Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'm really tired and short of time this morning, so if this is shorter than usual, that's why. Today starts a new week of wrestling, and yet another one for the federations to interest you in their product. More news will be released, and possibly some backstage happenings will occur. Well anyway, on to the PDC.


Reports are surfacing that Bill Goldberg will be at Nitro this Monday! Oh my God...well, not really. Hey, maybe he will replace the blond guy who has been driving his Monster truck! Nah, I'm kidding, this should be pretty big for WCW. I just hope they use Goldberg in a good way, and not just have him wrestling oafs like Tank Abbott or Sid.

BUT, I do agree with something that many in the back have been saying about Bill Goldberg. Unlike Goldberg, Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page have received paycuts. In fact, Hart and DDP were injured actually wrestling in the ring. Goldberg was hurt by putting his hand through the window. Now if that was scripted or his idea, it should be looked the same way they did for DDP and Hitman. But hey, they've groomed him to the World Title, so why not keep letting him do whatever he wants. You actually think he'll work with the younger wrestlers Russo? Remember Chris Jericho? He started a great angle with Goldberg, but nooooooo, Goldberg refused it.

Uh oh, Hulk Hogan is complaining about some of the angles in WCW. That's not good for WCW backstage, as it always shows up in the ring! Now you wait, Hogan will keep complaining and they will throw that World Title around his waste and we are back to 1999. This time, he has Kevin Nash and Lex Luger actually backing him, which is odd considering both have been against Hogan before in WCW. That mild success that WCW is seeing might just disappear soon thanks to politics like this.


The WWF locker-room, on the other hand, is very strong right now. No complaints by wrestlers, everyone just about gets along, and so forth. The WWF's tight locker-room is why wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Big Show, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko have jumped from WCW to the WWF. WCW paid more to these guys, but they chose happiness over fortune. Just look at all of them. They are having fun with their careers instead of being miserable in a federation where great talent isn't recognized.

With the WWF, you have Vince McMahon ruling the backstage with an "iron fist". The bickering that you see with main eventers you see in WCW doesn't happen here. Any problems that come up are resolved quickly, and if two wrestlers have problems with each other, the WWF tries to settle things down. Vince has created an atmosphere where wrestlers actually want to be there, and not dread it each night. You'd figure Vince Russo would have brought that to WCW, but I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Then you get wrestlers like Tazz, who was an intimidator in another federation. In ECW, nobody confronted Tazz with any problems, and whatever he said was law. This was a major concern for the McMahon's when they first signed him. When he entered the WWF, he was well received by the locker-room and far from his personality in ECW. Of course, it could develop over time if he becomes one of the top stars in the federation, but for now, he's getting along just fine. The only real bad incident was with Perry Saturn, but after a while, that was resolved.

@That's all for this compacted PDC today. I'll be back tomorrow with the wonderful Monday Night Hype. Same Tito place, same Tito time, same Tito channel!!!!!!!!!

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