Welcome back to the wild and wonderful Phat Daily Column. My mind must be slipping. I forgot to ask for Shouts! Silly me! Well, I had two exams to study for on Tuesday, so I was really moving when I pumped out the RAW review.

Speaking about the RAW review, I deserve a medal. Looking around the net, my RAW review was the ONLY one that did NOT mention the so-called "Glass Ceiling" or the backstage pull Triple H has. Everyone else either mentioned one or the other, or both. But not Tito, as I gave a straight foward review without saying a word about any backstage politics. And you guys say I'm negative...........................

Well, I have nothing else to say, and there are no ratings to discuss, so I must improvise! Yipee!

Daily Apples

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-WHOOOO!!! I was mentioned on Jay Leno!!! Well, not really, but for the wonderful seat switching gag, Jay Leno asked a guy who paid to be in outer space, and the dude answered Mr. Tito. It's Dennis Tito, by the way, and the guy lost his seat for not using the first name. Man, I'm just loving this space thing, because I'm seeing my name made up nickname all over the press these days. Maybe I should attempt to get royalties? Ok, I'm kidding, but it's quite funny to see.

-Just a follow up to the Chyna rant yesterday. I find it rather funny that Chyna will mention waking up with a DICK in her mouth in her book, but then decide to not include her plastic surgery on her jaw to make her look more feminine. That's just a nice tidbit for those of you who made sure to yell at me for what I said about Chyna. Thank you, and eat those apples.

-Yahoo! News, the great news source that it is, had a story on the wire about how the WWF's ratings have dropped a big 34% from last year. Ouch. Now you could say it's from the TNN switch, storylines, your mom, or the fact that Scott Hall can't straighten himself to get back on television. Whatever excuse you may use, I know exactly what's wrong: no competition anymore. The WWF thrives on competition, and so do wrestling fans. So blame Time Warner for not fixing the sick WCW for the past 3 years, which has hurt the industry actually.

-REPUBLICANS in the Ohio House presented a bill to place a 5% tax on all wrestling events. I guess they are just doing it to match the current tax on all boxing events. Both wrestling and boxing events have been scarce in Ohio as compared to other states, and to place a tax on a wrestling event just gives incentives for less events to travel around. Especially independents, who fight for every dime they earn on a gate. But the worse was what REPUBLICAN Senator Jim Jordan said:

"I'm never for any new taxes. But if you've got to pick a bad guy to tax, these guys are as bad as they come."

What the hell kind of statement is that? Idiots like him are clearly taxing wrestling because THEY don't like it, and not because Ohio needs it. Well, there are plenty of stadiums to pay for now, and Ohio, and I guess the Ohio Government could start paying attention to the dying schools here in this state. This will definitely put some clamps on the remaining indy events here, and it could make the WWF second guess about coming to Columbus or Cleveland again. Nice of the guys I DIDN'T VOTE FOR to put one on me. It's funny, because the Democrats are the ones that everyone says tries to cripple wrestling.

-The Monday Night ratings are being delayed this week, but the Weekend ones are in. Superstars scored a 0.9, while Livewire got a 0.9 too. Wow, that's not too pleasing for the weekend of Backlash. That's not good whatsoever, as the trend in wrestling seems to be on a downward slope from now on.

-If you didn't catch it from my report, the Rock was on Jay Leno last night. He seemed to be in good spirits from what I saw, and with shorter hair too. I think this long time off is exactly what the Rock needs, for his return will come at a good time for the WWF. I personally thought the Rock was getting stale, and NOT Austin before Wrestlemania. So the WWF turned Austin heel, and gave the Rock time off. Hmmm...

My money says that Rock won't be in wrestling for too long. From what I've read or heard, the Rock is gaining momentum as an actor, and the critics are taking notice. I wouldn't be surprised if he's "pushed" in the movie industry, and then leaves the wrestling business behind. The Rock seems to have way better longevity than a certain Hulk Hogan in the movie business, and that's good, because we saw how bad Hogan was for Thunder in Paradise or whatever that tragedy was called.

How did I end this column by taking a poke at Hogan?

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@That's all for today. Not much material to work with, especially with some spoilers going around now. I'll be back with more column tomorrow!

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