Well, I'm feeling a little better today, but it's really hard to concentrate writing anymore. I'll try to get back to normal today, and the ratings are in, so maybe this is a good time to get back. I'll never forget Owen though. On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.4 Second Hour: 3.6 Third Hour: 3.4 Composite: 3.8

Owen Hart Raw

First Hour: 7.2 Second Hour: 7.1 Composite: 7.15

Head to Head

Raw: 7.15 Nitro: 3.5

-Alright, this proves that many were watching wrestling Monday Night. Maybe some non wrestling fans were curious about the Owen incident, that they tuned in for once. I saw parts of Nitro, and I thought from what I saw, it was pretty decent. I was mostly watching RAW though this week. WCW has had terrible 2's for the past few weeks, but they triumphed over that by nailing the 3's once again. I guess a few were turned off by an Owen tribute, which I wish didn't happen. The WWF did a hell of a job on Monday night, and it was a great tribute to the King of Harts. I do respect WCW, however, for their mentioning of Owen and wishes to Bret and his family. I think the grades will be back next week, so this way I can do the ratings analysis much better.


-Well, the WWF had Raw tapings last night, and I must say the show looks mighty fine! It has some rather strange occurances, and it looks like the Ministry is getting more over each week. Thank God, because I was really getting bored of them. They are involved with some very interesting angles this week, one in which makes you scratch your head. But hey, this is the Phat Daily Column, not a I give out spoiler column, so no spoilers here. Check it out next week, it shall be a good one. -Triple H will finally get a huge world title push once the King of the Ring is over. This will finally establish Triple H as a huge heel, and if you haven't noticed lately, he's a really mean competitor. He means business in the ring now, unlike before where he was just there to show off his image. I think Triple H's wrestling skills are way better now than before, and he does get crowd heat. So give him the title! -Well, it seems that ICP is coming back into the WWF, and they seem to have an attitude about it. They think they are going to involve themselves in their own chosen angles, and they think they will steal the show. Well, ICP, you are only going to use the WWF to sell your stupid new CD, which nobody but the original hardcore fans will buy, and you are just going to waste good television time. Why does the WWF need them anyways, their WWF Volume 3 CD blows every ICP cd out of the water in terms of sales. The WWF doesn't need those two stupid clowns. I'd rather see Doink back in the WWF than those two morons.


-Well, WCW is wanting to pit Raven as a singles wrestler, and not only will he be a singles wrestler, but a face singles wrestler. Hmmm...a face Raven? Well, the crowd cheers for him, so I guess WCW is listening to the fans? I'm not so sure about the face thing, but I'd love to see Raven back in singles competition, where he can be best utilized. This would enable for Saturn to take his well deserved time off to do something about his back, and maybe have someone talk him out of wearing a dress to the ring. -Alright, I keep getting e-mails about this, so I guess I'll address it. The e-mails are about a new wrestlers supposively wearing Gene Simmon's demon make-up and wrestling. The wrestler will probably be called Demon, and the word is that WCW and KISS have signed a deal about this. Hmm, that's a dumb gimmick. I like KISS and all, but having a wrestler with Gene Simmon's gimmick...why that's rather stupid. The wrestler they use for this gimmick better be damn good, or else it's just another wasted gimmick idea. -Oh, finally, Benoit and Malenko can stop being the Vanilla Midgets and being jobbers for the Horsemen and finally go on their own. Hopefully, the head bookers of WCW will get their heads out of a certain area, and recognize that Benoit is a superstar that needs pushing! Malenko would just be utilized in the Cruiserweigh division, but Benoit can become a main eventer, if used properly of course. Who knows, maybe in 2 years when WCW can't re-sign Benoit, he'll jump to the WWF and become a world champion. Good job WCW.

@Well, that's it for today. No special guests for Phat Chat for this week by the way. So until the next Phat Daily Column, you know what to do, just chill...till the next episode!

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