My gosh, I must be messing with your heads on the days I've been taking off lately. Here's the latest excuse: Something came up early Friday morning, killing my day to sleep in, so for Friday night, I was in a deep sleep for about until Saturday afternoon. After I woke up, I was right out the door.

Besides, I didn't have any ideas for a history, and it especially hurts when I left my wrestling information at my dorm (Title histories, PPV cards, etc.), and rather than being frustrated over this 56K modem and the Compaq from Hell's speed by looking up information online, I decided to take the day off. I actually had a good history idea pop into my head later during the evening, but I'll save that for another time.

Today, we have JUDGMENT DAY to hype, which sort of frightens me. Backlash wasn't exactly the best Pay Per View in the world, and branching off the main event tag match from then into two separate matches is quite scary. But hey, it's either put up or shut up for the WWF right now, who's hiding Backlash buyrate number and is slowly declining in ratings/attendance.

On to the PDC.

Trendy Wrestling

Is wrestling a trend??? I believe so. Sometimes wrestling is considered the "cool" thing for the youth of America to latch onto, and after a few years, they dump it for something else, possibly. Take for instance, the recent WWF.... In 1998, the WWF created a whole new fanbase with their attitude style of wrestling, by attracting a great load of younger fans to buy the DX merchandise and so forth. After a couple years, they may have got bored and moved onto something else more interesting or more violent.

Maybe it's just an age thing. With the WWF from the late 1980s, many fans grew up enjoying Hulk Hogan, as they followed his Say Your Prayers and Take Your Vitamins phrases seriously. Hogan was their hero, and I guess you could say the Hulkster was somewhat of a role model back then, since he always fought the most evil wrestlers around. As the WWF fanbase of youngsters got older, they may have thought wrestling was now too immature, or they just found "other things" to think about.

I agree that wrestling does indeed follow trends. I've seen 4 trends in wrestling, at least passed the 1980s mark. First, you had the WWF/Hogan years, which I'd say started to die after the Warrior won the World Title at Wrestlemania 6. Next, you had the WCW trend, with their hot New World Order and Nitro shows grabbing WWF fans and bringing back some fans lost during the first WWF trend. Third, the EXTREME trend of wrestling, like the ECW movement, gave wrestling fans a new taste of violence that they crave, which actually fueled the next one. Finally, we have the WWF Attitude trend, which seems to be dying out as of late. So what will be the next trend?!? Stay tuned and find out!

I'd say that the real damage to wrestling is a mixture of dying trends and bad decisions made to keep trends going. From the previous trends, besides the Extreme one, it appears that the federations try to cling on the old methods or same stars, rather than freshening things up by starting something new.


So where did Judgment Day originally start? Actually, last year was the first WWF Pay Per View named "Judgment Day". In the previous years, it was named "Over the Edge". 1999 was the last year for the May Pay Per View to be named "Over the Edge", for it was the show that Owen Hart unfortunately died. Very, very, very sad day in wrestling, and no show would be named Over the Edge again...

On Over the Edge 1999, though, the Undertaker actually beat Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Title, which some forget because of the large overshadowing by losing one of wrestling's greats. 2 years later, it's the same main event, although the Undertaker is no longer Satanic, and Austin is no longer a babyface, despite fans still cheering for him.

Last year's Judgment Day show was just AWESOME! Here's what happened:

Too Cool/Rikishi beat Kurt Angle/Edge/Christian
Eddie Guerrero beat Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
Shane McMahon beat Big Show
Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho
X-Pac/Road Dogg beat the Dudley Boyz
Triple H beat the Rock in an Ironman Match

This is the type of show that's a keeper in your wrestling library. The Undertaker actually made his big return at this very show last year, which adds more irony to tonight's show. There wasn't a bad match on this card, and the Ironman match really paid off for the Rock and Triple H. I enjoy this Ironman match about 100 times more than the one from Wrestlemania 12 with Bret and Shawn. Triple H won 6 falls, and the Rock won 5, which made the match very exciting.

This year's card doesn't seem like it will live up to the greatness of this show, but we'll see.

-Tito's Predictions-

Spike Dudley vs. Crash Holly
This one is rumored, for it's never been announed yet. Since they've been feuding, just suppose it will be there. Anyway, if this match is a hardcore one, it should be a good one. If not a hardcore match.... it shall be still good. The WWF may hold this off the card to build up more relations between Spike, Molly Holly, and Crash, but you never know. I'll go with Spike for this match, because he's more ENTERTAINING than Crash Holly. He also tells a story better with his wrestling matches. Har har.
Tito's Pick: The Entertaining Spike Dudley

Rikishi vs. William Regal
Both guys are injured, with Regal continually working through his injuries, while Rikishi goes back on the disabled list. It's a shame that Rikishi isn't just 10 years younger for his current look or gimmick. This should be a Smackdown type match, with Regal getting the cheap win, I suppose.
Tito's Pick: William Regal

Tag Team Turmoil
I'd be quite amazed if the WWF pulled out a wild card, and made Lance Storm the mystery partner for Chris Jericho. I'm thinking it COULD be Chris Benoit, which might give the WWF a reason to allow Angle to win the later match. If not, heels will probably win this one, and I'll go with Edge/Christian, since they are always a safe bet on Pay Per Views.
Tito's Pick: Edge/Christian

Hardcore Title: Rhyno vs. Big Show vs. Test
Hmmm, it's quite interesting that Rhyno was thrown into this feud. I see Shane-O-Mac screwing Big Slow out of this match, and Rhyno keeping the title in some way or another. Rhyno is a solid champ, and Test/Big Show aren't hardcore wrestlers.
Tito's Pick: Rhyno

Women's Title: Lita vs. Chyna
This match has SWERVE and REMATCH written all over it! I know many are fearing that Lita's "wrestling ability" may be exposed by working with Chyna, but we'll see to that. Something screwy will indeed happen with this match, as I sense Eddie and Chyna may be reunited in a heelish way. Oh spank me.
Tito's Pick: Chyna

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
You know what makes me mad? Many other writers are saying that the WWF is overdoing the Ladder Matches this year. Hey, it adds something of a spark to this match, as the other 2 matches have been technical borefests, ok? If you want that sort of thing, then that's fine, but the crowd has been silent for the past 2 Pay Per matches between Benoit and Angle. Anyway, I see Angle getting the win here, since he could be used as a much better heel right now, and Chris Benoit will be depushed in order to win the 2001 King of the Ring. Plus, if Benoit keeps the medals, will we be going for 4 straight Pay Per Views in a row?
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

IC Title: Triple H vs. Kane
This is their 39784727647477845th match, by the way. The "chain" was added to set this match apart from the others. *rolls eyes* It's a Pay Per View, and I'll agree with many, in that Triple H usually raises the bar for his shows, therefore, this could be a good match. Notice the word "could". I see a announcing table spot happening for this match. Call me crazy, but the IC title around Kane's waste could really help the big man out. Otherwise, the 2 months at the top of the card will mean nothing. It's scary to bet against Triple H, but since my great 2001 PPV record was beat down from Backlash, I'll take the chance.
Tito's Pick: Kane

World Title: Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker
I'd expect the quality of this match to be that of what we saw on Smackdown, with Triple H and the Undertaker in the Main Event. I have a gut feeling that the WWF may give the Dead Man Walking one last title run to "make him famous", but I have a feeling that the WWF wants to keep the title on Austin until the Rock can take it from him at Summerslam. Man, that's 3 months away.
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

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