Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I'm trying very much to get back on track this week. I think we have Chunder, ahem, I mean Thunder on tonight, and from what I heard about last week's show, I just might have to watch it. Anyways, on to the PDC. Oh yeah, forgot. Yesterday I had a segment talking about the Insane Clown Posse. I ripped them very badly, since I don't enjoy their music, and many readers wrote to me about this. I will apologize to all ICP fans, since I really went off on their cherished ICP. But what I will say, and what I have preached all along, is that this column is based on opinion, so recognize that.


-Well, good old Hollywood is back, and you know what that means. Hogan is going to put Eric Bischoff back in his pocket (where he belongs), and he was have his say on everything in WCW. Hogan will most likely win the world title again, and we will have to suffer once again through his boring matches and interviews. Argh! Now don't get me wrong, I liked what Hogan has done for the sport, helping it get over twice, but why doesn't he help out wrestling by getting the younger talent over? He's already had his first career threatening injury with the knee, so how many more of those can happen at his age? Push the younger talent Hogan, before it decides WCW's fate. -Oh wow, I just heard the reason why David Flair is so terrible in the ring. The reason is, that he doesn't go to the WCW Power Plant for wrestling training. That figures, and his daddy is the only reason for his television time. He needs to get his ass into the Power Plant not only for his lack in wrestling skills, but he's really out of shape. He's got the mad love handles that many wrestlers could grab to slam him. That's a big disadvantage. Ha! Get in the Power Plant boy! -Well, apparently, with Goldberg absent nowadays, it seems that Nash is attempting to take all of the main event spotlight. He's trying to push himself to become the top man now, and don't be surprised when Goldberg comes back, that Kevin Nash will book a match between the two, and have himself win. He thinks of himself as the best wrestler in the federation. Now that is why Eric Bischoff needs to take his booking powers away. (credit De Leon for portions of news)


-Oh good, my wish is coming true. The WWF plans to make an Owen Tribute video based on his great career in the WWF. I'll definately buy it. I know the WWF will do a great job of it too, since just about all of their videos(except best of Survival Series) are very good. There are many matches that I can recall that they could have on it, like the classic match up at Wrestlemania 10 where he beat Bret, or even the European Championship match in Germany vs. the British Bulldog. There are many other great matches I could add as well. I can't wait for it to come out! (thanks Ray Kim) -I think the WWF could make a really great move in renaming the King of the Ring in Owen's Honor. I think that Owen enjoyed his reign as King the most out of any other winners, and this helped give him some recognition. Renaming it in his honor would be a great move, and I'm sure the tournament would be very prestigeous. The past King of the Ring Tourneys have been a bit "watered down" as of late, but I'm sure if it's named after Owen, it will be loaded.


-Uh oh, ECW stuff? Well, I just wanted to address some rumors about Rob Van Dam being offered a contract with WCW. Do you actually think he'd sign the dotted line for WCW? He was there before, so why didn't they recognize his talent then? Plus, not to mention that he actually enjoys wrestling in ECW from what I have heard. Reports say they are offering the Whole F'N show 1 million over 2 years. But if WCW signs him, where will they use him? Look at the other neglected ECW stars that are in WCW. US title is the highest achievement from them, and that was from Raven for 1 day!! Rob Van Dam is much more talented than the former ECW wrestlers now in WCW, but it's very hard to say if WCW would give him his due.

@Well, that's it for today. So until next time, just chill...till the next episode.

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