(Photo from Slam! Wrestling Welcome back..... Today, we'll discuss various wrasslin' topics such as ratings, current news, and basically a backdraft from RAW. I haven't seen this excitement about a wrestling match in a long time, honestly. The main event REALLY pumped fans up. Whether it was for the fact that it was a great match or that the so-called "glass ceiling" was shattered, the point is that it could provide a spark in the ratings.

At least that's what they hope. If you see the picture, it's been 2 years since the great Owen Hart passed away. I believe that's the one death that just shook the entire wrestling industry, and may have changed it forever. His death was so unfortunate, and Owen will always be remembered by myself, and I'm assuming the rest of the wrestling fans as well.

On to the PDC. Oh yeah, NO SHOUTS TODAY!! My email was loading slowly, so we'll go for that tomorrow. Send in more if you'd like.


-RAW Rating-

First Hour: 4.0
Second Hour: 4.4
Composite: 4.2
Composite Last Week: 4.5
Composite Last Year: 7.1

-Weekend WWF Shows-

WWF Livewire: 1.0
WWF Superstars: 0.8
Mtv Heat: 1.3

Well, the WWF ratings took a bad turn for the worst. I believe this is just an aftermath for the bad weeks leading up to this show, since both Livewire and Superstars are down too. The fact that the WWF has pushed crap out on their shows is finally biting them, and they were forced to put up something great on RAW.

I have firm beliefs that Smackdown's rating will shoot up after this big spark of a match. Jerich/Benoit vs. Austin/Triple H was an excellent match, pitting 4 of the BEST overall WWF workers in the ring with each other. The match wasn't good because Austin/Triple H put over the midcarders, oh no. All 4 guys busted their asses, and gave us the best television match of 2001. I wouldn't vote it for Match of the Year, since Austin vs. Triple H from No Way Out 2001 still carries that honor.

I feel that the rest of RAW was lame, though. The Rhyno vs. Big Show match was bad, the Shane thing wasn't good, and everything else was just decent, if you ask me. That's why I gave it a B grade. I had it going for a low C or so heading into the Main Event, and the great match at the end saved the day, at least for my gradebook.

Mtv Heat still sucks, for it drew a 1.3 on Mtv. I'm telling ya, if the WWF pushed Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, and Evan Karagias as 3 Count on Heat, the show would push 3.0, easily! Mtv has a bunch of screaming little girls to please, and apparently, they don't like wrestling. Duh!

-FINGER OF SHAME to any assholes who are saying that Triple H's injury is a bad thing. Even if you think he "holds others back", you shouldn't wish harm on anyone. A couple of you idiots are saying that this will be a good thing since others will now have the opportunity to shine. Yeah, you could say that if Triple H was leaving due to making a movie, vacation, or whatever else extra, but an injury? Come on. It's quite sick of someone to praise an injury. If you should praise anything it's the fact that Triple H finished the match, despite the injury. You should praise the many great matches the Game has given us over 2000 and 2001. You should praise Triple H for being one of the best heels ever for the WWF. It's sick of anyone to cheer for an injury.

-Oh God, that Shane McMahon interview, dancing, or whatever else was just terrible! His tone of voice when mentioning WCW really makes me wonder how serious fans will take that operation when it opens. It still doesn't have an official television deal to boot, despite claims of relaunching soon. TNN won't budge on the Saturday thing, or on no show at all. Even worse, the WWF has yet to sign to write any big WCW wrestlers to make anyone even care!

-Speaking of the WCW wrestlers, I've been listening to Observer Live a lot lately, and I have to say that I agree with the fellas there in that the WWF should go out and sign the big names. Why not do it? They forked up over $30 million for a shitty football league, so why not fork money for the expensive Flair, Steiner, and Goldberg contracts? How about Sting's too, although he's retired, I suppose? If the WWF wants to give WCW a kick, they need those cornerstones. Besides, the matches from invasion angles should draw the money, alone, to cover the money spent. The only thing bad would be busting morale in the WWF lockerroom about signing guys making more money than them, but come on, it's a company decision. If it keeps the WWF successful, then they won't be taking paycuts if the wrestling industry keeps droping.

-I've talked this over with a few online, as I'm wondering if the WWF will push the Rock's return date foward than his July 30th return date, which was to set up Summerslam. From what I've heard, the Rock is supposed to wrap up production by the end of June? Early July? I thought I heard somewhere that he'll have a mini-vacation for his tough work on the movie set and since he's wrestled a long string of WWF events in a row. With Triple H hurt, the WWF just might push for the Rock to get back into wrestling much earlier than expected, especially if the ratings keep dropping. I've always felt that the Rock's absence has hurt the ratings a little bit, and his big return would provide a boost. We'll just see if the WWF will push the panic button or not, if the ratings keep failing.

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Owen Hart Tribute

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