Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I really hate spoilers, because I refuse to report them, thus holding me back on certain points in my column. Argh! Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend, and what better way to top off that 3 day weekend with some Monday Night wrestling. Joy. On to the PDC.


-Holy smokes! The recent word is that Playboy is interested in doing a spread on the women of the WWF. They are heavily interested in doing one on Debra though. I suppose Playboy has noticed that everyone goes bonkers over her more than their top selling Playboy in years playmate Sable. Funny, I wonder what that would do to her former husband, Mongo. Last I heard, he was in some kind of rehab because he's really taking his loss hard. Of course I'd probably go crazy too if my wrestling career was total crap and my ex-wife was always getting fans attention in a different federation.-Hmm, Shane Douglas turned down yet another WWF offer. That's odd. I guess he's really sticking into his feelings about the WWF by turning down great offers. Maybe he's coming back to ECW. Well Shane, from what I hear, ECW doesn't want to push you as much in ECW, so ride your heat while you can, go to the WWF. That way I can actually see the "Franchise" wrestler, since the last time I saw him wrestle was against Al Snow in a pay per view. Shane would be perfect as a heel in the WWF, and they would probably let him shoot his mouth off all he wants. Sell out Shane!-Sable indefinately suspended? No way! That's what reports are saying, but I don't buy it. Why would you suspend something that sells Playboys. Wow, two parts of WWF news mention Playboy. That's a first. Anyways, as much of a bitch as she is backstage, or as stuck up as she really is, she'll never be suspended. But Sable better watch it though, because the WWF is high on Debra right now, and a slip up could piss the WWF off to actually suspend her. Face it, she needs the WWF. Without the WWF, she's just a jobber's wife(Marc Mero for those who don't know). She probably couldn't be loved elsewhere by fans besides wrestling.


-Oh god, I heard that WCW is enforcing new rules, like cutting injury pay for those who have extended injuries or taking time off. Well, will that be the same in effect for those "Top 10" Senior Tour main eventers? You know they will get away with everything. Wrestlers who bust their ass when they get a chance will now get the shaft while recovering from a legit injury, while wrestlers like Sting, DDP, or Piper will take all the time in the world off, but still get paid their full salary. That's garbage! Hell, if this rule was really enforce, good old Scott Hall would be poor by now. Where the hell is he?-The Goldberg saga continues as he is at home recovering(probably not losing pay from injuries!), but he is still disputing over contracts with WCW. Well Goldberg, if you think you should make more money, you could do a few things. One, claim WCW is a "dangerous workplace" by saying he's been wrestling injured for a while, and that his recent ankle injury is another proof of that. OR, he could just stick his three years out on his contract, and threaten to go to WWF. Just think what the WWF could do with him. He could be a monster. He was over in WCW, that means he'd be huge in the WWF. I'm sure WCW would realize this, and he'd become an elite millionaire.-Well, the word is that Big Sexy, Kevin Nash will hold the World title for a real long time. That's right, for those who can't get enough of Big Sexy as champ, hold on to your seats and get ready for the ride. BUT, for those who think Nash is a joke anymore, get ready to suffer. I think Nash has become a joke ever since he jobbed his first title reign away..fair and square to Hogan. He really "dropped the ball" for me liking him there, and I could care less for him now. One reason I don't think he's as over as a singles wrestler was the fact that he was brought in and he mainly wrestled tag matches. That diluted his singles wrestling, in my opinion. You never know, he might just yet become the best world champ ever.

@Well, that's all for today kiddies. I hope you are having a great weekend, and remember, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, like Butter cause he's on a roll, signing off!

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