Welcome back to the wonderful world also known as the Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, nothing like a wonderful Tuesday to evaluate the wonderful Monday Night shows. On one end, you had the WWF who were coming off of a pay per view. On the other hand, you had WCW coming off Thunder with David Arquette winning their World title. Well, enough of this introduction, as I have LOTS to discuss in today's PDC, so let's jump on it!

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For Tomorrow's Column: The Book Review for DDP's book, Positively Page, will be done tomorrow for those who are wondering. I just finished the book last night, so I'll have today to gather up my thoughts about it.


First off, I want to do this segment called the Bad Booking of Russo. Here it goes:
Terrible match between Crowbar and Norman Smiley with the mascot
Having Shawn Stasiak shoot free throws all night
Putting Hugh Morris in a match with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner, and then booking him to pin Steiner
Having Tank Abbott first defeat DDP, but then lose to David Arquette
The whole Luger vs. Russo fiasco

Those were some of the worst things I've ever seen booked on a wrestling show. Terrible, terrible, terrible! Russo has put on 3 or 4 good Nitros in a row, IN MY OPINION, without booking crap like this. Why the hell did they even consider having Hugh Morris pin Scott Steiner? That's ridiculous, and I'm sure Bucky, who runs the best Big Poppa Pump site, won't be pleased. Also, having Tank Abbott lose to David Arquette on the same night he defeats DDP? How crazy is that crap, and how low can you make Tank get. Although I'm not a big fan of Tank, I will say that his career is ruined. First he taps out to Crippler Crossface from Sid, and now this? Terrible, terrible, terrible.

And you know what the sad thing about this show was? Any skit involving Hulk Hogan, I enjoyed. Yes, for the past few weeks, Hogan has been very entertaining on Nitro. Any of the segments involving himself, Kidman, or Mike Awesome have been the best parts of Nitro. Tonight, it carried the show and saves it from a terrible grade in the gradebook. I'm glad to see Awesome get the win over Hogan. I'm praising Hogan for putting over some young guys! Sting and Vampiro's skits were OK, but somewhat unbelieveable.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 6
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: This Nitro was simply terrible. I don't know what Russo, or hell even Bischoff, was thinking when they put this show together. Thank God the Hogan angle is a fun one to watch, or this show would have failed. This week's show gets a


for its ridiculous booking. Come on Russo, if you were the so-called brain behind the current WWF powerhouse, then why not prove it. It took a flaw last time to take Russo down in WCW, and the David Arquette flaw is starting to take him down this time around. I predict this show will drop back down to the bottom rung, and get a 2.2 in the second hour.


Shame on the WWF too tonight, as they had lots of Repetitive Matches tonight like:

Dudley Boyz vs. T&A
X-Pac vs. Chris Jericho
Essa Rios vs. Eddie Guerrero
Tazz vs. Chris Benoit
Shane McMahon vs. the Rock

Now I'm not saying they were bad matches, but come on. WWF has a long roster of guys to match up instead of booking matches that have already been done. Especially the Jericho and X-Pac one. Those two have wrestled each other soo much in the WWF it's ridiculous! Two of them carried over from the Pay Per View, and didn't resolve anything. T&A got another win over the Dudleys, and Eddie made easy work of Essa. Rock and Shane was done on a RAW recently(I admire that tough bump Shane took though), and Tazz and Benoit have wrestled 3 or 4 times already in the WWF. Innovative is the key.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the Big Show had me in tears at Backlash with his Hulk Hogan imitation. That was legit funny! He did a great follow up with Rikishi tonight, but I can't help but wonder where these parodies will take his WWF career. I have to give the Baltimore crowd lots of credit. They were very hot tonight!

Hey, my favorite team(sarcasm) Too Cool returned. Did you see how well Scotty Too Hottie did in the Lightweight division? Well, why not try it again too Brian Christopher, I mean Grandmaster Sex-ay. Yes, you got the win over the Hardys tonight, so enjoy that. I still say they should remain in the Lightweight division to make it that much better. My God, that women's match was interesting. Although I enjoy watching Crash Holly perform, his runaway hardcore gimmick is wearing thin.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Well, this RAW was sort of lackluster, and it wasn't the type of RAW I'd expect out of the WWF following a pay per view. They had 5 matches that have been done before, and that hurts in my book. Therefore, a


for this week's show. They will probably crush Nitro this week in the head to head ratings since many probably thought Stone Cold would show up. They might get something around a 6.3 in the first hour.

ECW Ratings Analysis and More

-Good God, ECW on TNN got a 0.9 once again in the ratings! That's terrible, and NO Friday excuses to use for the past few weeks. Don't give me the "playoffs are on in hockey and basketball" excuse, since attendance and ratings are down for both sports. ECW just isn't delivering on TNN, even with lots of rub off the WWF. You'd figure they would at least get something around a 1.2 after 7 months on TNN. Instead, they get the same rating they had when they started. Right now, things are getting chaotic in ECW too, which will really hurt this deal with TNN. Heyman is placing all of the blame on TNN for the low ratings lately, and the relationship between himself and TNN is getting sour. That can't be good at all, as I wonder who would pick ECW up if TNN said to hell with them. Their ratings don't go up, so why pick them up? ECW better start kissing up to TNN instead, because they might not have any cable access soon.

-WWF Greatest Hits highlight show did a 2.0 this week, which isn't bad considering it wasn't hyped too much and it was only advertised on UPN. Still, it's good for UPN, as they are slowly becoming a big network to reckon with. I'd expect this rating to be a little higher, but it was just a highlight show on a Friday night. I'd think that people would rather watch a current show with new matches, like ECW on TNN, on a Friday...but they don't!

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