Welcome to yet another delightful edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the very latest in wrestling issues and then proceed to hype tonight's edition of Smackdown. Now how hard is that?

In multimedia news, I recently purchased the VHS version of NWO: Back in Black produced recently by the WWE. I have already viewed it, and I'll give my full review of it on Wednesday, given that's usually when I review my videos or other multimedia items, when I have them. I can't wait for that...

On to the PDC.


-Hmmmm, no RAW ratings yet, or as I'm typing this column. Could someone be trying to bury those ratings? Now, the excuse of Memorial Day will be used, but this is Thursday, and ratings usually come out on Tuesday evening, mmmkay? Something is going on or the Nielson workers are just taking their good old time. Maybe the rating is lower than last week's 3.7, and nobody in the WWE offices wants the public to see it, especially anyone who is holding stocks.

It's just like their recent Pay Per View buyrates. The only time those are officially announced is when Linda McMahon MUST release that information to public stockholders. Before, the word about buyrates came out rather quickly. Now, you must base it on rumor until the WWE finally releases it because they are forced to do so. I can remember during this time last year, when the ratings were sinking, the ratings came out at a slower rate, too. But hey, when the ratings are higher, they are out instantly!!!

-When I read the Observer about Buff Bagwell, I just shook my head in amazement at how low he has become in the wrestling industry. He just doesn't care. He's all for making that quick buck at an indie show from his name value, and that's it. He will no longer push himself to be a popular wrestler like he once was. Before his neck injury, Buff was on the verge of breaking out as a major superstar. When he came back, a weird ego came out and he's been going downhill ever since. So sad...

-For tonight on Tough Enough 2, contestant Jackie may already have a strike against her. Just weeks before the Season Finale, she just happened to open up a personal website, PlanetJackie.com. Sure, it's nice to have your own website, but in the WWE's eyes, that's a no-no. NO WWE wrestlers are allowed to open up their own websites, from now on. Many, before the rule was placed in the books, had pages already up, such as Lance Storm, Perry Saturn, Chris Jericho, and Diamond Dallas Page. The WWE would rather have their media department CREATE shitty webpages of their wrestlers, thereby controlling and restricting everything that a wrestler would want on their webpage than to allow wrestlers to create their own. Shame on her...


Tonight, the WWE is smelling the ratings once again. We'll see Kurt Angle taking on Edge in a cage match. If I went to the Wheeling, WV houseshow recently, I could have witnessed this very same match as its main event. Hmm... I'm tired of regular cage matches sucking, though, and I hope that Edge and Angle can pull out a Pay Per View like match here tonight. It's certainly needed, but it's very unknown, at this point, if it will spike the ratings of an already damaged Smackdown show (from Hogan and Undertaker being on it).

Hey, why not put Hogan vs. Undertaker in the cage? I've been itching to use the title "Age in the Cage 2002" for something.

The Undertaker will take on Randy Orton. Huh? What is that going to do for anyone? Poor Orton has to sell everything thrown at him, while likely getting squashed at the end of the match. I'm assuming that someone will feel bad for Orton getting killed, and save the day since the Undertaker lacks a Pay Per View feud right now. *YAWN*

I guess Hulk Hogan is going to respond to Vince McMahon ruining his retirement speech, as if that was never done before. Oh boy, yet a lame version of face versus heel boss feud. I was watching "NWO: Back in Black", and I really listened to what Hogan had to say after turning heel at Bash at the Beach 1996. I'll tell you what, he really blasts the WWF there, and he has said a few things about the WWF over the years. Maybe use that material or any Hogan ribs Vince has done throughout the years to spice this feud up, instead of Vince setting up Hogan for an Undertaker beatdown?

In what is seen as yet another depushing of poor Chris Jericho, he'll continue his midcard feuds by fighting Faarooq tonight. Faarooq will bring the muscles, while Jericho will bring the bumping ability. Maybe Jericho will have to cheat to beat Faarooq, too? Not like Jericho was a former Undisputed champion or anything. Oh no.

In the build Test up and strike him down category, he'll be taking on Triple H this week. Why do they even bother with this cycle with Test? Either keep him low or keep him high. He has a tendancy to suck when he's pushed, so what does that tell you? Again, I can remember a past RAW event where Test and Triple H put on the most horrible match that I've seen in a long time, which I believe was in early 1999? It was just terrible... I know Triple H was a face back then, and couldn't carry matches like he could before the quadricep injury.

Maven will take on Christian. Let's call Maven the "backpack" because Christian is going to have to carry Maven throughout the match. I admire Maven, though. He's made the most of out winning Tough Enough one, and he has the potential to go a long way in the WWE. But now, he's still a little green.

To save us from a Pay Per View embarrassment, Chuck and Billy will take on Rico/Rikishi for the World Tag Titles, which should be scrapped due to the poor tag team action as of late in the WWE. Thank God I'm taping this show tonight, so that I can fast foward through this crap that I don't want to see on any given week.

Doesn't really seem like the WWE is putting more effort into Smackdown...

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