Welcome to the wild and wonderful Phat Daily Column. I'm quite amazed at the reaction to some of the stuff at RAW the other night, with a few guys just totally going off about how "moral" the main event ending was. It's quite interesting, and I'll address that later.

Speaking of RAW, there are no ratings out there today. However, I do expect sort of an increase in the ratings because the past RAW, I felt, was one of the best all around shows I've seen in a while. Last week's RAW was good only because of the main event, but this show had better undercard matches and storylines surrounding the show.

On to the PDC.

Back to Montreal.........

Last night, the WWF replicated the Survivor Series 1997 screwjob with Steve Austin beating Chris Benoit when Vince McMahon asked for the bell to be rung for the screwjob. What sparked a lot of opinion was the fact that it was not only done in Canada, where it originally happened, but that it was in front of the Hart family.

But why was the Hart family at ringside, anyway? Wouldn't they have mended broken fences already? It sure looks like they've accepted the Montreal Incident as a panic moment for Vince McMahon, and the Owen Hart tragedy as a complete freak accident. Plus, I'm very sure that the Harts knew the booking of the show, and they wouldn't sit via ringside if they had a big problem with what was occurring that night!

So if any columnists are bashing Vince McMahon for his "cold booking", then they should bash the remainder of the Hart family, excluding Martha Hart (Owen's wife) and Bret Hart, for going along with the show. How about that?


Ok, I'd post some Shouts this week, but GUEST WHAT?!? Just about every single Shout was an attack on Grandmaster Sex-ay for his firing about his drug use. It was just insane!!!

Now, I've seen a lot of repetition when starting this "Shouts" feature, like the constant flow of personal shots towards Chyna, you know, stuff like she's taken steroids or has a snake in her pants. But this week, the Grandmaster Sex-ay jokes were the majority, with many sounding the same. I'll just post one "Shout", which was probably the best drug shot towards Brian Christopher, provided by "The Rock 10D":

Hey, if parents want a perfect example to keep their kids off of drugs, just pop in a tape of Grandmaster Sexay's last couple of interviews.

Other than that, it was just basic stuff, like "no wonder his talking skills suck" and so forth. If the WWF isn't careful in this matter, by the way, they could get hit with a big lawsuit by the Lawlers. With the WWF talking to guys with actual criminal records, such as Scott Steiner and Scott Hall, the Lawler family could really slap the WWF for their actions not only towards Brian Christopher, but for the Kat as well.

As for Shouts, I was hoping for more diversity to make a better blend of a segment, but I guess I'll hold off until next week.

WWF City Movement

Recently, for an Urban Economics course, I did a project where I'd examine the cities that the WWF has been touring, since I've been wondering why my local arena, the Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling, WV, hasn't had a WWF event in about 3 years. I looked at 18 cities that the WWF was touring through in comparison to the crumbling city of Wheeling.

With my analysis, I pretty much narrowed it down to 3 main factors: Arena Capacity, City Population, and City Income. With the expanding WWF, they've moved on to much larger arenas to maximize better ticket sales. I found that the WWF really likes the 15,000 - 20,000 seat arenas, while the Wheeling Civic Center holds a meager 7,600 for a wrestling event. For Population, it was obvious that the more people you have in your city, the more likely you'd have the WWF coming to your city. I found that the WWF likes areas with more than 100,000, whereas the city of Wheeling has about 47,000 people and DECREASING. Finally, Income was major role, as the one exception to the 100,000 people finding had a much larger income than the city of Wheeling, as was the rest of the large cities I viewed. Wheeling had an average household income of around $28,000, whereas most cities were over the $30,000 mark.

So if you are in a city with an arena of seating under 15,000, population under 100,000, and an average household income under $30,000, chances are that the WWF won't be coming to your area anytime soon, EVEN FOR A HOUSESHOW! The WWF did a RAW in Wheeling in late February/early March of 1998, just before they exploded after Wrestlemania 14, and then a houseshow in the summer of 1998. After that, the WWF has never returned. To inform you, Wheeling, WV has been getting hammered by population loss and businesses moving right out, along with the failing industry. So if your city is in that same boat, don't expect the WWF.

But hey, WCW finally returned to Wheeling in the summer of 2000 with a wonderful Thunder taping. If you go to WheelingCivicCenter.com, you'll see the WCW logo and Bill Goldberg still on the opening logo. I guess the hopes of wrestling in my area, without the painful drives to Columbus or Pittsburgh, is dismal at best.

But oh well. This was just a project I did for college, no less, which isn't the only thing I've attempted on wrestling. I also did a paper on the bidding war between USA Networks and Viacom over the WWF in 2000, discussing that Viacom may suffer a "winner's curse" by their large offer made and the discussion of the high demand of the WWF for television markets. I'm sure that paper would change today.....

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