Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. It was quite an interesting Monday Night if you ask me, as both federations tried their best to win viewers. WCW had the return of Goldberg, while the WWF was now riding on the Undertaker. The ratings should be great to look at, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow due to the holiday weekend. But first, let's analyze the Monday Night shows in the traditional Monday Night Impressions. On to the PDC.


WCW did an excellent job with Goldberg's return, and they timed it correctly as well. The return came exactly when Monday Night RAW started, so WCW's timing was good this week, as it has been bad before tonight. The only problem I see with his opponent Tank Abbott is the fact that Tank has not only tapped out of the Sid Crossface, but he has also lost to David Arquette. Tank doesn't have much credibility as he used to, but he should make something decent for Goldberg to start with.

So Jeff Jarrett is the World Champ again? Is he 3 times or is he 4 time champ? Since Ric Flair got the belt back, did that make him 16 time world champ? Because Kevin Nash gave the belt back, does his title reign even count? These kinds of questions keep coming up to the constant changing of the World belt. Although I'm not a big fan of Jeff Jarrett, please keep that belt on him. It's lost a ton of credibility throughout the past 3 months, and a good strong heel champ can do wonders for a title belt.

I personally think that Vince Russo is reliving personal fantasies in WCW. Seriously. Just look at what he does everyweek: Women are either kidnapped or forced to wrestle. Just a thought.

My gosh, Mike Awesome took a mean bump at the hands of Booker T and DDP. That table broke sorta weird around his head when he landed. By the way, Booker T or GI BRO got the win tonight! Maybe this new gimmick might work?

Good hardcore match by the way with Terry Funk and Vampiro. Terry Funk is really doing well as the hardcore champ, and still taking shots like he used to. Vampiro continued his psychotic ways, as he drove in a gasoline truck of all things. I think Madden called him Vampiromaniac. That's funny.

The Asylum matches are a very odd thing to do each week, but at least it provided us with a clean win thanks to the Franchise tapping out to the Steiner Recliner. Sting and Kidman fought it out in a decent match, but it was expected of Horace, Vampiro, and Hulk Hogan to come running down. Not a bad match with Disco and Lt. Loco or Chavo either.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Good show from WCW this week, although it had it's share of run-ins. It seemed like WCW had more skits than matches though, or at least it feels that way? I don't know, but


for this week's show. I predict a 3.0 for the second hour of Nitro, which is head to head with RAW.


First off, I must make an apology. For the past few months, I've let my personal preferences about WWF tag teams get out of hand. If you remember, I used to say that Too Cool wasn't big(talking size, not crowd pop) to become World Champs. Well, let me apologize for constantly dogging them, and I will now proceed to eat my words. Congrats to Too Cool on winning the titles.

I know this isn't a music column, but the performance by Kid Rock probably helped his new CD, which debuts today, sell about 4 million more copies from wrestling fans buying it. It was soo good, the guys in charge of censoring any bad words couldn't keep up.

Very strangely booked 6 man match with Godfather/Kat/Dean Malenko vs. D'Lo/Terri/Perry Saturn. Perry Saturn looked pretty good in that match too. Chyna gave her traditional nutshot to Kurt Angle, who was really taking it from the fans in Vancouver.

It seems that Shane McMahon has been getting a bigger push lately than any of the WWF superstars. Hmm, oh well, as Rikishi defeated Shane via Disqualification. Another King of the Ring match was held, and it was Bull Buchanan vs. Steve Blackman. Poor guys got booed out of the arena. Both men have the ability though, so a new gimmick for both might be nice.

Wasn't Test supposed to be against Stephanie because she wanted the marriage to Triple H? Anyway, the ending was very predictable for the Rock vs. Undertaker match, and it became worse once it was announced as a "lumberjack" match. At least this match can now be a HUGE Pay Per View payoff, which is what I was worried about when it was booked. Kane made the save, which seemed to look just like his last return. He saved the Undertaker, so it looks like their tag team is going to happen.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Very solid show from the WWF, with 8 decent matches to shove into a 2 hour broadcast which featured Kid Rock's performance and a very long opening interview. I'll give it


for this week's show. I predict a 6.3 for the first hour against Nitro.

Overall, a great night of wrestling!

@That's it for today's edition. I'll be back tomorrow with more Phat Daily Column to go around. Until then, just chill...till the next episode.

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