Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, tonight we have some Monday Night wrestling, kick ass, and finally some wrestling news will come about. It has been a slow week, and a tragic week in wrestling news. We are all trying our best to get through this. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Just when you thought you have seen enough Stone Cold, you realize there will be much more! But the latest word made me cry. Apparently, Stone Cold will be on the Oprah Winfrey show. You know you are the biggest sellout when you are on that show. Wait a sec, I better slow down before I really bash Stone Cold, thus filling up my mailbox. Anyways, what can wrestling accomplish by having its superstar on the lamest, most happy and cheerful talk show? Image. That's all that matters. But still, why go on the Oprah Winfrey show? I really hate that show. Oh well, but if Stone Cold or anybody shows up on the Rosie O'Donnell show, you'll really hear some yelling from me. (Credit to Ray Kim for the news)-Kickass! Joe De Leon reported that Stevie Richards wrestled at a WWF developemental camp. That's great news to me, and I hope it's great news to fans who appreciated the Blue World Order back in the day of ECW. My dream in life would come true to see my favorite wrestler, Stevie Richards, enter the WWF and steviekick everyone! Maybe my life would be complete if that happened, and I could die a happy wrestling fan.-Many hotline reports and other sources say that many in the backstage are angry with Shawn Micheals. They say his cockiness is still around, yet he can't wrestle in the ring. Many wrestlers have complained about HBK ripping on their personal lives in the back, and they have been complaining about him to the management. I hope those wrestlers realize something. Shawn Micheals got his way back in the day, and he'll get his way now. If the wrestlers thought they had it bad now with his attitude, then they must have not been around during the days when his "Cliq" ruled the WWF backstage. So to all of the complaining WWFers, please realize it isn't as bad as it used to be, and he's not around that much either.


-Uh oh, more and more heat is pointing toward Macho again. Many wrestler are STILL sick of his new attitude, where he thinks he's young backstage, and many wrestlers are upset with the injury he gave Charles Robinson. I highly doubt though, that Macho intentionally hurt Robinson. What would he gain by hurting a ref? Also, like I said before, wouldn't you act young two if you were escorted by 3, count them, 3 lovely ladies? Besides, even with his new attitude, he'll STILL get pinned by Hogan if they have a match. :)-The continuing saga of Chris Jericho keeps going on, but where will he really end up? Well, right now he's sitting out his contract. It appears that he has no plans to come back on television. He'll just sit through his WCW contract, and sign with whoever. It really appears that Jericho could be headed to WWF though, since rumor has it that Bischoff has broken negotiations with Jericho and his lawyers. They, like reported, have taken down his merchandise from live events or whatever. The word is also that Jericho doesn't like "only push the old 10 wrestlers" theory either. He thinks the WWF could be his perfect working environment.-Uh oh, many wrestlers are complaining about Brian Knobbs no selling shots in the ring. I guess he's being as nasty as he wants to be. Wrestlers that wrestle him in "hardcore" matches hit him with objects, but he doesn't fake the shots, and he keeps coming after them trying give them shots, which they will sell. That's pathetic, and I hope WCW really nails his ass for this, since he sucks so bad. Now, I do feel bad for him, since his partner, Jerry Saggs, can never return to wrestling. But that doesn't give him an excuse to be such a hardass in the ring.

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