Can you smell the ratings? That's a question that could have been asked Monday night, as both shows were unopposed. But how would Nitro fair if it was on an hour early? Would people actually remember this fact? Did WCW advertise the time enough to their fans? Those are some good questions about Nitro this week. Would the WWF max out without Nitro and after a pay per view? Let's find out, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 1.4
Second Hour: 3.2
Composite: 2.3(Unopposed)


First Hour: 6.8
Second Hour: 7.3
Composite: 7.05

Nitro vs. Heat

Heat: 3.0
Nitro: 2.3...or consider their first hour(1.4) or second hour(3.2)

Lower End Shows

WCW Saturday Night: 1.2
WWF Livewire: 1.5
WWF Superstars: 1.4
ECW on TNN: 0.7

Well, I guess I can't say much about either show in terms of their ratings. RAW's ratings were up of course, but the first hour of Nitro is very odd. I guess WCW didn't advertise it right or something? That's my only guess really. It was funny, though, how Nitro was advertising the Lakers vs. the Trailblazers, which would be opposing RAW.

On the lower end of the stick, WCW really pulled a weak number. The ratings of the show have declined, and I wonder if WCW is taking notice? For one, they now have a bunch of Powerplant wrestlers urging for television time on Nitro or Thunder now. Russo took a hard shot at the future of the company that he seems to be making decisions for. "Yeah, let's make it a highlight show. They will ALL watch it", was probably his mindset on his decisions. Oh yeah Russo, you are soooo right on that decision. Hopefully Bischoff sees what is happening to the youth of his federation and changes it back. Continued good numbers for Livewire, and Superstars is dropping, but that's OK because that's one of the worst wrestling shows out there. ECW, well you know, is out of Saturday Night's league by 0.5. That's truly sad.


G.I. Bro? God, is there any other stupid things you want to do to Booker T WCW? Do they not realize the talent that he has? I guess not, as now he'll become a flunky of the stupid Misfits in Action. I know what WCW needs to do!!! They need to put together all of the wrestlers who deserve pushes! That way they can attack big names, but at the same time, still being held down. Oh wait...that was done: Filthy Animals(the first one) and the Revolution.

Well, it seems that Ric Flair will be able to return to the ring soon. Whether he actually had some tests run on him Monday hasn't been proven. What has been proven is how disrespectful Vince Russo is. He's nothing but a jerk and an egomaniac. If anything, all of the bad things that I write about WCW are because of him. The lame angles....the recycled angles....the stupid gimmicks....and having all of these "special" matches. Plus, he urinated on the World title, which should be looked as a symbol of greatness in a federation. The angle with Flair right now is garbage. If the Flair collapse was a work, then he's a bastard for booking that. If it wasn't, then he's a bastard for his actions on Monday Night.

It's funny how nobody knows when Bill Goldberg returns. It's funny because it's showing that he has a lot of control to do whatever he wants, and when he wants. Not to bad for being in the company for about 2 and a half years. They say June 5th, which I say "no way" to. He'll milk it like he always does, and when he comes back, that World title will get tossed right at him. Oh wait, he has to fight Tank Abbott...a man who has been defeated by David Arquette and Sid Vicious.

If you haven't hear yet, Kronic has been pulled from the Great American Bash. They 'claim' it's from Shane Douglas now fighting the Wall, but I think somebody is taking a good look at these two. Gee, they weren't on Nitro, now were they? Need I say more?

Thunder has another ratings spike attempt in them tonight as they...oops, I can't reveal spoilers. A spoiler report will probably be up soon. But the big thing from Thunder, I really question WCW for. I really do.


My Gosh, I'm really enjoying the NEW Undertaker thus far. Now since I've been saying this, I've been getting lots of hatemail. Does anybody notice the "NEW" in front of the word Undertaker there? If you've read my column closely, you will know that I did NOT like the Demonic Undertaker. By far and away, the worst gimmick he's EVER had. Now, he's simply an American Badass and he's tough like he used to be. Hopefully, it will show once he starts wrestling again. He's rumored to be wrestling the Rock at the King of the Ring, which I hope the Taker wins so that we don't get another Triple H vs. Rock match.

Like other fans, I truly wonder what is wrong with the WWF when they look at the Hardy Boys. Both wrestlers have been kept off Pay Per Views, and they aren't at the main television shows anymore. When they are on those, they lose to jabronies like T&A. I just don't get it. T&A and Buchanan/Bossman get more main television time than they do. Hardys are younger, more popular, and MUCH MORE talented than either of those two teams that get more time than them. I think the WWF is pending on breaking them up or keeping together. That's why the have probably been limited.

I caught one part of Chyna's role in the season finale of "3rd Rock from the Sun". Although I wouldn't grade her acting too well, it's still great exposure for the WWF. Of course, the ratings for 3rd Rock did go down on her first appearace on that show, and I wonder how they will do when they come out later today.

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