Welcome the Memorial Day edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll run down the latest issues in professional wrestling and then hype tonight's RAW. Kind of a dead day and dead weekend for news, but we'll try to make the best out of it, as I'm sure I can improvise on the fly like the WWE writers try to do for their television shows.

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my comments made in the Weekend edition of the PDC. In regards to Velocity, I misread the WWE preview, which I thought it said "original matches from WWE superstars such as The Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Edge, Chris Jericho, and many others", when it really says: "WWE Velocity will showcase original matches and highlights from WWE Superstars such as The Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Edge, Chris Jericho and many others." The way it's worded sort of gives you the impression that the listed wrestlers will have original matches on the show, especially if you read it correctly. I apologize for misinterpreting this and harshly criticizing the WWE for my misreading of the preview. My fault, as I'll double check myself before I bash the WWE in such a manner that I did on Saturday.

They do have highlights from the Rock listed there, though, as it's likely that he won't be in the WWE for a long time, if ever...

Of course, the WWE owns the rights of the name, "The Rock", although there was a television show called "Rock" and a movie, starring Sean Connery and Nicholas (sp?) Cage called "The Rock", and many more things called "Rock". Therefore, it's likely that we'll see something out of the Rock in the future. I do wonder, though, if the Rock would ever want to fight over the name? I believe it was Duane Johnson and NOT the WWF that started calling his character, Rocky Miavia, the "Rock". In his improvised promos, he would talk in 3rd person (or whatever) as the Rock says this, the Rock will do this, the Rock was the best damn Intercontinental champion ever, etc. With everything on video tape for the WWF, I wonder if the Rock would challenge the WWE, legally, for rights over the name, especially for the things mentioned above. Who knows?

However, I don't see the Rock really challenging the WWE, though. Despite some frustrations, such as lately when he publicly mentioned that there was blatant jealousy in the WWE locker room among wrestlers, Rocky is very loyal and proud to be a WWF superstar. When he was on the WWE roster, full time, he hardly took time off from television shows. Plus, RAW and Smackdown has given the Rock the forum to get his name kicked around in Hollywood for the opportunity to become the next big action star.

But we'll see if any future challenges would ever occur. On Wednesday, I'll review Steve Austin's What? video for the VHS. Notice how I said "VHS", for those of you who could rage if I seem to not include certain features the DVD might have, if the What? video is made on DVD. There's always some excuse to yell at Mr. Tito...

On to the PDC.


-Observer noted that tonight's RAW, in Edmonton, has had poor advance ticket sales. That's utterly insane. Most of Canada is a hotbed for professional wrestling, and when the WWE usually tours Edmonton, it has a very hot crowd. Such as the time when it was Chris Benoit vs. Steve Austin, although Benoit hails from Edmonton. Taking a look at the RAW roster, though, all of the Canadian wrestlers are on the Smackdown roster. What incentive to Canadian fans have to see RAW live, especially with no native Canadians on the roster or from the fact that RAW has SUCKED for the past 3 weeks. For Smackdown, it will be in Calgary this week, and guess what? It's a sold out show...

-I don't mean to come down hard on NWA - TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION or anything, but I found their press release concerning the signing of former ECW valet Francine to be insanely funny. Why? First and foremost, who cares? No offense to Francine, who did well as a valet in ECW, but that's ECW. Not everyone watched ECW to really know who she is, right? You might be interested in the press release IF AND ONLY IF it was a professional wrestler or personality that any regular wrestling fan would recognize, such as Ken Shamrock. Now releasing a press release about him was very smart, and the same somewhat goes for their announcing team, I suppose. But Francine? Eh, that's stretching it.

But I guess you have to give NWA - TNA some credit, as they are working hard to get the word out about their product. I'm assuming that their hopes of signing Francine will hitch on the remaining ECW fans on the internet, and believe me, there are some, to buy their weekly Pay Per Views.

-Speaking of ECW fans, I most certainly pissed them off with last week's columns. First, on Tuesday, I was drilled for my comments about Raven. I pretty much insisted that he was washed up as a wrestler and a dumbass for not keeping the cushy and better-in-the-long-run job of being a WWE announcer. What more does Raven honestly have to offer the wrestling world? Last time he was pushed, as Hardcore Champion, he meant nothing. Oh boy, bring that shopping cart to the ring. SMELL THE RATINGS! He no longer wrestles with that edge he used to as a true Hardcore wrestler, as evident by his many horrible Hardcore title defenses back then.

Secondly, I was called every name in the book for my Paul Heyman comments. I'll admit it... I was heat-seeking on that one, but I believe in what I said and I won't go back on it. NOBODY in Heyman's position, as one of the lead creative directors of the WWE, should put himself in the position to where he'd get the winning pin on a main show, especially a Pay Per View. Also, especially in the name of pushing Brock Lesnar and taking care of the Hardy Boyz. Sure, I like pushing him as a strong manager, but he should NOT be scoring the wins on a Pay Per View event. That's very much in comparison to when Stephanie pinned the Rock during one episode of Smackdown, despite not feuding with him at all.

If you want to be a great creative mind in the WWE, why not put a wrestler in your position during a match? I say it again and again: why not make the wrestlers look good for a change? The McMahons have used the WWF to showcase themselves for years, and now Paul Heyman could be following them by example? I really hope that I'm wrong in calling Heyman on this, as I wish that it was someone else's idea to have him score the pin. Still, Lesnar and the Hardy Boyz gained NOTHING from their Judgment Day match, especially the Hardy Boyz, who just can't seem to build up wins anymore.


It's Memorial Day, so if RAW scores a rating below 4.0, it's the holiday's fault. I love the excuse of the Monday holidays. Look, everyone has to go back to work or school Tuesday, so you'd think they'd be home by the time 9 pm rolls around on a Monday night, right? Exactly. There's always an excuse on some supernatural thing when it comes to ratings and NOT the WWE product itself. Ohhhh nooo! It can't be the poor appreciation to good midcard action or the nonstop pushing of guys in their 40's. Nope, it most certainly can't be that.

Tonight, we'll see something along the lines of Steve Austin rebelling against being benched by Ric Flair on the RAW shows. My hope is that Flair hired Eddie Guerrero to follow Austin to the bar, and announce it on tonight's show to make the feud make sense. I know several are confused at how Guerrero can just enter the WWE, fight for the Intercontinental Title, and then make a feud with one of the WWE's biggest stars today. In the end, it will produce a great Pay Per View match, but the key thing is making fans believe that Guerrero is a legit threat to Austin.

Could Rob Van Dam get revenge on the Undertaker for last week's RAW, where his decision was overturned by Flair for the Undisputed Title? HA, doubt it. RVD lost very quickly after the match was restarted to even give him any credibility of possibly winning that so-called Undisputed Title. I'm assuming that RVD vs. the Undertaker may headline the 9:00 hour.

WWE.com hypes something about the New World Order, and what could be Booker T's reaction to Goldust now that he's a full blown member of the nWo. Don't care... Giving Kevin Nash some mic time, tonight, wouldn't be a bad thing, given how his last 2 in the arena promos have went (one on Hogan/Rock and the regrouping of the nWo last week).

Let's pray for a watchable show tonight. If not, there's always NBA, NHL, or plenty of MLB games to watch instead, which would be a legit excuse for a lower RAW rating, although the poor WWE shows, lately, do not take viewers away from those sporting events anyway. I, myself, will be watching RAW and the Pirates game tonight, as I have 2 televisions rigged to cable in my room. You gotta check out the Pirates game, as they are up against the Cubs pitching sensation (or at least against my Pirates) Mark Prior. Prior manhandled the Pirates last week in his debut, getting 10 strikeouts for the victory. Of course, that's against Pirate hitting and Brian Giles had his way with Prior.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, with my FULL RAW rant, which I'm hoping turns out positive after witnessing a watchable show. If not, it could get nasty... JUST CHILL TILL THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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