Welcome to the very latest edition of the Phat Daily Column. I am your host, with an attitude, Mr. Tito. Today, we'll review the RAW from last night, and then probably question why anyone should even bother watching on Monday nights anymore.

I find it insanely funny that people yelled at me giving a GOOD GRADE to Judgment Day. If I bash a show, I get blasted. If I praise a show, I get yelled at. If I stay at a perfect medium, I'll get criticized for not being the harsh Tito of old. Huh?!? I might as well stop reading the feedback all together because it's very annoying to hear how some people try to criticize me or label me as something. Please.

If there's any movie feeling the effects of Spider-Man or Star Wars, it's the Scorpion King. A few weeks ago, box office analysts were predicting a $130 box office in the United States, but it looks now as if it will barely reach $90 million. Not saying this is a box office failure, BUT when the WWF and the producers of the movie brag about how $36 opening weekend, the record for April mind you, they should be ready to accept how great their movie will do when Star Wars and especially Spider-Man shoot them dead in the water. It serves them right for bragging.

On to the PDC.


Opening segment was quite odd. Rob Van Dam came down to the ring for some kind of match, but for some reason or another, The Undertaker found it in himself to attack RVD. I guess he was mad at RVD's performance at Judgment Day? The Undertaker would then dog Hulk Hogan, stating that he has good authority that Hogan will retire on Smackdown. Do you actually think any 1998 fans are getting wet with that idea? Nope, and if anyone knows wrestling history, Hogan IS NOT retiring. RVD would attack the Undertaker after recovering, and that would set up our Main Event for tonight. Huh? Since when does LOSING an Intercontinental title match give you a World Title shot? Well, at least it's somewhat of a push for RVD, I guess.

Our first match of the night was Big Show/X-Pac versus Hardy Boyz. Lots of credibility in this ring... Decent when X-Pac and the Hardys were going at it, but the Big Show is just awful. Make that fat bastard lose some weight before a heart attack occurs or another wrestler gets injured from his careless ability. Goldust would actually come down to distract the nWo, leading to the Hardys win. Oh man, Goldust screwing with the nWo is such a money feud.

SMELL THE RATINGS, Jackie is fighting on RAW. She fought Trish Stratus for the Women's title, if anybody in their right mind cares. Trish's best competitor is now serving as Regal's valet, sadly enough. After the match, it got good though. As Trish turned down the sick and sadistic Paul Heyman backstage for a date, Heyman issued that she could say yes or the rough way, no, to his offer. She said no, and Brock was about to go kill her for the latest in WWE domestic violence. HOWEVER, Bubba Ray Dudley came down to the rescue. Bubba is a very good opponent for Brock right now, given how tied up the Main Eventers and current champions are. Bubba has been a tough tag champion for years, and has given opponents, such as Kurt Angle, a good fight. I like it.

Tommy Dreamer in the barber shop was just plain stupid. I guess that's the point, huh?

Next match was Bubba Ray Dudley vs. William Regal. Poor Molly... Not much of a match happening here, as you just knew Brock would run down for the attack.

Oh, what a back up plan! Ric Flair and Arn Anderson would get in the ring, make no sense with their threats, and then call out Steve Austin. As punishment in the latest "cross the boss" feud, Austin will be given nights off. Ok? That hardly makes any sense UNLESS Flair intended on sending Eddie Guerrero after Austin.

And speaking of that, Steve Austin would go to a local bar since he had the night off with his wife Debra. Eddie Guerrero actually bought Debra a drink, firing up some jealousy in Austin. Later, Austin tried to sing, having a "good time". You know, whenever someone brags about drinking or doing something while on alcohol, they always say, let's have a "good time". Gotta love that Country Boy talk. Eddie didn't enjoy Austin having a "good time", and he would later smash a beer bottle on Austin's head. Wow, they are pushing Eddie to feud with Austin. Just awesome, especially if they can convince fans that Eddie is a legit heel.

Hardy Boyz were on double duty tonight. After losing to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman the previous night, the Hardy Boyz won 2 straight matches tonight, with the second being over Goldust and Booker T. Dirty X-Pac would help that cause, leading to a dispute from hell between Big Show, X-Pac, Goldust, and Booker T.

Kevin Nash would then come down to settle the dispute. Nash has blond hair now, which should be better to cover his gray roots. Nash yelled at everyone, scaring Goldust, and said the nWo USED to be the toughest group around. Now, it was a joke. It was a joke the second the Big Show was added after Nash's injury. Nash would then reunite the new nWo, which consists of Nash, Booker T, X-Pac, and Big Show. While not a bad group whatsoever, the nWo gimmick is so badly damaged right now for anyone to truly care. I did like how Nash said that "there's room in the nWo for a 5 time WCW champion". While I liked that comment, just remember who helped Booker T to be a 5 time and not just a 4 time WCW champion. Yes, remember when Nash beat Booker T for that title, thanks to kissing up to Vince Russo in 2000? At least Nash would drop it back cleanly at the following Pay Per View, thank God.

The BIGGEST waste of a segment came with Raven versus Jerry Lawler. Raven did make some strong points on how Lawler can't call wrestling anymore, and he's more distracted with puppies or goofy jokes than to do his job properly. I agree, which is why Paul Heyman was so great. Of course, Raven said that stuff because it would make the internet fans agree very much with the comments, and you see how seriously his comments were taken when Raven jumped on the live mic and bashed Lawler there, right? It was met with cheers. Of course, that was in his hometown, but I'm sure if Raven said that stuff anywhere else, fans would still cheer Lawler.

The match, itself, sucked balls. I could seriously care less about what the WWE wants to give a homecrowd. There are MORE television viewers than people in the arena, so why bore us what would be entertaining live in an arena? It makes no sense. Especially when the match was so poor and it had a bad ending with Raven just walking out. Does NOTHING for this television show or anybody on the RAW roster who could use some television exposure.

Final match was Rob Van Dam vs. the Undertaker. Crappy match here, as RVD can't carry the Undertaker and the Undertaker isn't willing to sell many moves. The ending, though, was kinda cool, as Rob Van Dam had the Undertaker pinned, despite the foot on the ropes. Since RVD has been losing lately and being depushed by the WWE overall (2 straight PPV losses), it took a while for the crowd to react to the win. However, the man who used to be Undertaker's #1 enemy, Ric Flair, came down and ordered the match to be restarted. The Undertaker would make short work of RVD after that. Kind of a good rub for RVD, but he still lost in the end and how badly he's looked before this match didn't make it a golden opportunity.

LAST WORD: Although it's a drastic improvement over the last 2 weeks, it's still a weak show. The nWo stuff is just pathetic, the midcard is still weak, and the fact that the WWE can make wrestlers look bad and THEN try to push them after that is just absurd. Hardy Boyz and Rob Van Dam, especially, were suffering from some kinds of losing streaks before getting a so-called push or wins tonight. However, some talent did get a little elevation. We'll see what is made of RVD... Eddie Guerrero gets a feud with Steve Austin. That's just great and I'm very happy for him. Brock Lesnar is moving up the ladder for a better feud to solidify him as a WWF superstar. Hardy Boyz won twice tonight as a tag team. I'll give this show a


(C), meaning that the WWE has a lot more work to do to improve this crap in the box show, but at least the showed some promise tonight. You MUST elevate newer talent to the top, thus creating newer stars, to help generate new interest to make this show better and stable or stronger in the ratings.

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