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We'll go for the 2 in 1 combo here with the Judgment Day thoughts and RAW hype.....

Heat matches first: First match of Heat was Val Venis vs. Raven. Raven got a good pop for the match, but that's sort of from the hot crowd eager to watch a match. The announcers said "Raven was becoming one of the most popular WWF superstars", although he doesn't get a 'push' or as much television time. It was a decently worked match, with both Val and Raven in need of character adjustments. Especially Val Venis, and the announcers made sure to put him over as the most underrated worker in the WWF.

The next Heat match was Hardcore Holly/Crash vs. Kaientai. All I can say is that I want a Kaientai shirt!! The match was pretty watchable, with Bob Holly looking a lot more vicious lately in the ring. His new whipping finisher is so violent, as I wonder if he could do that on bigger wrestlers, like someone Kurt Angle's size. Oh yeah, Crash was sooooo entertaining by the way, and it told such a great story in the ring. How about those apples?

RAW Hype: Look for some more possible feuding with Crash and Spike Dudley, maybe even a match.

First match of Judgment day was William Regal vs. Rikishi Phatu. It wasn't much of a match, but it's very understandable since Rikishi has a damaged shoulder and Regal is still wresting injured. I can very much understand about this. It would have been much better if a healthy Rikishi was in there. Again, it's a shame that he's not 10 years younger.

RAW Hype: Rikishi will most likely disappear now. I don't see what the WWF could do with him, injured, for he isn't exactly a great acting role or good on the mic. Regal will probably resume his commissioner role, and I oddly think he'll aim for the European title sometime soon. He'll just be the commish tonight at RAW.

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, by far, put on their best match of the past 3 Pay Per Views. The others were too technical, as this one provided more excitement. It did feel sort of rushed through each fall, but it was very much enjoyable for the most part. I figured Angle would win this one, because what is a former Olympic wrestler without his medals? Benoit would show up later on........

RAW Hype: Look for Kurt Angle to brag about gaining his medals back tomorrow, all the while starting a new feud with someone. I believe he and Kane will go at it for King of the Ring, unless the WWF has plans to make Angle a two-time King. That actually wouldn't be a bad thing.

The hardcore match between Rhyno, Test, and the Big Show wasn't too bad, with Rhyno keeping the title. I think that was a good decision by the WWF, for Rhyno keeps that division alive, instead of wasting the title on two possible pushed wrestlers. I do, however, believe that Hardcore matches have been totally exhausted from anything original with the current WWF roster. I was hoping for Shane to run down, but oh well.

RAW Hype: Test and Big Show are far from over on their feud. Rhyno winning the match only proves that, as we may see the feud heat up more tonight and on further shows, or the WWF could just do a Test vs. Big Show match tonight. Whatever the case may be, this feud isn't over.

Chyna vs. Lita was decent, although I didn't exactly expect a clean win by Chyna. Eddie Guerrero came down during the match, but did nothing. I have a feeling he'll make a big move tomorrow, whether it will be undermining Matt Hardy to steal Lita, or it could be a heel turn with Chyna to reform their couple. Whatever the case may be, it's still odd and possibly damaging that Chyna just got a clean win just like that.

RAW Hype: Eddie Guerrero should do something strange tonight, or at least lay down more foundation for an interesting storyline. Just remember that Eddie becomes about twice as injury prone as a heel. :)

Triple H vs. Kane was quite good, and probably one of their best matches out of the 93837626747 previous matches before. Also, it was good booking to give Kane the IC title, which gives the big man some credibility instead of just jobbing non stop. The ending, however, was laying down the foundation for a possible Triple H vs. Steve Austin match to headline a future Pay Per View. Man, I can't wait for that one. (Seriously: The Austin vs. Triple H match from No Way Out is the best match of 2001, in my opinion)

RAW Hype: Triple H may question Austin's actions, but it's obvious from the next match on Judgment Day that he'll regroup to defend the tag titles against Benoit/Jericho.

Next, was the Tag Team Turmoil match. Chris Benoit, who lost the match to Angle earlier, was Jericho's mystery partner. Yeah, be disappointed now, but Jericho and Benoit will go after Austin/Triple H now, so be happy. The Turmoil match was very entertaining to watch, as expected. It's hard to say where teams like Edge/Christian will go after this loss.

RAW Hype: Benoit and Jericho should start their feud with Austin and Triple H by interrupting a possible 20 minute interview. After that, expect such matches on television like Austin vs. Jericho, Triple H vs. Benoit, Austin vs. Benoit, and Triple H vs. Jericho to headline June's shows.

The main event was about as good as the Smackdown match with Triple H and the Undertaker, which was pretty decent. Steve Austin and the Undertaker put on a decent brawling match, which was about as much as you could expect from that match. Austin isn't the bump man anymore, and Undertaker never has been. Triple H helped Austin win the match, which makes me pray that there isn't a rematch for another Pay Per View of this match.

RAW Hype: I wouldn't be surprised if the Undertaker takes June off to completely heal his injuries. However, I wouldn't put it past him to still go after Austin/Triple H even after tonight, or maybe feud with Kurt Angle again. Although Triple H helped Austin win the match, he should still confront him about the IC title loss.

Judgment Day LAST WORD: Good show overall, and much better than Backlash. At least with this show, SOME angles are advanced at least. Finally. I'll give this show a B+ (B plus) for being better than expected and also for being watchable to say the least. We'll see how this translates on RAW....

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