Welcome to an all new edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the latest issues in professional wrestling and the review Steve Austin's What? video for the VHS. Notice, I said VHS and not DVD, which always confuses some people.

So will I ever join the DVD empire. Doubtful. I'm not much of a movie collector, as I've said before, since I enjoy the theater experience more than sitting at home and watching a movie. For rentals, I feel that there are more than enough channels on cable to fill the needs of renting a movie. As for buying a movie, there are only a few movies that I'll view more than 5 times in my lifetime, such as Star Wars and a few of my personal favorites, so why waste my money, right now, on a DVD player? If I have the need to see any DVD, I'll just put it on the computer, given that it has a DVD player built in.

With that being said, I don't really cream over the "special features" placed in the DVD. I'm NOT willing to pay an extra $10 for those features, and I don't have a problem with rewinding a video as opposed to selecting certain features that I'd want to see. Now, if DVD's were to become cheaper on release and if its recording technology becomes a little cheaper, then maybe I'll sell out to the DVD. But right now, hell no.

Besides, I need the money to fund my nasty bobblehead habit. On to the PDC.


-NWA - TNA appears to be willing to sign anyone. I like the signings of Ken Shamrock and Jerry Lynn, very much. What I don't like is the rapid signing of the valets they are doing right now. They aren't worth the money. The ECW ones, Francine, Elektra, and the woman formerly known as Alicia or Ryan Shamrock, the sister of Ken Shamrock when he was in the WWF, and 2 other women whom I've seen surfing the independents. BIG DEAL. Go to any local strip club or go to any beach, and you'll find beautiful women with the EXACT talent that the 5 women signed have. If the NWA - TNA wants to get off to a good start, they better keep costs down or else. Nobody in the remaining wrestling fanbase cares much for the former ECW valets or Alicia, especially when they don't hold a candle to the beauty of the WWE valets.

Jerry Lynn is a good signing. He's had a hardcore following for years, so we'll see if fans flock to the NWA if he appears to be getting a push. For the love of God, too, let him do his Cradle Piledriver. A lack of a finisher was one reason that hurt his character's ability to get over in the WWF. That was one reason.

-I've seen various reports about the WWE splitting their writing team up into two halves. Big deal. Brian Gerwertz, who has a background in soap operas, will now head up RAW, while Paul Heyman and the mullet-less Michael PS Hayes will head up Smackdown. (I guess it's now being reported that Heyman will handle Smackdown alone?) It's not so bad, although you know who, aside from Vince McMahon's final decision at the end, will be the one looking over both writing teams. That's right, Stephanie McMahon. Get her the hell out of there!!! If she wasn't a McMahon, there would be NO wrestling company out there that would hire her. Her way of thinking towards the wrestling industry is totally off balance of what fans want, and her favortism is just ridiculous; of herself and the person she's banging, including HIS friends.

Let's hope this does create a creative competition between the two teams, which could have been done from the start. Gerwertz has been the lead writer of the NON wrestling and NON McMahon creative group, and Heyman is known for some creative things done in ECW. It's good that they split them up properly, too. Gerwertz is boyz with Edge and Christian, Heyman favors any ECW personalities, while everyone on RAW hates PS Hayes.

But then again, what's competition when you have Stephanie STILL making suggestions to both groups, while her father makes all final decisions?

-Looks like the WWE may have something on Saturday nights. Velocity did a debut of 1.1, while Confidential pulled in a rating of a 1.3. Both are already ahead of what Excess was doing in that timeslot. I'll say it once and I'll say it again: RECAP SHOWS ARE TOTAL CRAP!!! The only reason why WWF All American Wrestling did well in the late 1980's and early 1990's was because the show featured recaps of matches that many didn't quite see through syndication. I could seriously care less about what happened on RAW or Smackdown by the time Saturday night rolls around.

I am very upset I missed both shows. I've heard nothing but good things about Confidential, and Velocity's Kidman vs. Tajiri match got rave reviews. I just might have to add 2 hours of wrestling programming to my television schedule.

Mr. Tito's Phat VIDEO Review

What? Steve Austin videos have been very good. "Cause Stone Cold Said So" was the one that started it all, and it's a good foul mouthed look at the early Austin before he turned full blown face. "Austin 3:16" was mainly the early bulk of the Austin vs. McMahon feud. "Hell Yeah" was an excellent recap into the life of Steve Austin and the tail end of the McMahon feud. The drinking and driving in that video, though, is very disturbing.

-Steve Austin What? (for the VHS)-

So what does this video recap. Well, it starts with Wrestlemania 17, goes back to No Way Out 2001, and foward from there. What? The history from Austin's return isn't partially there, as there's a reason why he fought Triple H at No Way Out 2001, given that Triple H set up Rikishi to run Austin over with a car. The whole "who hit Austin" has been ignored, as was his initial WWF return at Backlash 2000, where the chairswinging Rattlesnake helped the Rock win the World Title.

With this being said, it's a good recap of the best of Steve Austin from No Way Out 2001 until now. However, they somewhat ignore certain things to protect Austin's current face run. Not much is covered about his "Alliance heel turn" from Invasion, and it really doesn't cover much of his current face run. What is covered, though, are some of Austin's very best matches from 2001, which I have absolutely no problems with.

The Wrestlemania 17 Main Event was decent, but it gets somewhat overrated when the marks get together. Now, I like the Wrestlemania 15 match, but this one just didn't have the heat or the attention that this one had. At least in my opinion. The No Way Out 2001 was my Match of the Year, and the same goes with WWF.com's Match of the Year. It was great. A good video package was shown of it, despite Austin losing the match. They would go into Austin's heel turn after Wrestlemania 17, showing his alliance with Triple H. Nothing about the famous Triple H/Austin vs. Jericho/Benoit World Tag Title match.

HOWEVER, it did have a recap of the GREAT Edmonton Smackdown match between Austin and Chris Benoit. That match is so damn good. Both guys gave it their all, and it was probably Benoit's last great effort before his body really began breaking down, which would keep him out of action for a little under a year now. And you wonder why they just had Chris Benoit turn heel on Austin from RAW? RAW's shot in the arm could be from the many Guerrero and Benoit against Steve Austin feuds, you wait.

EXCELLENT collection of WCW highlights and commentary from Austin, Flair, and Arn Anderson about it. This is an added plus to the video. Flair says nothing but good things about Austin, which makes me wonder why Foley blames Flair for screwing over Austin. Hulk Hogan's 1994 signing is what did Austin in at WCW, NOT Flair, the booker at the time.

And then, the video goes into the history of how the phrase "what?" was evolved, but not too much about it or how Austin overuses it as a face.

LAST WORD: In comparison to the other Austin videos, this one is weak in comparison. However, for a collection of a handful of good Austin matches since his return, this is the video to buy. I'll give it a


(B). I thought it could have been a lot better or more updated. It's like they made this video several months ago or something. Otherwise, the highlights of some of Austin's best from 2001 were nice, and the WCW stuff was cool.

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