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Thanks to whoever held this sign up at RAW. I've lost count of how many Tito signs I'm up to, but I don't care about that. I greatly appreciate whoever the sign holder was last night at RAW.

First part of RAW was Steve Austin bitching and moaning about being the World Champ, and not giving the Undertaker a rematch. Hey, that's a good thing. Austin would then ramble on and on, and then Chris Jericho arrived! Yes!! Awesome, they let Jericho rip on Austin! It's rare that they let Jericho even take any cracks at anybody above him, which means the WWF is in a panic for ratings. Y2J would run to the ring, but Triple H blindsided him. Chris Benoit came down, thus starting this tag feud. Praise the lord! I have fears that the Undertaker vs. Austin match will continue after tonight, since the tag match for the titles is being rushed for the main event on RAW.

Austin bitches to Vince backstage, and Triple H does too. Some may say it's ironic of them to complain to Vince about Jericho and Benoit........... Kurt Angle is backstage, showing us that he still has humor, as he messed with some crew members backstage.

1st match of the night was Rhyno vs. Big Show, which is a backdraft from the Hardcore match last night. Odd first match, for nobody likes the Big Show anymore and Rhyno still isn't that well known by WWF fans. I could walk into that ring and hit someone with sheet metal signs or trashcans. Come on, this isn't hardcore!!!!!!! Terrible booking here, giving the Lame Show the Hardcore Title. What good is he as Hardcore champion?!? Junky match as well. I've seen better Hardcore backyard wrestling matches with just cookiesheets.

Angle promises to relive his Olympic winning from 1996. Take bets on who will run in. APA are backstage, drinking up and playing cards. Funny of Terri to run in and pour beer all over her shirt. She was wearing something underneath to stop the see-through, so you, MONKEY, can't claim that you saw nipples in your next copied and pasted posts. Saturn and Malenko attacked, neatly setting up a tag match later. Spike Dudley and Molly Holly are backstage, and they talk so friendly, with Spike giving her some taped glasses. I wonder if any certain cousins will respond to that?

Next match is APA vs. the Radicalz, which is the product of what happened backstage. Match had no real heat, really, for fans don't care about Saturn and they don't respect Malenko. I don't know whether the first match hurt everything, or that nobody feels like booing the Radicalz. They tried to do an angle with Terri flashing, which is soooo 1998-1999 of the WWF and Terri is no Debra. Nice finisher at the end though.

Austin continued to look for his wife, to which William Regal warns that the Undertaker is in the building. Oh lord, we're seeing Undertaker vs. Austin at King of the Ring 2001. That's just fine, for it's Vince McMahon's idea. It's what he wants, and not the fans! The fans put the money in his pockets, which is the idea he's arrogantly lost since buying his own competition.

Next match is X-Pac vs. Matt Hardy. Funny of Jim Ross to say that X-Pac took risks like the Hardys in his early career, and Heyman noted that X-Pac has become more smarter with age to change his style. How about slacking and making no effort to improve? Pretty decent match, although I would like to know what is still going on with Eddie Guerrero. Look for X-Factor to keep rubbing off the Hardys for a month, just like they did with the Dudleys.

I guess the powerbomb finish knocked the Walrus out of Perry Saturn. Har Har.

Funny celebration by Kurt Angle. Shane McMahon oddly interrupted with a very monotone discussion with Angle. I guess that's his trait from Linda. Angle's Olympic Slam on Shane should start the WCW invasion, thank God. Backstage, we get a reminder that Vince wants Undertaker vs. Austin at King of the Ring. When will it end?

Next match was the Dudleys vs. the Hollys, which is a match stemming from the various stuff involving Spike Dudley. Lots of strange "sports entertainment" for my liking, although the match was decently worked. Who knows where this Spike and Molly relationship will go? Backstage, we got Vince giving Kurt Angle an IC match for hurting Shane. I predicted a Kane vs. Angle match for King of the Ring, but I guess it's tonight.

Oh man, RAW has been quite dark tonight. Bubba or Buh Buh told Spike that the bitch (Molly Holly) will go through a table tonight. Wow, the tough language.

Eddie Guerrero/Jeff Hardy vs. Edge/Christian was an OK match, but I still don't get why Eddie is involved with the Hardys. I figured something with Chyna would go down here, but who knows?

Next match was Kane vs. Kurt Angle. Ehh, it was ok, as their matches have never been impressive, but the point of this match was to establish an Angle vs. Shane feud. Will Shane and Kurt Angle fight at King of the Ring?!? Stay tuned and find out!

Great match at the end with Jericho/Benoit vs. Austin/Triple H. Not just because Jericho and Benoit won the World Titles, but it was a match featuring 4 of the top WWF performers in the fed. Kudos to all 4 guys for working one of the best main events in a while. It's a shame it couldn't be headlining a Pay Per View, but oh well. Better now than never I guess. More seeds have been planted in the ground for a future Triple H vs. Steve Austin battle, and Jericho/Benoit will make the Tag division *that* much better.

LAST WORD: This RAW was heading towards lame until the main event hit. That alone gives this show a


grade for this week's edition of RAW. Some badly worked matches and just weaker storylines for some wrestlers hurt tonight's RAW, but the main event saved the day. Ratings shall be interesting.

King of the Ring?

From RAW, we saw hints of what we could expect to see on King of the Ring. Just from viewing these matches, here's what I've come up with, although I could be badly off:

-Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle
-Edge/Christian vs. Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho
-Triple H vs. Kane
-Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

I figure Edge/Christian will attack by default, and Triple H will rematch Kane since he'll be title hungry. We'll see what develops for the rest of this month, including the KOTR tournament rankings.

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