Welcome, one and all, to the Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Hey, I've gone a whole week without taking a day off. Might as well give me a round of applause for that. Today, we'll review Judgment Day, which was the BEST WWF Pay Per View of 2002, without a question.

Looks like the Week in Review is here to stay. The amount of hits for that column look great for a weekend column, and plus, it's mostly easy to do since all I have to do is run down the news for each day. Simple formula, yet very effective. Many wrote in about the awards section I added. That will probably get more creative as I go along.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


Opening match was Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero. While not a bad match overall, it's proof positive on why Rob Van Dam didn't win back his Intercontinental Title last night. Despite looking crisp on his moves, Rob Van Dam did indeed lack intensity between moves, which is what Meltzer reported about the WWE's criticisms of RVD. It was very evident to me, and within a few minutes of the match, I KNEW Van Dam would lose. Eddie Guerrero won on a BACKSLIDE?!?!? How Kerry Von Erich of him, although Guerrero used the ropes to also get the victory.

Next match was Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler. The WWE had something good going with the Trish and Molly Holly feud. Lack of confidence, however, occurred, and Stacy was put out to wrestle. I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Stacy is in the WWF to sell calendars, NOT moves. God-awful match, as expected. The real story, however, came from afterward when D'Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley were in the ring at the end. The brothers tried to shake hands, but Deacon Bautista tried a sneak attack, which distracted Bubba enough to get him an ass whooping by D'Von to some good heat. Pretty good finish to what was a bad women's match.

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman vs. the Hardy Boyz was next. You have to wonder if Heyman is getting a big head or not backstage, especially given the fact that he got the pin at the end. Brock's invincibility was gone at the beginning of the match, but he picked it up at the end. Brock needs a new opponent, and someone who could produce his first money feud. Gee, who is associated with Paul Heyman to make it really interesting? Why not Rob Van Dam?

Very corny segments with Booker T last night. You know the nWo is totally bush-league when Booker T is STILL feuding or associated with Goldust while trying to be in a so-called powerful group.

Next, it was Flair/Big Show vs. Steve Austin in a handicapped match. Best thing of the night, period. When Ric Flair and Austin was wrestling, you could just feel the electricity. They had great chemistry together, and Flair especially had his game face on. Many of the trademark Flair moves were used, and the Big Show wasn't too bad. He gave Austin some NASTY chops in the corner, and helped to work on Austin's leg. I absolutely loved the "What" and "Whooo" crowd chants during the Austin-Flair chopfest. This was fantastic. The ending had the nWo run in by X-Pac, but Austin won in the end. Man, just do Flair vs. Austin at King of the Ring 2002, and it could pull 4 stars or up.

Hair vs. Hair was the next bout, as Edge got the big win over Kurt Angle. Yet another great PAY PER VIEW, not Smackdown, match from these two. Great roll up pin by Edge. Will this be the match that puts him over the top? Only time will tell. Afterward, Angle ran away from getting shaved, which made for a very entertaining segment when Angle was FINALLY shaved bald. Edge then got the crowd to chant "You're Bald". LOL!!

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in the Hell in the Cell match was a good match. I came in expecting that NO major off-the-top-of-the-cage spots would occur, because you know, both wrestlers are actually smart enough not to risk dying in the ring. With that, I enjoyed it. Many are bitching because neither man took a huge bump off the cage. Oh cry me a river. Triple H continues to NOT let Jericho ever beat him in a Pay Per View match.

I should have accepted Jericho vs. Triple H as the Main Event and stopped watching from here on out.

Did you listen to the crowd pop for the Rico/Rikishi vs. Billy and Chuck match? When Rico was announced as the mystery partner, nobody popped. When Rikishi and Rico won the titles, nobody made a sound. Why on God's green Earth is this getting booked, month in and month out. If you are going to have Chuck and Suck as the tag team champions, at LEAST given them a credible team to at least win via screwjob. Utter crap, as expected. Stop pushing Rikishi, please.

Finally, Hulk Hogan took on the Undertaker in the Main Event. Bravo to the WWE for giving the Undertaker new music, although it's not a very good theme at all. At least it doesn't get the crowd cheering at first like the Limp Bizkit theme did. Shitty match as expected from these two fossils. I totally wish they would have been in a cage, that way, we could declare this "Age in the Cage 2". The first one was Macho Man vs. Hogan in a Cage match from 1998 in WCW, if you cared. As expected, Vince McMahon helped the Undertaker win the match, thereby probably leading us to Hogan vs. McMahon at King of the Ring.

LAST WORD: Very solid Pay Per View by the WWF, as it's easily the best of 2002. Of course, not for the Main Event, silly, but for the undercard. The fabulous 3 made the show (Triple H vs. Jericho, Edge vs. Angle, and Flair/Big Show vs. Austin), and that's enough to give this show an


(A minus) which is kinda generous, but seeing 3 good matches on a show warms my heart. I wish I could get the satisfaction like this out of ALL WWF Pay Per Views.

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