Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss some recent wrestling topics, and then hype up tonight's Smackdown. Ah yes, I could have been there live, if I would have known beforehand. Being in Pittsburgh, it wasn't advertised around my area.

Am I disappointed that I missed the Wheeling, WV Houseshow? Not really. I mean, I like seeing any professional wrestling live, even if it's an indy event, but it just didn't look like a strong card. Basic Smackdown filler matches was the undercard, while the Main Event was Kurt Angle vs. Edge in a cage. While I'm sure the Main Event was good, the show lacked one of the big 4 names: Rock, Hogan, Triple H, or Steve Austin. Triple H was supposed to be at the show, but I guess he took the night off to prepare for joining the RAW crew in England. That, or he saw how a 6,000 capacity arena couldn't sell out, and said "hell with risking injury there".

My new goal, for live WWF events, is to see Hulk Hogan live. Had I known about Smackdown in advance, I would have saw him wrestle Chris Jericho for the World Title. Sure, I can't say that I'm a Hulk Hogan fan overall, but he IS a legend in our business, and I most certainly can't deny that. I might try to get tickets in Columbus for the King of the Ring show....

Of the WWF fab 4 that I have mentioned, I have seen Austin 3 times, Triple H 2 times, and the Rock 2 times. With Rocky, I witnessed a dark match before his WWF debut when he was Flex (or Flexx) Cavana in August of 1996. I've seen Austin at 3 different stages of his career... Where he was slowly figuring out his Stone Cold gimmick after KOTR 96, then before Austin vs. McMahon in March 1998, and then as the EVIL Alliance Leader after Invasion 2001. I saw Triple H as his old prissy gimmick, and then the DX gimmick in 1998. With Triple H, he jobbed to Psycho Sid in the Intercontinental Title tournament, vacated from Ahmed Johnson, in the first round. I guess that was some continual punishment for the Curtain Call Incident.

Have no clue what the Curtain Call is, then CLICK HERE!

Now that will save some time when reading e-mails. On to the PDC.


-Mick Foley was announced, through an OVW press release, to appear May 31st "Summer Sizzler Series". Now given that Ohio Valley Wrestling IS a WWF affiliate, the only way to lure Foley to this wrestling event was probably because it's at the Six Flags park in Kentucky. If you've read Foley's books, you'll know that he LOVES amusement parks. What a clever idea by OVW to get a well known name on their show!

In all reality, I really do hope that Foley does something better for his career. He's probably well off from his final days in wrestling, advertisements, and from his books, but damn, it's so embarrassing and disgusting to see Foley as the host of TNN's "Robot Wars", especially when it's advertised on WWF programming. You know you've sunk to a new low if you're the host of a TNN show that attempted to rip off another shows ideas. Hell, "Robot Wars" is so bad, even Joanie Laurer hosted it for a while! Now that's low!

-With Tough Enough 3 going to be made, the idea of having various independent wrestlers on the show is now a GOOD idea. The current cast of Tough Enough 2 just don't have what it takes, whereas independent wrestlers will probably be more hungry than any geeks off the street. Tough Enough 2 WAS going to have independent wrestlers fighting for the WWF spots, but the idea was nixed at the last moment. Now, it seems like a great idea, given the disasters from Season 2 and since the WWF is pushing more of the relationships instead of the contestants' abilities to actually learn how to wrestle.

-Before anyone gets "wet" at the prospect of giving Dawn Marie to Lance Storm as a valet, just remember what Torrie Wilson did for Tajiri, before Tajiri started yelling at her. Um, that's nothing! And again, folks, remember that just because Storm and Marie were successful in ECW, doesn't guarantee they'll be anything in the WWF. Remember, Tazz, Raven, Justin Credible, and Tommy Dreamer were all ECW champs, and what have they done in the WWF besides tag championships and minor singles titles? NOTHING!

-Look for the WWF to more or less push the fact that Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler will be on Tough Enough 2, probably in a hot tub. Just dig for those ratings!


In the show I could have witnessed live... You know, if the class I had from 5:30 - 7:20 wasn't so strict on attendance on Tuesday nights, I would have saw the show live in Pittsburgh.

From last week, we learned that Chris Jericho will fight Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the World Title. Something I forgot to mention... How can Vince McMahon set up a #1 contender's match last week, and then set up a World Title match for this week? Didn't Flair gain the rights to make the #1 contender by the very boring Undertaker vs. Steve Austin match? I can see the WWF writers are smoking crack again...

But anyway, I'm assuming the match will feature something that would strike a Jericho vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan match for Judgment Day, the next boring name Pay Per View. I wouldn't doubt that the foolish WWF would have the Undertaker run in or something?

We'll see the tag match of Billy and Chuck against Rikishi and Hurricane. Ok, could somebody explain to me why Rikishi and Hurricane are teaming up here? Secondly, how do they get a title shot? Forget crack, the WWF writers must be moving on to some really hard stuff during the writing sessions.

Also on the card, Hardcore Holly will get a rematch with Randy Orton. Please give fans more of an explanation to whom Randy Orton is, please? Looks like Orton is acting like Maven to Hardcore Holly's Tazz, as if you didn't remember the Tazz vs. Maven feud that lasted for 3 long Smackdowns. Of course, Maven didn't win until the 3rd match... Explain who Orton is, and maybe have Holly start associating with Vince more, on camera, to show that he's one of Vince's henchman to hurt any wrestlers who crosses his path.

Other than that, all of the other matches will be announced as the show goes along...

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Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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