Welcome to the WEEK IN REVIEW edition of the PDC. Today, we'll take a look back at all of the headlines that happened throughout the week, give my top 5 list of WWE wrestlers (Jackson 5), and then give out the cheesiest awards possible. Simple format, which appears to be working well.

I'm not sure if I'm going to bother watching Velocity or Confidential tonight or not. With Velocity, the FINGER OF SHAME is pointed their way for their preview: "WWE Velocity will showcase original matches and highlights from WWE Superstars such as The Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Edge, Chris Jericho and many others." Huh? Am I reading that correctly? Original matches featuring those stars? The Rock will have original matches on that show? That's a possible case of false advertisement or complete stupidity by WWE.com.

It's just another case of the WWE promising something and NOT delivering. Let's see here... The split was promised to showcase new wrestlers and showcase different styles on each show, but yet we see the same old farts taking up the majority of the shows (Undertaker, Hulk Hogan). Oh well, it's only costing them millions for being absolutely stupid when it comes to writing television and pushing the wrestlers who SHOULD be pushed, not those who SHOULD be pushed maybe 10 years ago.

Good news... I recently bought Steve Austin: What? at my local Sam Goody, and I'll have a full review of that on Wednesday.

On to the PDC.

Apples Per Day


We start with Sunday this week, given that Sunday was Judgment Day. The show started with Rob Van Dam losing to Eddie Guerrero. That proved that the WWE still isn't too impressed about RVD's intensity lately to give him a title belt. Yet confusion could be started by his World Title shot the next night. Trish Stratus retained her title over Stacy Keibler. Match sucked, despite the hotties in the ring, but the real story was the attack of D'Von on his own brother Bubba Ray afterward. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman beat the Hardy Boyz, in a match that saw WWE WRITER get the final pin. And they say Stephanie is really bad at making herself look good...

Booker T attempted to get some, but was almost raped by Goldust later that evening in a threesome. Ewww... In a great match, Steve Austin pulled out a win on Big Show and Ric Flair. Austin and Flair worked great together! Edge beat Kurt Angle in yet another solid PPV match from the two, and Angle would get his head shaved later in the show when Edge finally caught the running Angle. Triple H beat Chris Jericho, duh, in the Hell in the Cell match. It was a good match, but hardly innovative in terms of HITC matches. Not everyone can be called Mick Foley.

Rikishi and "surprise" mystery partner Rico beat Chuck and Billy for the World Tag Titles. Nobody cared about Rico being the mystery tag partner, nor did they care about the match. The Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan for the Undisputed Title, after expected interference by Vince McMahon. Too bad it wasn't in a cage, for it would have been called "Age in the Cage 2002".

A sad note was announced on Monday. Former WWF and WCW superstar Davey Boy Smith passed away. May he rest in peace.


Not much in the way of news on Monday, so let's run down RAW...

Rob Van Dam and the Undertaker had a mini-feud on RAW. First, RVD was coming down for a match, only to be attacked by a raging Undertaker. Undertaker announced that Hogan was retiring or something. RVD would fight back, and then set up a Undisputed match later that night (the main event). RVD pinned Undertaker, but the decision was reversed when Ric Flair restarted the match after 'Taker had his foot on the ropes. The Undertaker made short work out of RVD after that...

Hardy Boyz scored two wins on Monday, first being against the Big Show and X-Pac, and then against Goldust and Booker T. These losses would prompt the needed return of Kevin Nash to cut a promo and to give the nWo a new direction. Nash would need to be healthy and lose about 10 years of aging to make any magic happen with that group. Bubba and Brock Lesnar are now feuding, after Brock tried to KILL Trish for not dating Paul Heyman. It should be a good and physical feud for Lesnar's next step up the WWE ladder.

Jerry Lawler beat Raven via countout in the RAW announcer vs. Heat announcer match. This was actually catering to the home crowd (Lawler), although the building wasn't sold out anyway. Raven was dogging Lawler's commentary, which was all true, as Jerry loves to call "puppies" but not wrestling holds. This angle was done because Raven wants to leave the cushy job as announcer to become a wrestler on the lower end WWE show again, in this case, it's Heat. What a dumbass, especially for someone who isn't exactly young.


RAW scored a miserable 3.7 in the ratings, its lowest in a LONG time. It's a clear sign that something isn't working on the current shows, such as pushing the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, two stars who were main eventing against each other in 1991. That was 11 years ago!! There's lots of confusion and panic backstage with the WWE, but will anything be done about it? We'll see...

It was also revealed that Kevin Nash and X-Pac discussed their unhappiness backstage about the WWE writers concerning the nWo angle. Sure, the nWo sucks, but they were dealt the loss of Hogan, Nash's bicep injury, and Hall's drug problem. Plus, we are in 2002, NOT 1996 or 1997 when the nWo angle was original and fresh. Someone needs to realize that.

Also, it was uncovered that Steve Austin was the man who wanted to feud with Eddie Guerrero in the storylines. I know Austin has some kind of creative control, which is why he can sit out every once and a while, and that's why he pretty much squashed Hall at Wrestlemania and why he's not wrestling Hulk Hogan yet or ever. Austin saw a great worker in Eddie, and it should be great for both careers.


Unfortunately for us all, Chris Benoit's return is possibly slated for early July. Jim Ross said late June, still, but who knows. What is known is that he's badly needed on the WWE midcards or even the Main Event level. Match quality is just down, thanks to the careless writing of the creative teams backstage concerning midcarders and the pushes of Undertaker and Hulk Hogan recently.

In response to lousy ticket sales, the WWE has decided against booking 2 back to back television tapings in Boston, reports 1wrestling. Boston does have some hot crowds and loyal wrestling fans, but to convince fans to pay $30 or more for tickets, two nights in a row, is stretching it. I doubt that the WWE could sell out any arena for back to back nights right now, unless it was in England (with cheaper ticket prices, too) or maybe at the Madison Square Garden. Speaking of MSG, the WWE should have a Pay Per View, Smackdown, or RAW there sometime. It is the heart of the WWE.

Uh oh... The Undertaker is injured again. Despite what it will do to his already slow wrestling style, you've got to admire how he can suck it up when many others would go home and rest. That's why he's been at the top spot for more than 10 years now. The Undertaker had many injuries to deal with up and until the end of 1999, which he wrestled through until a torn groin (OUCH) finally sidelined him. If you hate the Undertaker's character or ability in the ring, you should at least praise his ability to work through pain.


Bradshaw is getting depushed, in some way, now. GOOD. Although I personally like Bradshaw, he's hardly the wrestler to put at the Main Event spot right now. Maybe if you build him up instead of putting him in a bad position by squashing others on the way to the top, then he could fit well there. But not right now. The crowd just didn't care for the recent handicap match between Bradshaw and the nWo.

Smackdown occurred on this day... Hulk Hogan gave an emotional retirement speech, which was very predictable. Vince McMahon would interrupt Hogan, and then get slapped and attacked by Hogan. The Undertaker, now the floating champion, made the save... You could just hear the herds of teenagers walking out of the rooms on that one.

Good opener this week, as Lance Storm fought Triple H. The Game won, but he was busted up good by Storm. Storm should get more opportunities to shine against quality workers every once in a while. Stacy was the WWE doorknob for this show, as everyone got a turn. She gave a good smooch to Test, whom she's dating in real life. She better watch out for those rotting teeth of Test's, though. Test looks like he's getting another push again, as he beat Randy Orton and attacked Triple H later in the show. I can remember, before Triple H was a big heel, when Test and Triple H put on a HORRIBLE RAW match one night.

The great Kurt Angle put on a whig and a wrestling headgear to hide his new shaved look. It was certainly pissing off fans. He would tag up with on and off again friend Christian to take on Maven and Edge. Why Maven was tagging with Edge is my guess. Chris Jericho had to resort to cheating to beat Mark Henry. Too bad Henry is making roughly $1 Million per year in GUARANTEED money, or else he'd be in his proper place: as a jobber who shouldn't have a chance against wrestlers like Jericho.

Tough Enough had Pete and Anni getting cut. Anni really struggled with her aggression and character up and until she was cut. Pete is just small. The 2 winners will be announced next week.


Smackdown did a 3.6 network rating. Not bad, compared to recent all time low 2.9, but it had no competition this week, or season finales to deal with. Tough Enough did a 1.3.

TNN and the WWE can no longer brag about how RAW is the top rated show on cable. The 3.9 rating, of last week, didn't fair well in the top 15 cable programs. The WWE now bows down to SpongeBob SquarePants.

Not much else for Friday....


5. Triple H - Good week for him, but he has yet to have that blowaway match since his return.

4. Edge - Big win on Sunday. Why is Maven suddenly his friend though?

3. Ric Flair - Despite no longer being a full time wrestler, Flair still has it.

2. Steve Austin - Great match on Sunday, and it's nice to see him working with Guerrero now.

1. Kurt Angle - Give this man the Undisputed Title and let him tour both television shows.


MATCH of the WEEK: Ric Flair/Big Show versus Steve Austin from Judgment Day.

WEAK of the WEEK: Despite the low 3.7 rating on RAW, Smackdown ended with Hogan and Undertaker in its final segment.

FUNNIEST MOMENT: Joey Buttafucco slapping around Joanie, who is forever out of excuses of why she can't make it in Hollywood. JOEY BUTTAFUCCO OVER HERE!!!

DAMN SHAME: Davey Boy Smith passing away, nearly 3 years after his tag team partner, Owen Hart, died at the May 1999 pay per view.

BEST POLITICIAN: Triple H. Can Jericho ever beat Triple H on a Pay Per View show?

WORST HEAT/POP: Rico being announced as the mystery partner at Judgment Day. Who the hell cared?

BIGGEST HEAD: Paul Heyman. Why else would a WWE writer have himself pinning a Hardy Boy in the tag match at Judgment Day? That's so Stephanie of him...

TROUBLING GRAPHIC of the WEEK: The WWE Undisputed title reigns in comparison to RAW ratings.

Wow, the ratings are dropping ever since Hogan won the Undisputed title. Coincidence? Graphs don't lie. (Thanks to Krueges for the idea).

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