PDC! PDC! PDC! Welcome to the RAW is WAR edition of the Phat Daily Column. It was a Memorial Day show, so did the WWF slack off? Well, they were in Canada, so they had to impress, plus, a big ratings victory would really help during a holiday. I have the big review for you today.

I have nothing else to say to make up an introduction, so on to the PDC! Oh yeah, send in Shouts! MrTitoPDC@lordsofpain.net!

AWESOME opening 20 minute interview from Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Vince McMahon. Chris Jericho IS the man you want to speak more on the mic, as I wonder why the WWF sort of restricts him from talking. I hope tonight opens some eyes and ears. Funny of Benoit and Jericho to whip out the footage of Vince McMahon during a Slammy Awards ceremony. I'm pretty sure there are more videos, like that, out there for someone to use to get some more cheap heat. Good lord, the Calgary crowd is insanely hot tonight!

Nice of the WWF to salute Stu Hart and family by the ringside. It's good to see some healing between a relationship covering many years. Let's just see if a certain Hitman will forgive, as well. Since the Harts and the WWF may be having a good relationship again, why not release an Owen Hart tribute video for Owen's fans?

1st match of the night was the Hardys against Justin Credible and X-Pac. Pertty decent match, with a pretty cool ending. Eddie Guerrero drilled Albert during the match, which set up a match for later on. Let the Jim Ross lovefest for Price Albert begin! Eddie vs. Albert wasn't anything special, for the crowd was sort of quiet for the match, even with Albert yelling on every move. I found the Jim Ross Albert hyping to be a little too much, and diverting from the match.

Funny segment, backstage, with Terri and Trish Stratus. How many pounds of silicone do you think was in that clip, alone? I'm guessing around 50, but it could be more.

Pretty solid match between Rhyno and Chris Benoit. Freakin' Rhyno can just take a beating, as he took quite a lot of German Suplexes in this match. He didn't quite take as many bumps or poundings in ECW, which makes him look much better in the WWF. Benoit won the match, which came off an excellently executed Crossface by avoiding the Gore.

I actually was quite entertained by Trish Stratus/Steve Blackman vs. Perry Saturn/Terri, even before a hero ran down to help Blackman/Stratus win the match. I was laughing at the sequence between Saturn and Blackman when Steve tossed Terri into Perry's arms. Then, the man came out........ Let's hop into the Time Machine and take a look at what I said in Yesterday's PDC:

Yesterday's PDC: "Speaking of Calgary...................... Alberta, Canada, I'd be greatly shocked if Lance Storm were to come out and help Shane-O-Mac against his fight with Kurt Angle. Hey, I can dream, can't I?"

Ok, so he didn't come out and help Shane in his fight against Kurt Angle. But he came down!!! I marked out, bigtime! It's about damn time the WWF threw in a WCW wrestler on a WWF show. I guess the WWF talked it over and decided to use Storm, since it was his hometown anyway. Good old Calgary................. Alberta, Canada.

My gosh, the WWF was solid on the backstage segments tonight. I really liked the Spike Dudley/Molly Holly/Hollys attack the Dudleys segment. Very well planned out, with great execution. This situation would get much crazier, later, as we hit the Time Machine again!

Yesterday's PDC: "My money says that Molly Holly will go through a table tonight, as the Dudleys have threatened on the past 2 WWF television shows. "

Right on the money, although Spike Dudley was on the receiving end of the Dudley powerbomb of Molly into a table. I also suggested that the Dudleys don't care about Spike, since they formed by attacking him back in ECW! Well, ECW history is ignored, but if you watched it back then, it would make sense, now, for Bubba and D'Von to not care for Spike as much as themselves. Good match between the Hollys and the Dudleys, with the Dudleys winning. If there's an overdone match in the WWF to complain about, it's a tables match.

Who the hell brought back the Black Scorpion to stalk the Undertaker's wife, Sara???

Great job by the WWF, as they used Big Show properly for the first time since he came back from Ohio Valley Wrestling. Chris Jericho got the rightful win, since he is over and actually cares about his own body. Jericho, now, just needs the World Title to become the Ultimate Grand Slam champion, although many will argue that he did indeed beat Triple H the RAW that Hebner counted fast. After the match, Rhyno attacked the battered Jericho and won the Hardcore Title, via 24/7 rules. That's a pretty good move, as I hope that the WWF has Rhyno now beat Big Show, too.

For the main event, I wouldn't mind a good screwjob, but trying to repeat Survivor Series 1997 was just ridiculous. The match was good, though, with some good drama on the possible Benoit wins. Some may argue that Austin made Benoit look bad by escaping every submission attempt, but come on.... Benoit is selling injuries from the TLC 3 match and anything from his previous match with Rhyno. The ending of this match stopped me from giving this show an A+, despite my liking of Vince in the Crossface and Austin in the Walls of Jericho at the end. I would have shit my pants if Bret Hart were to run down and confront Vince for his actions. This week's Bret Hart column could be interesting if he even dares to discuss his father's appearance on RAW.

LAST WORD: I really liked this show, overall, as I felt it will probably do a decent number in the ratings, despite the holiday. The backstage segments and the "sports entertainment" factors were very solid, and most of the matches were pretty well worked. Therefore, an


to this show, although an A+ would have been rewarded if the ending was a little better. The Sara incident and the Jim Ross lovefest of Albert hurt as well, but oh well....

King of the Ring??

From the Walls of Jericho at the end, it's safe to say we'll get a good main event of Jericho vs. Austin. YESSSS! Other than that, it's hard to say what could happen:

-Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin
-Hollys vs. Dudleys
-King of the Ring Tournament
-Big Show vs. Rhyno?
-Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle

If Rhyno and Big Show aren't in the KOTR tournament, maybe they could rematch at the PPV. I really hope that doesn't happen. Shane vs. Angle is rumored at this point, I guess, but you never know if we could see Storm vs. Angle. I'd MARK out for that one. This is just a Tito rough draft of the PPV card, so don't take it as a fact whatsoever!

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