It's Phat! It's Daily! It's the one and only Phat Daily Column. Man, this crazy week is continuing. Hopefully the madness will end!! Anyways, we are heading into Over the Edge this Sunday. As usual, I've got the Pay Per View predictions, so let's hop to it!Oh yeah, yesterday, I had to go while typing the PDC. I promised a special segment, but I couldn't do it since I had to hurry up typing the PDC. Sorry, but it's here today, so read carefully. Thanks for reading!


-Here they are, the lovely Over the Edge predictions!=Godfather vs. Blue Blazer for the IC title. I somehow see the Blue Blazer somehow winning it. Strange, it's just a feeling. It will be obviously Owen Hart. Winner: Owen, I mean Nugget, oh I mean Blue Blazer.=Al Snow vs. Bob Holly for the IC title. Al Snow will come back after Pierre got demolished. Al Snow will dedicate the match to Pierre, and that will allow him to get the win!=Val Venis and Nicole Bass vs. Jeff Jarrett and Debra. I think this one could go either way. One, Jarrett could pin Venis, thus continuing the feud. Two, Nicole Bass and Val will get the clean win or Debra could turn(maybe!). I think the first one would most likely happen. Winner: Sitting on the fence! It's a toss up!=Road Dogg vs. Mr. Ass. Don't think this match will happen, as Road Dogg is injured. If it does, the Assman will win it. Winner: Mr. Ass=X-Pac and Kane vs. Sexual Chocolate and D-Lo for the tag titles. As much as I love the duo of X-Pac and Kane, I see the former nation of domination members winning this one. Total screwjob will happen though. Winners: D-Lo and Sexual Chocolate=Mankind/Test/Shamrock/Big Show vs. Bradshaw/Farooq/Vicera/Mideon. The Union is going to easily win this, and Mideon will get pinned. He's such a jobber. Winners: The Union=Rock vs. Triple H. I see Triple H winning it just so it sets him up for his eventual World Title push. Rock will put up a great effort, and I see a screwjob here too. Winner: Triple H=Stone Cold vs. The Undertaker with the McMahons as refs. It may seem in Stone Cold's favor with Vince added as a ref, but the Undertaker has paid his dues to Austin twice already. Undertaker has this one in the bag. Winner: Undertaker-Alright, it appears that there is now legit locker room heat between the Rock and Triple H. Both are young, and both want the World Title bad! First the Rock can't get along with Stone Cold, now Triple H? Is the Rock a headcase? NO. He's just competitive, and it just so happens he's competitive against those who have the world title or are bumping heads with him for title contention. Oh well, you can't get along with anyone, but I just hope it doesn't get to the point where they refuse to job to each other.


-Finally, WCW is really building up the tag team division! The Steiners, although Scott is on the shelf right now, are back, and Sting and Luger are back as a team(I still see Luger backstabbing him). Harlem Heat can't reform with Booker T on the shelf, but it appears that DDP and his new buddy Bam Bam Bigelo are forming a team and they are going after the titles, and they will probably win them.[Scherer] As for other teams, well Hennig and Windham can't team up, since Windham is on the shelf with injuries too, plus you know Hennig will get hurt soon. Other teams will be formed, and also teams like the Texas Hangmen and maybe, and I say MAYBE Public Enemy might show up. As for the recent former champs, Misterio/Kidman and Benoit/Malenko, well Kidman and Misterio are going back to Cruiserweight wrestling, and Benoit/Malenko are Vanilla Midgets, so how could they win the titles again?-I find it REAL funny about the Bischoff incident where he announced that the company will mainly revolve around 10 guys, and they aren't the younger guys. That's just great, more Senior Tour for me to watch. I really wish some of the younger wrestlers will finally get their shot. I've realized something about Bischoff. The only thing he is capable of is signing wrestlers to large amounts of money, and that's it. He can't run a company, so why doesn't one of the higher-ups fire his ass? Maybe they have faith in him? Maybe they think that lightning will strike twice with Bischoff, and WCW will be successful again. We'll see.

With all of this insanity going around, I thought I should elaborate a little today...

Mr. Tito - An Essay: Internet Wrestling Hacking and Spamming

With all of this craziness going around about LoP being hacked, I figured I would write a nice segment that is very informative, as well as just lashing out on this topic. You see, Hacking and Spamming is vandalism, and you can get busted for it. The fact that many get off by doing this is rather pathetic. Who are these hackers or spammers? Well many of the Internet Wrestling ones are jealous webmasters are disgruntled posters from pages which are just furious about another page. They usually get angered by the other page's success, or they hate someone on the page, so they go off by attempting to find the posting urls or using everything that they have to hack the page. The hackers or spammers are mostly little kids or savages that really have nothing better to do with their lives. They sit around all day on the internet, causing trouble. They might get up to eat, or just maybe go to school that they skip so they can hack a little more everyday. They are usually the ones that nobody in a school likes, so their world is on the internet. They are either out of shape, or really small, but they act real tough on the internet. I'm sure if a webmaster who's page was hacked by them found the individuals that did it, they would get their asses kicked in real life. Most hackers or spammers are very anonymous, because they are scared someone who's page they messed up will find where they live and ring their necks. What does their hacking and spamming do to a web page? Well, it takes someone's hard work down the tubes. Some people, depending on advertising, pay a good amount of money to put up a presentable webpage for everyone to view. When a savage hacks or spams a page, that's attacking personal property. The Webmasters, usually, on every page bust their ass to update and add new features to please wrestling fans. Hacking or spamming their page is an odd form of vandalism, therefore, those who hack or spam should get persecuted for their ignorance. I've gotten lots of e-mail about the recent LoP hacking, and it angers me, because everyone at LoP works very hard to present the best wrestling page on the net. It pisses me off to know that someone can completely screw this page over, because it sure as hell doesn't deserve it. No page deserves hacking, even if it has some of the lamest features on its page, because someone worked hard to have those lame features on a page. What can be done if someone hacks or spams your webpage? First, find any trace of the savage. If you can't, just be patient, and wait for someone to brag about it. Hackers and spammers do it for the glory, and they love to brag about what they did to others. If you are hacked, immediately contact the server administators that host your page. They could help find the culprit, and your page will have a good chance of coming back. Hacking and spamming are about as cool as the losers that do it; always remember that.

@That's it for today. I hope that segment was informative enough for some, and hopefully it cures some savage of their wrong deed. I hope whoever hacked into Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire gets nailed hard for his actions. Anyways, until next time, may the force be with you.

Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire...just too sweet!!

Take Care, and as always, Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999

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