Tonight, two federations collide. One federation, who is on top, will try to continue its Monday Night success without losing any ratings to its rival. The other federation will try to bring back a star in order help gain some ratings. Although this star isn't available to wrestle yet, just him showing up should generate interest into a once ratings dominating federations. All eyes will be on both federations, and they will give it all even though it's Memorial Day. On to the PDC.

Bad Tito is coming....


Even though WCW revealed the Thunder results of Nash becoming World Champ, they aren't revealing the fact that Bill Goldberg will probably be at Nitro. I'd expect him to confront Tank Abbott while he is beating on Scott Steiner. Wow, who would have thought that Goldberg and Scott Steiner could get along? Hopefully this return gets him pumped up to show up again after tonight.

Oh no, Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are going after that evil Vince Russo. You know, I think I just personally hate Russo. I just don't like how cocky he is. This stems all the way back to where he would SOMETIMES host Livewire with either Todd Pettingill or Micheal Cole. He'd come on as a complete hardass thinking that he was basically God. I didn't like him then, and I didn't like how he came into WCW thinking that he was the ONLY man responsible for the WWF's success. Maybe I get out of hand when ripping Russo's booking decisions because of all of this.

Ric Flair returns tonight for the first time after he collapsed. I bet Flair was the man to give the authority for Russo and them to rip on his health condition. That doesn't say much about Flair, who is always about respect and this and that. But I guess he'll do anything for the wrestling industry, even if it is ridiculing something serious that happened.

Tammy Sytch and Miss Hancock. To quote Joel Gertner: "CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIGHT!!!! CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ahem. This should be a very interesting segment, with the usual cleavage. Sytch has shown wrestling ability...well, a little of it, lately, but what about Miss Hancock? She's formerly known as Sky for the Nitro girls, and she's very athletic and tall for Tammy to fight. I guess we'll see here.

Sting will fight Billy Kidman which has the potential to be an excellent match. However, you know that the following savages will come out tonight and ruin what could be a great match:
Hulk Hogan
Horace Hogan
Can't we all just have one clean match?

Rey Mysterio will take on Lieutenant Loco Chavo Guerrero Jr.(I hate those MIA names) in what could be yet another great match. Oh wait, Filthy Generation X will come down, as will the Oddities in Action.

More matches will be announced for Great American Bash tonight as well.


Oh boy, wrestling and Rock and Roll collide tonight, as Kid Rock will play "American Bad Ass" Live! I just hope he plays the theme for the entrance of the Undertaker because live music acts on television have proven to NOT help the ratings. Take Motley Crue, KISS, and Megadeth for instance. When they were on, they were heavily hyped, but didn't bring any new ratings. Of course, Kid Rock is the "best thing since sliced bread" nowadays, and he should bring the ratings. The others would have brought them years ago. No offense to those bands, but their prime is behind them.

We should start to see some matches booked for the upcoming King of the Ring, and I wouldn't doubt that we could see some of the matches starting for the tournament tonight. Of course, I don't know because the Code Red preview doesn't come out until this evening. Looking at the wonderful, which has Shockwave(thanks WWF!), there are no brackets or matches set up just yet. But things can change tonight.

Since the Rock signed a new 5 year deal, it just makes me laugh at the rumors about a year ago about the Rock possibly leaving the WWF. Gee, I wonder what WCW employee started that rumor... *cough**cough*Mark Madden*cough**cough* Well anyway, he's the WWF's for years to come, and if the booking goes his way, then he'll be have the most WWF titles easily.

@That's it for today's column. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another edition, so until then, just chill...till the next episode!

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Take Care, and Enjoy Tonight's Shows.

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