Welcome to the very latest edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column, the column that many love to read and the one that many love to hate. Today, we'll take a look at the latest wrestling news, especially the low RAW rating for this week. Man, the "WWE" name change has brought nothing but bad luck to RAW.

As for the Nitro comparisons... I see some good points made, but then again, I see some bad. Unlike in WCW, Steve Austin and Triple H still have several good years left in them, and they are 2 key members of the Main Eventers. Now, we could compare the Undertaker to Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan to um, Hulk Hogan. The matches have cheap run ins now, the nWo is badly booked, and younger talent is getting embarrassed at the expense of the older wrestlers, at times. Hmmm... All I know is that the 3.7 and 3.9 ratings of recently are AVERAGE if not lower Nitro ratings from the end of 1996 until Nitro's ratings truly began to really slip in 1999. So what does that tell you?

Right now, I've got a BAD bobblehead addiction. I'm pushing 30 in my collection now, and I only started this when I received a Steve Young bobblehead for Christmas (I'm a big 49ers fan). Yesterday, aside from buying the Crow and Terminator bobbleheads, I picked up the Andre the Giant bobblehead from my local Spencer's. It's NOT licensed by the WWF, as it's part of the Wacky Wobbler collection. It looks very nice, aside from being a much more slim Andre in the black tights with the one strap coming off his shoulder. It's pretty damn big for a bobblehead. Click Here to check it out.

Before I talk any further about my new sick hobby, on to the PDC.


-RAW achieved a pathetic rating of 3.7 for this past week's show, down 0.2 from last week and this ratings comes after a Pay Per View!!! That's the absolute worst part of this rating. And wow, look who is on top when the ratings are poor? Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. Both guys held the World Title in 1991, for Christ's sakes, and you continually push them and make other younger wrestlers look bad at their expense. For Smackdown's sake, they better hope that Hogan is just a midcard attraction for now on. A 3.7... as I stated above, Nitro only did that kind of rating on the way up and on the way down. This is just another proof of how the WWE has been on a downward spiral ever since Wrestlemania 16.

Wrestlemania 16?!?!? Yes. I now point to that date as the official day the WWE went downhill. The 4 way McMahon involvement match was the beginning of the end, especially because at that point, Stephanie McMahon made herself more involved with writing and television. That's clearly when the WWF or WWE began going downhill. Just like when WCW began their end at Starrcade 1997 from the pathetic ending to Hogan vs. Sting, the WWE's downfall began at their biggest event of the year.

-Bravo to Steve Austin. Apparently, in searching for a new wrestler to feud with, he chose Eddie Guerrero himself. He saw Eddie as the wrestler with the most ability and most potential to have a hot feud with him. And that's exactly what will happen. Austin, although there have been times where he's avoided helping other wrestlers, is going to give Eddie a good rub from their feud, and HOPEFULLY, it will give the WWE a fresh heel that it certainly needs for the RAW show. Eddie certainly has the ability to do so, and with all of his personal problems cleared up, it could be Eddie's time to shine.

-Despite what I've said about Kevin Nash and X-Pac waging politics backstage, I have to agree with their latest stance on the writing for the nWo. They threatened to quit, which is a no-no for anyone, but it did have the WWE writers doing a doubletake and realizing what fools they were for what they've done to the nWo. With the nWo, you either do something good with it or get rid of it all together. When you just have it around for the sole purpose that it was once a powerful organization or stable, only to have soap opera writers who never witnessed the original nWo in WCW writing about it, you've got trouble.

-So I see Raven is unhappy as the Sunday Night Heat announcer. Huh? He wants to be a wrestler? Ok, let's make him a wrestler. Let's allow him to have heatless matches in front of thousands of 1998 WWE fans. Let's have the now over 40 year old perform matches that his body is no longer capable of doing. Let's hear him threaten other wrestlers with his "Raven effect". I don't think so. There's more job security as a WWE announcer, and in recognizing that, Raven should have enjoyed stayed on. I believe Tazz has recognized the job security as an announcer, and he has since put more time and effort in his broadcasts. Raven should too until the WWE finds a replacement for him already.

-The Observer noted that plenty of Hulk Hogan signs were taken out of the Toronto crowd for RAW last week. Man, the ratings are dropping, cheers are becoming smaller (outside of Canada), and negative signs have to be confiscated from the crowds. I don't know Jethro, but that sure looks like WWE fans are turning on Hogan. The Hogan run was nice while it lasted, and it's good that he had one last title run of his career since he did help make the WWF what it is today, but it's time he gave back to the business just like Andre the Giant once did for him. Hey, the bobblehead tie-in.

-Concerning Erich "Mass Transit" Kulas recently passed away... I really don't have anything to say about the individual, given that I've never witnessed the Mass Transit incident or anything else. However, for a good column on Kulas, describing the incident with New Jack in great detail and the effects of it afterward. Click Here to read the great colum posted up by LoP's cfgb on Erich "Mass Transit" Kulas.

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