Well, it's been a rough week already. I really feel bad for the Hart family. Monday Night Raw was great tonight, as they really did a great tribute to Owen. On to the PDC

Monday Night Impressions

Due to the recent turn of events, I have decided along with Professor Frank McHone that the Monday Night Grades will be left out this week. Both of us don't feel up to doing them this week, and we don't feel like recieving heat from our controverial grades this week either. Maybe they will be back next week.

Owen Hart RAW

The show this week started off with all of the wrestlers coming out, and Howard Finkle announced for a 10 ringbell salute and for a tribute on the Titantron. I was really choked up at this point, as well was everyone out there. I really enjoyed the wrestlers comments before and after the commercials. They showed how many wrestlers really enjoyed Owen Hart. -Jeff Jarrett made a quick fan out of me tonight, as he finished off Test with the Sharpshooter, in tribute to Owen. I've never liked Jarrett in the past, but what he did was great. -X-Pac and Kane vs. The Brood was a decent match, but I really couldn't get into it. One thing I noticed was how much emotion Triple H went through talking about Owen. Back in the day, the Kliq didn't get along with the Harts, but this proves all differences were aside. -Well, I guess having Taka back was nice, but those Hardy Boyz really can wrestle. P.S. Hayes must have really gotten into them.-Shamrock paid a good tribute to Owen, pointing to the sky many times before he pounded Hardcore Holly. -Rather strange to see the Suck It chant from Mr. Ass to be in favor of Owen, but it was somehow nice. Mankind and Mr. Ass put on a good match for the crowd.-The Acolytes got defeated by D-Lo and Mark Henry, and I was glad to see Mark and D-Lo point to the sky before they came down. Everyone is for the King of Harts tonight.-Good to see the Road Dogg paying tribute as well, having his usual speech cut short in dedication to Owen. Too bad there was no match between he and the Godfather, but oh well, it doesn't matter tonight.-Triple H defeated Al Snow in a decent match, and a clean win for Triple H as well. Triple H was pounding his heart for Owen at the end of the match. -Damn, Big Show really pounded Goldust and Meanie. It was good to see how Owen had an affect on Paul Wight, even with Big Show only being around for a few months. Owen gained Wight's respect quickly.-The Rock, incorporating his usual speech with Owen, and he really destroyed Val. Val, also cut his speech short, and did a good tribute to Owen as well. -Stone Cold did the final salute, opening up a can of beer to toast to Owen.WWF put on a great show, that I'll never forget. Their were no grudge matches, as most of the matches were clean wins also. The interviews before and after the commercials really proved to me how much respect Owen must have recieved throughout the years. This RAW was a very emotional RAW, and Ratings didn't matter tonight, which was the way it should be for a night like this. I'm really going to miss Owen, and I hope the WWF makes a tribute tape about him, cause I'd gladly buy it.

WCW Nitro

I think WCW did a great job showing respect for Owen and his family. They did a 3 bell salute before Nitro, and the announcers did a great job by giving their respects to Bret and his family. They also did a great job yesterday by flying Bret out to be with his family. All class for WCW.-Van Hammer..new look, I like it! Hopefully he won't be this "Far Out" goof that he was wearing the ty dye crap, and jobbing to everyone and their mother. -I love seeing Scott Norton pounding the Cat. It's so funny to watch. The Cat, if he's the greatest, will stay and fight one more time, instead of running.-David Flair is the worst wrestler in the world today. Period. He's horrible! Why waste good television time on him, when you could use it on a much better wrestler.I enjoyed the clips of the past that WCW showed of Bischoff and Luger/Sting. Great piece of work WCW.-Good to see that Sting and Luger vs. the Steiners is getting some attention. I still think Luger will turn on Sting some time.-Wow, Buddy Lee got pounded! Just kidding, I knew this would happen. Benoit can't be stopped when he's pissed.-Oh joy, my favorite wrestle, Hulk Hogan is back. No comment.-I'm glad to see Benoit and Malenko left the Horsemen. They did everything for Flair, but Flair did nothing for them. Maybe now they can actually do something instead of lame tag team wrestling.-Hogan attacked DDP..hmm.Decent show, and some good continuations of angles also.

This night was hard for many of us to get through. It's very sad to see any wrestler in our favorite sport to pass away, but Owen died in front of 16,000 people before a match. WWF seems to be getting bad press already as many news stations have bashed the WWF for even attempting a stunt. I say, screw you news stations, because accidents happen. This obviously was an accident, and they can happen in any sport at any time. The news stations are bitching about violence in wrestling when reporting about Owen's death, when that has nothing to do with Owen's death. It was a freak accident, and it was not meant to happen. All the news stations want to make up stuff because they need something to blame for society's problems. My news station, WTOV 9, reported about Owen's death, and then they went directly into talking about keeping their children away from wrestling violence. They got a nice call from me about that.

@That's it for today's edition. I'll be back tomorrow with some more. Thanks for reading.

Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire

Take Care, and Always Remember Owen.

Mr. Tito 1999