Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Nothing like a good Thunder for the mood of a day's column. In fact, I stayed up and watched the replay of Thunder all over again. Why I did that when I have to wake up early is out of my mind. But hey, I think I'm pretty qualified to say whatever about Thunder this morning. Anyway, on to the PDC.

But first......

Thanks to the 4 individuals with the Tito letters. My gosh, I've never had individual letters cut out and put together for my name. It's even more shoking considering that these guys were walking around on the aisle during the main event. Now that deserves a great deal of appreciation added to how thankful I already am. Thanks once again! It seems I get more signs at Thunder than any other show. Hmmm. That's #25.


The latest numbers from UPN, which I reported yesterday, are really shocking. Just because of the WWF coming onto UPN and becoming their top show, their whole network viewership increased 67% from last year. Last year, around this time, many were saying that UPN would be doomed to exist after this season. But then Smackdown came in, and BAM, UPN now has a network much stronger than WB, who was way ahead of UPN last year. And people wonder why CBS/Viacom is chasing after the WWF....

There really isn't much happening in the WWF, besides what is going on for Smackdown. Of course, this column is Spoiler Free. Here is a NON Spoiler line up of tonight's Smackdown.

Edge/Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna
Crash Holly vs. Farooq
Matt Hardy vs. Essa Rios
Road Dogg, X-Pac and T&A vs. Too Cool and the Dudley Boyz
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Bull Buchanan vs. Al Snow
Special Main Event

The main event is a good surprise and from what I've heard, the Matt Hardy vs. Essa Rios match is a spectacular bout. Hehe, if the WWF wanted to have the Dudley Boyz turn heel again, all they would have to do is to turn on Too Cool. I'd like that. Just fighting the Dudleys would help show who the fans really cheer for now! Al Snow vs. Bull Buchanan? On a Smackdown? Shocking.


Well, we have YET ANOTHER WCW World title change. Anybody else care to win the title? So let's look back at how sad this World title has truly become, shall we? First, you have the new regime come in and declare the World Title vacant to be decided at a Pay Per View. Sid isn't given his chance to properly defend it, and wasn't in the finals of the tournament. Jeff Jarrett wins the title, thus giving WCW hopes of a strong heel champ. However, in 2 weeks time, Diamond Dallas Page defeats Jeff Jarrett, thus proving that WCW has no confidence in Jarrett. Then, in an odd tag match, David Arquette wins the title from pinning Eric Bischoff, and not the champ DDP. David Arquette would later turn on DDP to allow Jarrett to win the title again. As if it couldn't get weaker? Within a week, Ric Flair pins Jeff Jarrett to win the title. But since he had a "collapse", Flair was stripped of the title, thus ignoring all 30 day title defense rules. So for some reason, Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett fight for the title, and Jarrett wins. Now on Thunder, Kevin Nash gets the win in a 3 way dance between himself, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett for the World. It's been around 2 months for Bischoff/Russo, and look at all of these attempts to attract attention with title wins. Pretty scary eh?

But why did Kevin Nash win the title? I'm assuming that many are impressed with his newfound willingness to work again. I've heard many reports on how Russo likes working with Nash again, blah blah blah blah blah. Well, if you call running in on a lot of New Blood matches working hard, then many NWO members from 1997 busted their asses every night. Hopefully Nash gets back his "Diesel" attitude and becomes a decent champ for WCW. Of course, he would be having the task of fixing two months of damage.

Oh yeah, nice of WCW to pull a WWF by announcing Nash's title win on Thunder. I hope they were trying to gain ratings by doing that, but yet they lost them from the wonderful race that delayed them an hour.

Last Night, Booker T debuted his "GI Bro" gimmick, and defeated Shawn Stasiak in by far, the best match on Thunder last night. The reason I bashed this so much yesterday is because I am afraid that by being a part of a group of guys who never have had any kind of push, it will hold his career down by doing the group attacks. I can look back and see his great television title runs, which should have been utilized to move him to the next level. Instead, he's a part of Misfits in Action.

The rest of Thunder was OK, but nothing groundbreaking. Thunder was delayed a whole hour for me due to the Coca-Cola 500(or whatever number) position race going. My gosh, I felt like I was watching TNN due to this delay from racing!

Haha, it seems that WCW went to David Arquette's head, as shown in the US Weekly post ran earlier. See WCW, you give an actor your World Title instantly, bad things tend to happen. That world title, among other things, went to poor Arquette's head. It got so bad that he reportedly asked for 1 MILLION DOLLARS. *Tito laughs like Dr. Evil* WCW, who throws around money, must have realized what a waste he was to their promotion, and thus turning down his offer. Thank God that happened.

@That's it for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hate taped shows, especially since most news surrounding a federation is based on those tapings. Well anyway, have a nice day, and just chill..till the next episode.

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