Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. It has been a crazy week for me, and the same goes for wrestling. Oh well, I got to see the Phantom Menace. :) Anyways, on to the PDC. Oh yeah, I have a special segment at the bottom. Read it carefully.


-The Road Dogg might not make the pay per view Sunday, as he has taken some very nasty bumps lately. It's a damn shame, as the Road Dogg is a great wrestler and he takes some nasty bumps sometimes, but he doesn't quit. I heard he took a nasty bump at the UK pay per view, and has been hurting every since. Now you see, a battered and bruised man like the Road Dogg deserves time off. He's hurt, and time off will do him wonders. If he's taking time off, it's not for the hell of it, it's to recover. WCW, please take note of who needs days off and who doesn't. -Damn it, UPN announced that Smackdown will be coming to UPN this fall. It's official now, and I'm pissed. WWF "dropped the ball" on this one, as the UPN channel sucks! Why sign with someone who is a network channel, but many people can't get it. Stupid! Why not be on WB? Everyone has about 5 WB channels a piece, so why not? I wonder what happened with other stations like Fox, ABC, CBS, or NBC. Did they get a piece of the negotiating action? Something must have fell through if they signed with stupid UPN. -Ha! I love some of the stuff that goes around. Rob Van Dam is NOT going to the WWF. I really wish he would, but it won't happen. Would the WWF want someone that's in High Times magazine? Sure, I think Rob Van Dam has excellent talent, but he's a headcase. The reason he wasn't around after he entered the WWF helping out Jerry Lawler, was because of his attitude. When he was wrestling briefly in the WWF, he was very cocky in the back, and Vince McMahon was really mad about that. Rob Van Dam is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch, but the WWF wouldn't get him due to the fact that he's got his head in the clouds. (Partial Credit to De Leon)


-Don't expect for Sting and Lex Luger to last as a tag team. I heard that the original plan was to have Luger turn on Sting last Monday, but that was scrapped because WCW thinks they want to drag the drama out some more. The whole original plan for Luger to join the original Wolfpac was for him to feud with Sting when Sting returns. After Sting took his good old time coming back, it appears that the Wolfpac has diluted. The rumors were that Luger would join the Steiners so that they can have their own fun little stable. -Man, Goldberg and WCW have a very strained relationship now from what I hear. They are at the level where they don't talk to one another. That's not good at all, as Goldberg is kinda young and many fans would rather watch him wrestle instead of a prestigious member of the Senior Tour. This contract situation is getting very ugly. Bischoff isn't willing to pay Goldberg that money he wants, as he feels that he has a fairly good contract. Goldberg will be out 3-4 weeks, so hopefully this garbage will be resolved. -Booker T will on the WCW shelf for about 6 months to get knee surgery..again! He deserves time off, because he's actually injured. He's not taking time off for personal problems, he's taking time off for an injury. WCW wrestlers take note of this. Take time off for injuries, not personal time. Ok?

@That's it for today. Make sure you e-mail bomb HypedZJ@aol.com to death. That asshole hacked into LoP, so make sure he hears about it. Laters.

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