Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Everyone's favorite Thursday Night Show, Chunder, ahem, I mean Thunder was on last night. Hmm, I'm enjoying Thunders more than I am enjoying Nitros. That's odd, and that could stop my clicker cramp on Monday Nights if I just watch Thunder. Well, anyways, on to the PDC.


-Oh my Gosh, Tank Abbott was on Thunder last night!! Rick Steiner and he had some words, and they brawled a little bit. That's cool!! Wait just a second! Tank Abbott...that just brought to mind what he used to say about wrestling. If you have ever heard the man talk, he talks all kinds of crap on Professional Wrestling, and he used to really lay into Ken Shamrock for selling shots and doing J.O.B.s in the WWF. Then why on earth are you in Professional Wrestling now? If you ripped on it for so long, why are you now a part of it? Well, I guess the Tank needed the bread, not to mention that everybody in UFC can easily beat his ass. Money makes the world go round. -Oh cool, on Thunder it was announced that Eddie Guererro(sp?) will return on Nitro. That's good to hear as Eddie is a good wrestling and a great ring competitor. I have one wish though. No Latino World Order!!! That was one of the worst gimmicks that I have ever seen, and it always gave me an excuse to change the channel on Monday Nights. The Latino World Order never accomplised anything, not to mention how much television time they took in efforts to get them over as a supergroup. Oh well, welcome back Eddie! -Whoa, Sting vs. Rick Steiner in the cage...for the TV title??? Oh my. Well, this proves a few things. One, since this is a cage match, Sting will most likely win the TV title, a title which was his first major accomplishment in NWA(later called WCW). Wait a second, how do you go from being a world champ to a television champ? That can't sit too well with the Stinger! Another thing it proves is that if Sting wins, it shows proof about Bischoff's idea to center around 10, and much older, wrestlers by having them attack the lower television division. But who knows, maybe my prediction about Luger turning on Sting will come true, and no TV belt for Sting(I hope so!!).


-I'm really enjoying the fact that Attitude has been delayed so that Acclaim can fix some features on the game in dedication to Owen. The whole game itself will be dedicated to Owen, and everyone is saying that this wrestling game will be the messiah of wrestling games. I don't own a Playstation or an N64, since I used so spend lots of money on video games, but Attitude is really wetting my appetite to jump out and buy one. It figures that it would take one addiction(wrestling) to get me back into another addiction(video games). -Fairplay reported that Gillberg re-signed with the WWF. That's cool, as I heard he's a really nice guy and all, but where's his wrestling skill? The only thing Gillberg is good for is ripping on Goldberg, and if you notice ever since Gillberg has been ripping on Goldberg, Goldberg doesn't seem as tough as he used to be. Anyways, Gillberg will only be used as something to laugh at, not something that can be pushed. I think Gillberg was the only wrestler with a title that has been released from a federation. That's a record in itself. -It appears that WCW is doing everything in their path to stop the WWF from having shows in the state of Georgia. I hear they are badmouthing the WWF to large corporations in Atlanta, and they want wrestling fans to boycott the WWF shows that are coming in October. What are you afraid of WCW? Losing fans? You already did that by constantly pushing older wrestlers, unlike the WWF, who pushes the young talent to become champions. It will take more than just their week trashtalking to keep this WWF juggernaut out of Georgia.

@That's it for today. Thanks, as always, for reading the Phat Daily Column. I try my best everyday to provide a Phat Column, which happens to be daily. Anyways, so until next time, just chill...till the enxt episode. This is Mr. Tito, Jedi Knight like his father before him, signing off. Have a grrrrreat weekend!

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