Monday, good to me. Tonight is a special night. Two forces, collide in effort to persuade viewers to watch and to continue watching their shows. One side, just went through a pay per view. The other side is feeling some momentum from the past few weeks of shows. Who will win? It's not a question of who will win, but by how much. On to the PDC.


Thank the heavens, the Undertaker is back! After all of this time off from some bad injuries, the Undertaker is back to entertain us all. He returned last night to allow for the referee, Shawn Michaels, to call for a disqualification in the crucial 11th fall for Triple H to win. I hope that this new run for the Undertaker is much different than the one he had with the injury. I wasn't much for his demonic actions. I just wanted him to be himself, and be the Undertaker who was the man Kane arrived in 1998. I hope to see him tonight on RAW.

So now Triple H is world champ again, eh? It's a good move by the WWF, although the Rock only held that World Title for such a short time. However, I wouldn't doubt a rematch between the two tonight. WWF would like to spike the ratings, and a title shot at the end of the 1st hour just might happen. Back to my point, with Triple H as champ, the title will help his career, as the Rock was getting the same cheers he was before he was champ. So it's a good move, even though we'll hear many interviews about it.

My Gosh, I got smoked on the Judgment Day predictions. Oh well, at least I had the main event right, and that's where my hopes were. From e-mails and various polls I've seen on the net so far, the general thoughts are that the WWF put on another good pay per view. Some hated the Ironman match, while others enjoyed the chaos. That's the one thing that the WWF really has this year, and that's strong pay per views. Each one this year is receiving good reviews, if not great. It's also funny how many consider Wrestlemania the worst WWF PPV of the year, and that's supposed to be their best one. King of the Ring is up next, and those have been hot lately. I wonder if they will reveal the individual who raised the briefcase from last year's event....

So what can you expect on RAW tonight? Well, since the Code Red report comes out long after this PDC is put out, I'll take some wonderful guesses. I bet you'll see reactions, in the form or a long interview tonight on RAW. You know that's bound to happen! I'm hoping that HBK stays around for the ride too, and does show up on RAW. The Undertaker will probably be in the house, and he'll probably make one of those "shoot" interviews too. He'll also answer why he's the new leader of the DOA(hey, that was a joke). Hopefully, he doesn't sacrifice any wrestlers tonight. I guess Jericho will be 'over' tonight from passing out in the Crippler Crossface, one of my personal favorite moves. I bet the Dudleys will keep chasing DX. I bet the Big Nasty Bastard will want to kill Shane all over again as well. We'll see tonight.


Want more proof of what I'm talking about for Ric Flair's collapse on Thunder? Let me use some quotes from the Nitro preview at

"First of all, I want to make one thing crystal clear to the fans on the Internet: I TOLD YOU SO! Wasn't I the one who said it was time for Flair to get his ass out of this business? He's used up! He's old! Am I the only one who saw this coming? That piece of garbage was bound to break down in the ring sooner or later."

"I hope everyone is happy about what happened to Flair. So, because Ric suffered that 'brainyerism' on Thunder, (Russo insisted on spelling it that way because that's the way he claims it's pronounced) I have no choice but to strip him of the WCW Championship this Monday at the top of Nitro -- at 7 PM ET for all you Internet geeks out there -- and give it back to the superstar who it rightfully belongs to, the 'Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett!"

"And I'm not done, either. So, while Flair is laid up in some hospital bed in Charlotte with his poor excuse of a family at his side, I'm making special arrangements to give the Nature Boy's career its proper funeral and burial on Nitro this Monday. Everyone is invited to watch the end of his career, because I'll personally put the final nail in the coffin! And as far as Flair being there -- don't hold your breath. After his 'brainyerism' maybe he'll finally check in at the retirement home in Boca Raton!"

Alright, do you see where I'm getting with these quotes? A real man of the company wouldn't dog a wrestler like this with a possible health problem. Hell, he uses that collapse for this angle. If it was real, I doubt it would be allowed. Instead of being concerned for Flair, Russo is trying to put over an angle. That's where I'm getting at! That's why I keep insisting this collapse was a work.

Also tonight on Nitro, Terry Funk is making some sort of announcement. Many are predicting it's another retirement, which will make, what his 3rd? 4th? 5th? Who knows, as he's had a decent run in WCW recently. He's taken one hell of a beating since he was brought in as Russo's "surprise" commissioner, and to be able to be honored on a live television show for his hard work is very nice of WCW.

As for matches, we get to see a Booker T vs. Cat weapons match. You book the Cat in a hardcore match, and now he's continuing it! Cat did an excellent job in the Thunder hardcore match in my opinion. I'm hoping that Booker T gets the win here and progresses his career under the new Russo regime, because myself and Coolbeans can't take this agony of bad Booker T angles anymore!

In a very interesting gimmick match, Mike Awesome, who I feel was a great investment for WCW now, will take on the Wall. It will be an ambulance vs. table match, where I guess Mike Awesome needs to put the Wall in an ambulance, and the Wall will win by putting Awesome through the table. I don't know about you, but I think both matches have run their courses. But anyway, this should be a pretty good match as long as the Wall tries to do something productive in the match.

Remember, Nitro is on from 7-9!!! Remember when TNT officials promised that the NBA playoffs wouldn't hinder Nitro's timeslot?


Well, ECW has offered Raven a full release after what they consider a bad run in ECW. Scherer stated that ECW hasn't been pleased with his work ethic or how the character appeared anymore. I'd agree with that, especially when you have tapes of the old Raven at home to compare this too. Raven has seemed to be very out of shape lately as well, along with being a pain in the ass to deal with backstage. For months, he's made it clear that he wants to jump to the WWF. Would they take him? I'm sure those WWF feelers are telling the WWF exactly what Raven has been doing for the past few months, and that could hurt him. With Bischoff in control at WCW, there is no chance in hell Raven will return there. Remember, he walked out of that meeting when Bischoff said during that meeting with wrestlers "if anybody wants their full release, you can walk out of this meeting". Raven was the only one who did so, and he then appeared for ECW the same week he was released from WCW. That bridge is definately burned, and the WWF would really be the only place to be...unless, there is some other willing independent show who happens to have some television on the West Coast and other areas of the country..hmm.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow for the traditional Monday Night Impressions and other thoughts for the wrestling world. Just chill....till the next episode.

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