Welcome back...... Today is Sunday, and it has no Pay Per View. ARGH!!! Well, I'll just have to improvise with an idea I've had in my head thanks to some WCW marks making me mad lately. I hope to put a few of them in their places today.

Some good feedback on the Flair column yesterday. I actually have the Saturday Night's Main Event where Flair/Undertaker took on Sid/Hulk Hogan. It's sooooo funny to see Hogan bitch about what Sid did after the match. The show also features Roddy Piper vs. the Mountie for the Intercontinental title, and a brutal final bout between Macho Man and Jake the Snake. It's quite a show. No, I will not make anyone copies of this event, nor would I sell any, for those who have already asked.

Anyway, on to the PDC.

Anybody Could Have Performed What Eric Bischoff Did for WCW

Seriously. ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY could have ran WCW the way Eric Bischoff did, and eventually become successful by it. I'm so damn sick and tired of people insisting that Bischoff was such a genius for the wrestling industry. My point is that Eric Bischoff had two things going for him:

1. The weakening WWF: Face it, from 1993 and on, the WWF was just digging their own grave. Many stupid gimmicks and many outrageous matches (the Undertaker ones), along with a handful of less than par wrestlers made the WWF very weak when Eric Bischoff created Nitro. The WWF was just dying at that point, and any other federation could have stepped up at that point in time.

2. Deep pockets of Ted Turner/Time Warner: If you are going to go on an all-out shopping spree for wrestlers, you'll eventually buy yourself a good federation. It took Bischoff over 3 years to spend WCW into the top federation in the nation, and once their product fell apart in 1998, WCW collected up a ton of debt which helped to shut it down in 2001.

Let's just take a look at how "great" Bischoff was, for those who make claims that he was the best thing for wrestling. First of all, he became in charge of WCW in early 1993, and just destroyed it for a single year. He went out and paid top dollar for such wrestlers as the British Bulldog, who was a big failure for WCW, among others. Bischoff also spent large amounts of cash on special skits, like the famous one where Sting's boat explodes. To make matters worse, Bischoff allowed a terrible booking committee to create such idiots as the Shockmaster and many other terrible angles. WCW, in 1993, lost around $20 million to $30 million dollars. Is that a genius in the works?

The first half of 1994 was decent business for WCW, since they had angles that made sense with Ric Flair as head booker. Then, he went out and got Hulk Hogan for a very hefty price, and he gave him FULL creative control over his character. With Hogan, he brought all of his little buddies along for the ride, like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Honky Tonk Man, and many others. From the Summer of 1994 until Nitro arrived, Nitro didn't improve any at all. So was Hogan a great investment, then? Nope. Bischoff did go out and buy Macho Man Randy Savage, which was one of his better buys during this period.

Maybe the only thing that Bischoff should get credit for is creating Nitro in September 1995. But hey, I'd argue that even brainless individual would challenge another federation, head to head, which was freefalling from being the top promotion. It's that simple. Then, he went out and bought a large chunk of ECW talent, which includes guys like Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko, and all of the luchadores. Before you say that I proved Bischoff to be smart, any promoter with a LOT of money could have went in and bought those wrestlers. Why? Well, most, if not all, were working without deals and anyone could see that those wrestlers had loads of potential.

Until the New World Order, Bischoff was spending deep within Ted Turner's pockets to run Nitro and to buy more talent. Look at the many failures within the Dungeon of Doom. Bischoff spent so much money on bringing many wrestlers into that, and he also spent lots of money for certain gimmick matches as well. Luger was a good buy, though, but come on.... If you were running WCW then, and you saw a way to grab Luger, who had his WWF contract ending soon, you'd grab him too.

Then, Bischoff spent a hefty chunk of change to buy off Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Two big WWF stars, gone, which any promoter would have done to SQUASH the WWF at that time. From early 1993 to the Summer of 1996, Bischoff spend MILLIONS on WCW just to finally make it good for once, while its competition was dying. On top, Bischoff would spend top dollar on grabbing such stars as Curt Hennig, Raven, and many other former WWF or ECW stars, while signing it's current, yet old roster, to multi-year million dollar guaranteed contracts! Instead of buying younger stars or doing anything to keep them, he relied on the older guys, which buried his promotion in 1998.

So my question is this: If Bischoff was sooo good, why couldn't his success last for more than 2 years??? Why couldn't he? Obviously, he couldn't keep his own federation, which was heavily bought and paid for, from remaining on top of the wrestling industry. To show you how bad Bischoff was, WCW was left with a large debt of around $50 million in 2000, which ultimately put WCW 6 feet under. Besides ridiculous spending, Bischoff was DUMB enough to make terrible decisions about booking or who would be on the creative teams backstage. Wouldn't a genius be smart enough to not allow stupid individuals to write up storylines or book matches for his company?

I thought so.

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@That's it for today. I hope that puts a little food for thought on how wonderful Eric Bischoff truly was. Just think what WCW would be if someone with brains was spending like Bischoff did. See you tomorrow!

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