Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. How many of these things can I produce in a row?? This is #62 in a row, and I don't see anything stopping that. Maybe I'll go for the big 100. Maybe. Anyways, on to the PDC!

The State of the WCW

WCW could be really shooting themselves in the foot coming up, especially now that Hogan is back. I'm not going to bash Hogan, so don't get the hate mail ready just yet. BUT, with Hogan back, Bischoff's great plan about featuring Nitro around the 10 wrestlers, and you can probably guess which ones, will begin. So, if you are like me, and you get off on watching the younger wrestlers wrestle, scream real loud. But if you love the wrestlers that were great in the 80's and early 90's, look no further. But hey, some of them can wrestle right?Alright, now what can WCW do to stop this weak streak? Well, for one they need to stop this "feel sorry for us" phase. They are finally starting to admit that they are down, but they do it too much. Seeing those interviews with Bischoff proved WCW's invulnerbility which they completely ignored before. Another thing, which I stress very much, is that Bischoff needs to actually do his job. That means taking all responsibities from Nash. Nash and Bischoff recently had an argument about certain wrestlers to push, but I'm sure that will go no where considering how scared Bischoff is to do anything, although he is the president of WCW. What I really think WCW needs to do, is to push at least one or two younger wrestlers to main event status. That way, when a few of the 10 dinosaurs get hurt, they can step up and really be huge. Of course, that's just my opinion.What I do like about WCW is that they are finally putting credit into Tag Team wrestling!! I'm really excited again, because WCW really made the WCW tag titles a joke for a while. Hell, they didn't have a tag division, until the had that tournament. I think great duos, who consist of unpushed singles wrestlers will form, and thus a new breed of tag teams. Speaking of a main eventer, could Raven be the younger wrestler to step up to main event status? Maybe, but time will tell about him. It's really hard to say what WCW does anymore, but maybe someday they'll figure it out.

The State of the WWF

Well, the WWF will probably take a while to recoperate, but they should. They lost one of their best ring performers, whom everyone in the federation loved. I think a lot of the pressure by the censors will be taken off since they saw how great the WWF tributed Owen. I bet we will see a tamer WWF for a while, but then we'll see more crazy stuff as usual. I really enjoyed RAW last monday, aside from the tributes, it was all wrestling. Usually, the WWF has way too much time for interviews or other garbage. Last Monday, in dedication to Owen, it was pure wrestling.Alright, even though the WWF is still on top, they do have some things that they must fix. One, is to finally get some credibility back to the Intercontinental Title. If I'm not mistaken, it seems like the European title to me. The past few champs have been really pathetic. Just think, and look back at the past Intercontinental champs. That should prove that. As for other stuff, well I still think the WWF should go out and get some more heels. I'm starting to get tired of seeing the same wrestlers fight over and over again. Sure their matches are great, but I want to see new, never fought before, matches. It seems that this mighty WWF juggernaut can't be stopped in no time. Even though they have lots of repetition within their main eventers, they still grab the fans attention. However long that lasts, is another story. I think they need some new heel main eventers, since Stone Cold and the Rock can carry just about ALL of the WWF face main eventer status. I think a few minor things, like more tag teams, no corporate ministry run-ins, or other stuff which would make the WWF even stronger. I wonder how much Smackdown will water their programming down. I am thrilled about Live RAWs coming with Smackdown around. I think the Live shows are way better than the taped ones.

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