Well, well, well.....tis I, Mr. Tito, with the wonderful Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Tonight, we get Judgment Day(which is the correct spelling, since I've messed up on that for a while). I think it could either make or break the WWF with the Ironman Match. If it's performed badly, then pay per view dollars for the next event will drop, and ratings could reflect it. If good, the WWF will have some momentum to keep WCW in check. Well anyway, on to the PDC.


People keep wondering why big news sites or others are constantly saying that the Ric Flair collapse was part of an angle. I, of course, and insisting on it as well. Yes, I've heard about him getting a catscan, and I believe WCW will do anything to make sure this is legit. Here's what we are basing this on:
1. WCW didn't edit the scene out of Thunder, when they could have since it was taped. Other incidents like this have happened live, but this was taped. If it was sooo real, then WCW would have had the nerve to edit out the unfortunate footage of the collapse. They didn't.
2. Tony Shiavone's call. He basically did his usual shout routine for an angle rather than for an actual collapse. Shiavone is horrible, but remember..they do voice overs for pretaped shows!
3. Russo's cockiness showed on WCW.com, as he will strip Ric Flair of the title. Instead of them covering their tracks with medical news on Flair, they push the angle instead.
4. Ric Flair is pretty well known throughout the sportsworld, therefore, an article of what happened to him Tuesday night would have shown up somewhere. With that, journalists looked into the incident, noticed it wasn't real, and reported better things.

It's pretty sad on the hopes of this angle. If it was real, then Flair is having some health problems, and that's a shame. If it's fake, then it's another garbage angle by Russo, as he's even recycling the condition Flair was supposed to have with that heart-attack. Hell, I'll cheer for the angle so that Flair is actually in good health. Even if it is a real injury, Russo is still a prick for trying to rub an angle off of it.


Readers want me to comment on the Shawn Michaels commentary, so here goes. Let me take the following quote from the commentary, which is located at HBK-TWA.com:

So the job is two fold. One for TV (if needed) and the other in reality. As far as me never being on TV again... well I'm not sure... that's not my choice. The only thing I know is I was offered a five year contract from my employer whom I would be thrilled to continue to work for in the future.

Yes, it seems as though the WWF has offered HBK a 5 year deal. But do they really want him? You see, HBK's contract expires in August of 2001. Just think...what if he didn't re-sign with the WWF? WCW would definately offer him a good bit of money, and he's reunited with his old Kliq buddies, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. WCW would definately push HBK on the mic, and he would definately draw attention. I think the WWF wants to make sure HBK doesn't get out of their site than to sign him for use on television. The WWF knows that any big losses of talent now could shift things a little. With Shawn, it could mean a lot.

Judgment Day Predictions

Wow, no shockwave...when you use a direct link to the matches(thanks to many who sent that). It does have that Kane mask following your pointer, which is rather cool when you move it in circles. Anyway, here are my predictions:

Too Cool and Rikishi vs. Edge/Christian and Kurt Angle
This one should be an entertaining match, and a very hard one to call. This could spark the upcoming tag wars between Too Cool and Edge/Christian, and who knows with Rikishi and Kurt Angle. I'll say that Too Cool/Rikishi will win just to earn Too Cool some World tag title shots.
Tito's Pick: Too Cool and Rikishi

Big Show vs. Shane McMahon
Something is very fishy about this match. Just like the Smackdown match, there could be lots of interference in this no DQ match. I think Big Show will overcome it though and move on with his career.
Tito's Pick: Big Show

Dudley Boyz vs. X-Pac and Road Dogg
Since X-Pac and Road Dogg are now the jobbers for better tag teams, I'll call this one in favor of the Dudley Boyz. I'd be heartbroken if T&A ruined this match. Simply heartbroken.
Tito's Pick: Dudley Boyz

3 Way Dance for European Title: Perry Saturn vs. Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero
I don't know what to expect, but this match could be one of the best matches on the card. Eddie and Dean, alone, have had some classic matches. With Perry there, things could get more interesting. We'll see on that. I think the WWF will attempt to give that covetted European title to Perry Saturn for a while, to see what he can do with it.
Tito's Pick: Perry Saturn

Submission match for the IC Title: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho
I hope that this match is the last of theirs for a while, that way we can enjoy it when we have longer to anticipate it. I agree with many insiders on this one. Nobody is going to submit. Benoit will pass out in pain from the DEVASTATING Liontamer Walls of Jericho. Oh by the way, you should rent Road Wild 1996. In a spectacular 30 minute match with Dean Malenko, guess what move Chris Benoit revealed? You guessed it, the Walls of Jericho. Yes, that was before Jericho made his way into WCW. Not ripping Jericho for it, but just pointing out the irony for this very match-up.
Tito's Pick: Chris Benoit

Ironman Match for the World Title between Triple H and the Rock
It seems apparent to the WWF that the Rock is getting the same amount of cheers as a World Champ than he is when he's not. With that fact, I'm thinking the title will end up in Triple H's hands again because the belt really helps him get heat. I'm thinking that lots of run-ins and so on, and hopefully, lots of pinfalls too. Maybe a return of Undertaker and Kane? Who knows?
Tito's Pick: Triple H

@That's it for today's edition. I'll be back tomorrow for some Monday Night Hype, and some thoughts of what went down tonight. See you tomorrow!

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