Welcome everyone to the Memorial Day edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we're just going to hype RAW. I didn't catch Heat, nor did I make any attempt to catch the joke of an Mtv show. This is a good example of why the WWF might have been better off sticking with USA Networks. But hey, Vince needed a quick buck to fund his shitty XFL, so off to the crappy Viacom networks he went!

I hope yesterday's column put some apples in the mouths of those who insist that Eric Bischoff was soooo good. ANYBODY with millions of dollars can purchase many wrestlers to eventually have a loaded federation, which is what happened with WCW. Only 2 years on top, which shows you how sad Bischoff truly was.

It's time to HYPE RAW! On to the PDC.

RAW Hype!

Tonight, we'll see the long road to King of the Ring continue, as the early makings of feuds and the grumblings about the tournament to decide a new "king" of the WWF. So far, the early notions suggest that we'll see Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin, and Chris Benoit winning the King of the Ring tournament. However, that could change, as I've heard a few rumors suggesting otherwise, with a possible and shameful World Tag match of Benoit/Jericho vs. Kane/Undertaker at KOTR instead. Yeah, that's what the fans want, just like Triple H/Austin vs. Kane/Undertaker at Backlash, which did a buyrate at which the WWF REFUSES to release to the public!

But the big question is this: will the WWF turn up the volume on the show tonight? To get those ratings up, you might as well keep pleasing the fans with big level matches, like we've seen on the past 2 WWF shows. It's also Memorial Day, which means the WWF may have to put in more effort to grabe a strong number in the ratings. Yes, the ratings DO matter, because at this point with the political stances against the WWF, ratings are all the WWF has at this point for some kind of merit for their company and advertisers.

So what on earth will the King of the Ring main event be? I think the original plan was indeed Jericho vs. Austin, but since the plans got out, it seems as though the WWF is reconsidering. Oh, please no! Now look, since the WWF is in idle mode until the Rock comes back on July 30th to hype Summerslam, why not give the youngsters one crack at headlining a Pay Per View? Why not? What do they have to lose? They ARE the future of the company, and Austin's neck and Taker's whole body can't hold up forever, so why not put an emphasis on the younger guys? How insanely hard is it?

And why make a tag match with Kane/Undertaker vs. Jericho/Benoit, since it's rumored to being discussed right now, when Undertaker and Kane failed to attract interest enough to give Backlash, the pay per view after one of the BEST Wrestlemania's ever, a high figure for buyrates? To me, it makes no sense as a viewer of the WWF product.

As for the King of the Ring tournament itself.... I don't expect any preliminary matches until about 2 weeks before the actual event, if that. For this past week, discussions were going on about making Chris Benoit this year's king. That sounds very reasonable, for it would give Benoit that extra nudge he needs. Benoit just doesn't have the full backing of the crowd yet, since many WWF "sports entertainment" fans don't appreciate his style of wrestling or the fact that he can't make them laugh on the mic.

Also on tonight's broadcast, it appears that the WWF is going to take the first step to mending the fences between themselves and the Hart family. I suppose Stu Hart will be honored, as the WWF will be in Calgary......................... Alberta, Canada, tonight. This will be good for this dark chapter in the wrestling business, because I'm going with the theory that Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart, back in 1997, out of panic from the Monday Night Wars against WCW, and that the Owen Hart death was purely an accident. If Stu Hart can make amends, do you think Bret Hart would too? That's stretching it, very much, since Bret was very open on his opinions about Vince McMahon and the tactics of the WWF, as it would make the Hitman seem like a hypocrite.

Speaking of Calgary...................... Alberta, Canada, I'd be greatly shocked if Lance Storm were to come out and help Shane-O-Mac against his fight with Kurt Angle. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Hey, maybe we'll see more stuff with Eddie Guerrero and his very strange alliance with the Hardy Boyz and Lita. Hey, maybe we'll see X-Pac get another clean win over him. You say X-Pac has no backstage influence? Ok, I was just screwing with your heads there, as I expect a rematch between those two tonight. I am rather shocked, still, that X-Pac got the clean victory, despite now being a tag wrestler and with Eddie sort of getting a face push right now. Oh well.

And finally, we should expect some more "entertaining" "stories" between the Hollys and the Dudleys tonight. My money says that Molly Holly will go through a table tonight, as the Dudleys have threatened on the past 2 WWF television shows. It will probably fuel a tag match between D'Von/Bubba Ray against Hardcore Bob Holly and my hero, Crash Holly. I'm sure Spike will be pissed off at his own brothers for what they did, too, but hey, D'Von and Bubba attacked Spike when they originally formed their great tag team in early 1997 (or late 1996) during the great days of ECW.

Blah. That's the best WWF hype that I could think of. I just wish the WWF was a bit more orderly with their booking, instead of the night-by-night basis they write up these days... Although WCW sucked in their last days, they at least provided you with matches on the Friday before Nitro aired. One of the few things I really enjoyed about the last days of the Time Warner WCW, although many of the pre-announced matches sucked so bad!

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@That's it today. I'll be back, like always, with a FULL review of RAW is WAR for y'all. Keep in mind that I'll probably miss some days, next weekend, because I'll be preparing and taking Finals at my school. I have 3 exams with a lot riding on them, so they need my full attention. School comes before the Phat Daily Column, believe it or not. See you tomorrow!

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