because I thought both shows tried to put on their best Monday. Enough of this, on to the PDC.

But first....

Thanks to John Cullen a.k.a. The Kid for holding up the Tito sign on RAW this past Monday. The Kid was a former columnist at Phat Farm, and I thank him very much for holding up the sign! (Credit WrestleWomen.net for the captured image)

Before I forget...thanks to Adam Hellebuyck and Marti Murphy for holding up the TITO letters on Thunder! Also thanks to Barry for this as well.


ECW on TNN did a 0.8 rating for this week's show, which is up from last week, and it isn't too bad considering it's a holiday weekend and many are travelling on Friday Nights. I personally feel that the past two weeks of ECW on TNN have been very good lately, and I'm actually looking foward to this week's show! Many still wonder what could ECW do to maybe lift these Friday ratings. Well, I have a few suggestions to possibly answer that:

-Try to sign Masato Tanaka to be a full time wrestler in ECW. Each match that Tanaka wrestles for in ECW, he takes a ton of bumps and shots that no other "hardcore" wrestlers could take. Plus, he's a great performer as well, and his ability could help ECW to be much stronger.

-Get the Best out of Raven and Sandman before it's too late. Raven may be on the outs, but the match 2 weeks ago against Justin Credible showed that Raven can still perform. If he's just about done with ECW, have him put over more wrestlers in good matches. As for the Sandman, it's apparent to me that the best years of the Sandman are behind him. He does have a good feud with Rhino right now, and after he puts over Rhino, have him put over another heel, like possibly Steve Corino?

-Take the title from Justin Credible....for now. Credible is a great wrestler in ECW, but I personally feel like he isn't up to the level as champ yet. Maybe give the title to someone in the meantime, and let Credible build himself up to a bigtime heel and recapture the title. I don't know, maybe having him as the champ will work.

Those are just suggestions, and not written law.


Rumors are floating around that Tammy Sytch might possibly be out of WCW already. These come after she didn't have a catfight with Miss Hancock on Nitro, which many readers were disappointed about. If something did happen to Tammy, it's just another burnt bridge in her life. It would be such a shame because she was somewhat gaining her career back in WCW, no matter what the critics were saying. I hope there is some explanation for this, but if not, look for Tammy in the nearest Independent fed near you!

Looks like Time Warner is looking for buyers for the only company which gave them losses...WCW. Out of all of their assets, WCW was the only one without any kind of profit, but in fact it had generated lots of losses. I'd say that's reason enough to look for buyers, or they could at least have faith in Bischoff/Russo? Nah, they wouldn't be talking selling WCW if they weren't uncertain of its future right now.

Tonight on Thunder, we may see what this surprise is for WCW! I've heard rumors that it could be Shaq coming to WCW for something special. Who knows? Here's a preview of what's to come tonight on Thunder. It's NON SPOILER.

Chris Candido vs. Terry Funk
Billy Kidman vs. Horace Hogan vs. Sting
Shane Douglas vs. Jeff Jarrett
Kronic vs. Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo
Ric Flair and Reid Flair vs. Vince Russo and David Flair
Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott vs. Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash

That's a pretty loaded Thunder if you ask me. Hopefully, it looks good on camera as it does on paper. We'll see about this tonight.


Many are wondering why Gerald Brisco has been hardcore champion for this long. Well, I'm thinking that the WWF has noticed how the 24-7 thing with Crash Holly has really run its course lately, so they wanted to lay off of it for a while. That way, they can start it up again with Crash, and he could get attacked anywhere once again. I think Crash has been good to the Hardcore division, giving the WWF an element of comedy which they sometimes don't have elsewhere. Sure he loses it, but that's the whole point of the sketches. It shows that anybody can be the champ for that title, just as long as you have a ref with you at the time you do it. People will remember that.

I've been receiving a lot of e-mail lately about Chris Jericho. Many are pleading for him to turn heel soon because they miss him as a heel. They also feel that now he is prime to start a high profile feud with the Rock. I somewhat agree with the heel thing, because I really hated Jericho when he was a heel in WCW. As a heel, he can really start crap and he can talk much more trash than he does now. With a heel Jericho on the mic, it could bring out the best in the Rock's mic skills. Now that would be a treat.

@That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the ratings and more PDC to go around. Be sure to check out the Newly Designed Phat Pharm which has a new issue of the Superbook, and the awaited return of BAD TITO, my alternative column if you haven't read it yet.

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