Yep, you guessed, yet another Phat Daily Column. I just can't stop pumping these things out! Just so you know, I do it because I enjoy doing it. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Oh no, WCW didn't. Please tell me it's a bad dream. WCW has given Mike Tenay a spot on the booking team. NOOOOOO! Mike Tenay, although he knows his stuff, is a very traditional person. He loves the oldschool wrestling, with those long technical matches. Oh joy, now this will show up on WCW shows now that he's a booker. The only thing I see good coming out of this, is a few of the good Luchadores will finally get their due. I'm talking about wrestlers like Hector Garza, who have lots of talent, just no chance to get on a good spot on a Nitro. WCW needs to be new and innovative, and I feel that by hiring Mike Tenay as a booker isn't going to help much.-Oh my, lots of bitterness about the WCW pay per view coming up. For one, Sting and Goldberg don't want to lose their match. Sting feels it's time for Goldberg to lose since he did the job at a house show and on a Nitro, and Goldberg doesn't want to lose because, well, he's used to always winning. Another situation is the Scott Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell match. Although it was said that Scott Steiner would somehow lose since he needs some time off to heal some injuries, it has been said that he says he would never do the J.O.B. to Buff. Buff thinks it's time for his career to advance, and he is a strong believer in this since the fans really love him. They used to be friends, but now they personally hate each other. We'll just have to see how everything plays out at Slamboree.-Reports suggest that Rick Steiner could be turning heel. Oh no! They say if he becomes heel, he will most likely rejoin his roidraging(oops!) brother for SOME tag action. That's terrible. After dragging their feud out for so long, why bring those two back together? Sure they are brothers, but Scott Steiner gave rick hell. Besides, Rick for the moment is too old to be over as a heel. He's barely over as a face, and I highly doubt that he can work the crowd. This is a big mistake if he turns heel, but you never know, I could be wrong.


-Well, the Hardy Boyz are in the news a lot lately. The word is that the WWF is ready to now push them into the spotlight, but how on earth are they going to do that? Some say that they will become the new Freebirds, and that's retarded. The Hardy Boyz are nothing like the Freebirds...they are more like the Rockers. That also has some rumors that they are going to be the DX pledges, but how can they be DX pledges when DX seems to be dying. Of course, they have been rumored to break up many times. But anyways, other rumors suggest that the Rocker himself, Shawn Michaels might manage them. I don't know though. I think Michaels is finally enjoying life away from prime time wrestling. He's rumored every week to be on RAW to do something, but every week there is no HBK. -Well, June 25th is the day that Wrestlemania 15 comes out on video. I'm definately buying it, not just because I want to keep my Wrestlemania collection going. I suggest for you all to buy the Wrestlemania box set. It's worth every penny! Just to hug the box with all of the tapes in it is worth it. As I stated before, I am going to watch every Wrestlemania sometime, and I will have a HUGE Phat Daily Column rating every Wrestlemania ever! As of right now, I think either 3, with Hogan vs. Giant and Steamboat vs. Macho, or 8 with Flair vs. Macho, Hitman vs. Piper, and Hogan vs. Sid Justice are my most anticipated to watch. I can't wait to do it!-Oh joy, great news to report here! Well, the word is that the WWF will now have RAW tapings on Sunday nights instead of the following Tuesday night after a live Monday Night RAW! Yes, now the spoilers won't be as bad! I really hate spoilers. I used to never report the spoilers, until I would say something in my column that would contradict the spoilers, and my e-mail would get flooded because of it. So I had to read the dirty spoilers. This way, now that the taping is on a Sunday, the spoilers can be easily avoided, and everyone can enjoy a Raw without knowing the results.

@That's it for today kiddies! I'll be back, probably, tomorrow with yet another edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. So until then, just chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, a hard working Daily wrestling columnist, signing off!

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