Welcome to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I almost took today off, but I decided to do the PDC to keep the streak going! WWF has lots in store for us tonight with Heat and Over the Edge. On to the PDC!!!

Uh oh, I made a couple boo boos in the last PDC with the Over the Edge predictions. For one, Mideon won't be in the 8 man match, it will be Bossman, but I still say the Union will win. Plus I forgot...

=Brood vs. The Hardy Boyz and Micheal P.S. Hayes. I think the Hardys and Hayes will win the match for two reasons. One, to get the Hardys more over, and two to establish Micheal P.S. Hayes as a wrestlers(I still see Doc Hendrix!!). I would much rather see Christian and Edge vs. the Hardy Boyz. Winners: Hardy Boyz and Hayes


-Funny. Reports about Iron Mike Tenay being on the booking team aren't true, but he's sitting in on WCW booking meetings. Hmm..sounds like Tenay will eventually be part of it then if he's sitting in those. They say he's sitting on the meeting so that they will know what is going for his announcing. Ok, but wait, he does Thunder announcing, so I guess he'll have to know what goes on for those rigged up Thunders. -Looks like WCW will be safe for a while. He's either going to take some time off to rest his back, or he'll take time off to have back surgery. Joy! I'm sure this bit of news helps relieve many WCW wrestlers. Many of them are so sick of getting legitimately hurt by Steiner in the ring. You know, once that roid rage kicks in, Scott just goes nuts. Maybe if he has the surgery, he'll have to lay off the roids. I'm sure every WCW wrestler is hoping the same. -Oh yes, it's time. What on Earth does Bischoff think about bringing Hogan back in as a heel, and he'll manage him also. Shows how much Bischoff is full of Hogan. Shows how stupid Bischoff is, because if he's managing him, that means Hogan will be pushed..to the top! No! Hogan, and I'll say it because it's my opinion, is too old and boring at this point to be given a title shot. This is why WCW is losing ratings.


-Many are concerned in the back about if the Undertaker wins tonight at Over the Edge. Many feel he isn't over as a heel, and they also consider him one of the worst heels in a long time. They feel the original Ministry was a joke, and the Undertaker still isn't over with the new help of the Corporate Ministry. Many feel a championship run by the Undertaker will take some ratings away. I agree.-I love some of the rumors that surface. The rumors say that the Blue Blazer might be none other than Shane Douglas. That is funny. One, he hasn't signed with the WWF yet, or so we think. Two, if he came in, he'd probably only do it for winning the IC title. That's not good, because any newcomer that wins a title gets lots of Backstage heat, even if you are the "Franchise". -Boy, is everyone pumped for the WWF to go public and put itself on the market. This will allow the public to buy a small part of the WWF. Oh cool, but here's an interesting question. What if the WWF starts to lose in the ratings, and they lose money as well? Money well spent, eh? Nah, it doesnt' seem like the WWF will have those problems for a while, since they actually use young talent.

@That's it for today. Wow, I typed this in a measly in less than 20 minutes. Joy! So until the next PDC, just chill till the next episode!!!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999