Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, Smackdown and Tough Enough reviews. I'm short on time to write this very column, so......

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Smackdown started off with a good opener. Triple H, selling the Hell in the Cell injuries, came down only to have Lance Storm rip him on the mic a little bit. Their match was quite good, as it's something you'd expect from Storm who is so damn fast and sells everything like a champ. I hope they use him with the Main Eventers more in the future. Storm would eventually bust the Game open, and Triple H would have to pull out the win at the very end. Nice.

For anyone who is wondering, I believe Stacy and Test are dating in real life, which is why that kiss was so passionate. Damn you Test!

The man, Kurt Angle came out, but with a whig and wrestling headgear on his head, covering the baldness. He rules. That's how a heel should act, and the longer he keeps that whig on, the longer fans will get pissed at him. For some reason or another, Maven would come down to dog Kurt Angle. Why Maven? Maven would eventually run down to attack Angle, but get pounded, and then Edge would run down for the save. Before Edge could take off the whig, Christian came down and saved Angle from embarrassment. Not a bad segment, but again, why Maven? AT LEAST guys like Val Venis have some ties to Edge to make for a better tag partner.

Next match was Test vs. Randy Orton. Oh no, another push for Test! NOOOOOOOOO. When the ratings are down, pushing Test is the LAST THING you'd want to do. Looks like he'll be getting some of Triple H in future shows. *shrugs* Test won the heatless match, with fans not caring to boo Test or to cheer Orton.

Undertaker interview... *YAWN* Didn't the WWE learn from RAW?!? The Undertaker was the main focus of that show, and it drew a 3.7. Duh.

The tag match of Kurt Angle/Christian vs. Edge/Maven was good, but at times sloppy with its many quick spots, one after one. Maven still has a little work to do on his ability before he can run with the top in-ring stars. Maven would get the roll up pin on Christian, and Angle and Christian walked away from the ring to avoid any previews of Angle's baldness. Speaking of that, it was funny to hear the Smackdown crowd getting confused on whether to say "You Suck" or "You're Bald".

Rikishi vs. Reverend D'Von was your usual Smackdown crap match. D'Von, to me, appeared as if he was getting more boos tonight, as a possible result of his attack on Bubba Sunday night. I guess D'Von is a work in progress? Rikishi lost after Rico hit him with the Tag Title belt, to you know, support the feud that nobody seriously cares about. And they WONDER why the ratings are lower.

Solid Cruiserweight match between Hurricane and Chavo Guerrero Jr.. I don't know what to say about the Beef Jerky clue given to the Hurricane before the match about the one who is sending him letters. Hurricane looked especially crisp tonight, or was that Chavo's usual ability to make his opponent look good? Probably both...

FINGER OF SHAME for the always attempted pushes for Mark Henry. In his match against Chris Jericho, former Undisputed champion mind you, he pretty much manhandled Jericho the whole match. Well, it was more like Henry trying to wrestle and Jericho bumping all around the ring for him. And the WWE wonders why everyone complains about Jericho... Jericho had to resort to cheating just to beat Henry. I understand that the WWE is trying to sell the Hell in the Cell match, but to look bad and resort to cheating against Mark FREAKIN' Henry??!? He has zero potential and a large WWE contract that he shouldn't have.

And finally, we see that the WWE never learns from past mistakes. First, Hulk Hogan would come out to announce his retirement. I'm sure Hogan was OK about the whole speech, although it will deteriorate from whenever he officially makes that decision. Hogan was really emotional when he mentioned his father. I really hope his dad asked him to clean up his wrestling career and rejoin the WWE, or Vince McMahon and the WWE writers are absolutely sick for making Hogan say that. Before he could leave the ring after "retiring" for the 100th time, Vince McMahon would come out for some trash talking. After Hogan attacked Vince, the Undertaker would hit the ring. Yeah, the two champions who hurt the RAW ratings the most lately are STILL feuding. Makes so much sense to me.

LAST WORD: Those backstage in the WWE are so arrogant. They don't believe that the WWE is falling apart around them, so we'll still see Hogan and Undertaker used in the context of Main Eventers, despite sucking and being very old right now. Then, you get crap like an implied push of Mark Henry, another push for Test, and even putting Maven into a feud where he'll look rather bad. The WWE better get their heads screwed on, especially if Smackdown, this week, produces a number under 3.7 because there's no competition to face the WWE on Thursdays now. I'll give this show a


(C plus) So much great talent on Smackdown, yet the wrong ones are featured or getting pushed. I thought the purpose of the Split was to give everyone a chance and to introduce and create new superstars? Looks like we're seeing the same crap, but a different shitter.


One of the better shows this week... Jackie is tough. Despite a torn ACL and some cartilage damage, she's sucking it up and wants to finish the contest. Unless her knee can't hold up for next week, she should win the contest. That is, unless Hot Mocha or Linda suddenly looks extra good in the ring.

I thought the show had an interesting feel to it. First, you had basic moves learned, such as the clothesline, and then you had the character development. I thought the technique used by the Improv guy went well, as he had one contestant cut a promo, while the rest of the contestants had to imitate him or her. It was much better than the promo cutting set up by the Dudley Boyz earlier in the season.

I didn't think much of William Regal as a guest. Instead of giving knowledge of his experiences in the ring, he just criticized the Tough Enough contestants. Huh? You mean to tell me that Regal's now boring style gives him authority to criticize? Sure, these contestants are very green, but he acted like he was the World's best wrestler right there.

I agree, very much, with the cuts made this week. Pete was too small, and was possibly cut for his partying reasons. Why they cut Danny while they left Pete around until the 2nd to last week is something I'll never explain. Anni was just too slow with her muscle mass and just too kind. The other contestants are aggressive to win the contest, while she's trying to be too careful not to mess up. So long...

LAST WORD: I say Jake and Jackie will win it. Jake's in ring ability is probably lower than Kenny, BUT Jake does not party and he cuts better promos, now, than Kenny. Besides, Jake isn't that bad in the ring. If he goes to OVW or HWA, someone will polish him off good. Jackie is the best women's contestant, period, but will that knee hold up? Is the WWE patient enough to wait on her ACL surgery? A knee injury at this point as a wrestler just starting out isn't good.

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